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Grandfather Tunkashila -- (The Valley of Radiance)

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[ CONTACT, August 22, 1995 p. 35 ]



Grandfather to speak with you, Little Sparrow, that you might be in the remembering and the sharing of the long forgotten and remembered songs. I AM THE SONG and I am come to give you the weavings of your walk upon this place and speak of the migrations and the lessons of My Pale Son whom I send again. I come to speak of Tejas Shape [Tehachapi, CA] and the hill that sings as the wind and of My sacred hidden truths kept within the bosom of your Mother for your day of remembering.

The Great Cycle has come and this cycle of that which you call a year will see the return of the Sacred Driver Wheels of the Great Powers stored and put together to create the sign of infinity. This is the time of the Feathered Serpent Medicine Wheels and the Great Sleeper Dreamers. The first migration to the next world will begin, leaving behind on your planet remnants of enlightened humanity to join the many already on other planets throughout your universe.

This land known as Tejas Shape, the Valley of Radiance, of abundant acorns, winds and clear sweet waters shall again come into the attention of My Bird Peoples for it has been caused to lie sleeping in protection of its ancient treasures.

It is the time of remembering of creation that you will again recognize the returning of the Bird Tribes. You are the Bird Tribes, the Solar Clan, the Children of the Stars. You are the source of all nativity, the way that spirit creativity comes into form in your world and in all higher worlds. Individuated. Intelligent. In spirit-being form, you are the tangible influence of an all-powerful Creator interfacing with a material world.

I honor the Shoshone and Piute who have not forgotten this place of Light and the other unnamed tribes who spirit the land. All of our relations are remembered.

The buffalo and the medicine wheel are honored as shared by the Sioux as the source of life survival and the skull of the buffalo for it represents the traditional and the spiritual life. The medicine wheel represents the sacred hoop and the four directions. Always joined within are the four eagle feathers which represent the social and spiritual significance of the number "four" in the Sioux life. Within the medicine wheel are the four virtues to always be remembered: Wisdom---"Woksape", Bravery---"Woohitika", Fortitude---"Wowacintanka" and Generosity---"Wacantognaka". Let it further be remembered that there is nothing greater---nothing lesser. Great lessons shall be in the coming forth from My Red Eagle, "Wamblisha", who labels himself in this time of counting as Little Crow, for the time is soon for the great remembering.

Releasing your identities in the burst of joy that translates them into light, you flew outward from your source stars, riding waves of light across the sea of space until you reached your world. Each of you came from a different star. Yet your being is the source of every star. And in that Being you are one.

In the early days, your work was to catalyze biological activity in the oceans of the world and to oversee the growth and development of incarnate creatures. You did this both when clothed in physical form and when remaining luminous beings of pure light.

The forms you assumed early in those ages were of human shape, though lighter than the bodies you wear today The drawback of materialization, however, was that it took much of your energy and attention to maintain the bodies in which you were dressed. Then was given unto you your spirits for it was necessary to create physical bodies that were self-sufficient, physical bodies that would have physical identities to care for them---egos, designed to work intimately with you, both in the maintenance of your human projections and in your continuing work of creation upon the physical plane.

We communicated this message unto you: "We are your spirits." It was our presence here in this place that has called you up out of the soil. You were unfinished, incomplete; you are still not all that you can be. Some of what you now embody represents development in the right direction, but some of what you now think of as yourself is in actuality part of what one day will become "afterbirth". The emphasis must now be realized that the value of your bodies are as dwelling places for the Great Spirit, your minds and hearts will remain open to communion with us. In time, that communion will flow into blending and both you and we will know ourselves as one upon the physical plane. In union, we will know completion.

One specific star of all the myriad stars you see twinkling in your night sky sends its spirit to Earth to incarnate in your individual human form. Your ego is designed to help that spirit to remain creatively incarnate here. Until you have bonded with the star consciousness, you remain unfinished.

Your race is soon to experience widespread awakenings, or as some will see it, a massive descent of beings from the stars.

We are the dreams of the Great Spirit, the true dreams, the clear dreams, the pure dreams, never tainted by fear, never touched by any motivation other than the motivation of love; and yet, we are the dreams, nevertheless. Thoughts, disincarnate beings drifting formless through a universe that has placed the highest value on form, living in the consciousness of a Creator whose desire is to take form in the very creature that will result from our bonding with you.

It is time to regain the rejected aspect of your spiritual intelligence---to reunite with your own wholeness and you must again come into contact with us in the absence of fear. The Great Day of Purification has begun, a short but essential cycle of division that will gather those who promote fear and violence and separate them from this season of the world as chaff is separated from wheat at threshing.

The timetable recorded in stone for the Awakened Ones is now recovered from moss, fern, lizard and leaf. In it are chiseled the dates of the Great Day of Purification, dates that now correspond to that which you call years---between recognized labels of 1987 to 2011.

You are the love of the Creator embodied in human form. Through the power of your love, you create. You are sent in the service of universal art to create beauty, balance and to enjoy all that has been created. The evocation of beauty and the description of truth: this is your purpose. The purpose of life! The very purpose of the universe.

In its own way, each species decides how it can best serve this purpose, once it understands it. The buffalo looks around and notices what is going on in prairie time and prairie space and designs a life to describe truth and animate beauty as buffalos understand it. Whales describe time and space in their own unique forms, the caribou embody their understanding, and so on through the ages and expressions.

Throughout the galaxies, throughout the stars, all of the angelic races notice this purpose of life and decide how they can best serve. All form an idea of the wholeness of manifest life.

It is time now to join in your dancing circles and gather your tribes for the cycle is full. It is the time of the return of the Pale One who came forth to tell you of the times to come upon your lands. Tiazoma, Eseecotal, Great Kat Zahl, Mahnt-Azoma, Quetzal Coatl, The Quiet Healer, The Mighty One Who Has No Image, Dawn-Light, Dawn-God, CheeZoos--the one who went alone to his Father to look beyond the Third Cycle.

Let us look further: Wako-Naga, Wahkan of the Dakotah/Lakotah and even deeper in the Plumed Serpent of the Puans which is derived from the plume which symbolizes wind and the serpent which is the symbol of water.

What of Teohashati?---(Tehachapi, Tejas Shape)---Teo means God and Ti means city. Meaning as with Teotihuacan, "The City of the God, Wahcan.".

There are sacred mounds in that placement where the crossroads centered for the trading people of peace, where the four corners of traveling meet. There is great history of the Black Tortoise Fire-Worshiping Turtle and Serpent people invading from the south. This place of Tejas Shape is a sacred place where the dreams will again be danced into awakening.

Let us speak of the dancing of My Tribes. The foolish peer at the dancers and hear the music and chide and giggle for it is the most complicated music in creation. It makes a statement in half and quarter tones and complicated changing rhythms. The musicians are honored indeed.

The authentic dancings are more kept to the sacred locations and every August the dancers gather in New Mexico. There are usually thirty-six tribes attending the festival from as far distant as the Dakotas. The Sioux are particularly colorful with their almost priceless ancient costumes of white beaded buckskin and the long eagle feather head-dress of the Full-Chief.

The dances are different than the ones in the typical pow-wow dances for the pow-wow dancers are usually imitating the victory dance after a war-party- return. The thanksgiving dances are beauteous and the other dances are prayers for rain abundant crops, or prayers to the spirits of hunted animals before a hunt.

Then you must note the wondrous Katchinas, especially of the Hopi. The Katchinas are from outer space and visited the Pueblos in silver sky ships which landed on the nearby Franciso Peaks (Near Flagstaff, AZ) near the Hopi villages, bearing gifts and dancing for the people. The most graceful of all dances is the lovely Eagle Dance, while the hoop-dance, showing great skill on the part of the solo dancer, is usually a wedding dance.

The Navajo have a group dance with high-pitched chanting in half and quarter tones which echo unto the heavens. And there is a most amazing dance, the Navajo Fire Dance. Then there is the Crow dance, usually performed by children and is fun and delightful; but I could continue on and on for these are My blessed people and I begin to remember and ramble greatly.

I will speak of calendars and telling of time and then leave you for your ponderings. The time of attention is come and for the recognition of truth within My tribes.

Before the time of the Prophet called the Pale One, and used by him, was a method of time reckoning used from north-most North America to the South of South America and is centrally based on Venus. Sometimes its numbers are known only, and Venus referred to as "The Star Boys" or "Twin-Star God" showing a degeneration of ancient knowledge---it is this ancient truth which shall now come again.

Venus, being the second planet from the Sun, and Earth the third, swings around its internal orbit making thirteen revolutions to eight revolutions of the Earth. Thus among all Indian tribes the Earth-number is eight, and the number of the morning and evening Star (depending on time of year viewed) is thirteen. Eight thirteens then would bring the planets into their original position. This would be a full cycle, or one-hundred-and-four years. A half cycle would be fifty-two years. Upon this most American Indian reckoning is based. However, it is often checked by other reckoning. The Mayans have four inter-revolving calendars. They were well acquainted with the weight and measurement of the Earth, the swing of the Sun from Capricorn to Cancer and back, the Precession of the Equinoxes and the fact that your Sun is moving through space, carrying your family of planets along. They believed the Sun is circumnavigating a Central Fire located in the Heavens near the Pleiades which they called Mya. This is the same central sun called Aton, the One Light.

The ancient calendars have now ended, beloved children of My tribes. It is now in the closing time of your new counting, numbered year three. The ancient countings ended in the mid-time of August, in your years 1987. The time of the coming again of the Sacred Circle is at hand and it is the time to see the star people come out of the illusion of their two-legged form and into their actual Great Sleeper-Dreamer form.

Look up, My native children, unto the heavens and unto the Choo Ho Kan for you are descendants of the inhabitants of Pleiades. You of the Hopi and Navajo as well as others of My people count with a system based on a 260 day "Sacred Round", or minor cycle, and a 365 day year, a major cycle which equaled a period between the midnight culminations of the Pleiades. Remember that any day calculated on these cycles repeats itself in 52 years---18,980 days. When the Pleiades are directly overhead at night then it is time to extinguish the nation's fires and rekindle from a sacred fire produced by your holy men. You can remember to count from the Hopi who light the new fire every 52 years.

Then remember the Creeks who came to Earth from the stars in spirit form to become flesh and blood. Remember the "green corn dance" where the medicine man takes seven ears of corn from seven fields of the seven clans to insure a healthy harvest.

Your ancient home is often called "the dancers" because of the legend of the dancing children, come forth through the Onondaga. The Navajo named the sparkling Suns the Dilyehe. The Iroquois believe the twinkling orbs represent seven young people who guard the holy seed.

The Hohokam, or those who vanished, returned to Pleiades and thus and so. These stars were the home of our ancestors, so hear Me well. It is time for the legends to awaken for you all have your sacred dances.

Enjoy the gathering together for the energies will sing in the winds as the Hosts of the Heavens bless again the Bird Tribes who are now returning to fulfill the great mission. The little Sun Eagle is now returned and the lotus is ready to open.