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Esu Immanuel Sananda

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 Aug. 16, 2013


 CONTACT, May 2, 1995, p. 16.

[ On Monday, July 31, 1989, Dharma received the following writing from Esu/Jesus/Immanuel/Sananda. Quoting in part: ]

 Light years away from you? No, and don't most of you wish that were true! Ye ones are upon a most primitive planet. Ah, ye are a smug lot, however, who will believe anything the dark brotherhood tells you. There is a good reason for that also. I AM THY BROTHER ESU JESUS SANANDA OF THE CHRIST, come forth for another segment, chela. I give unto you peace and accuracy that our work may get done in ease.

Beloved one, it could be no other way in thy place; thy biblical scholars tell you how it was and there are great truths in your writings as well as great errors. There have been ones throughout thine ages who have been sent with "The Word: and it all gets completely confused. It is however, a mode of measurement of the level of man's awareness and rehabilitation. Is the lot of Earth human ready to function again within the Universal Brotherhood of Man? Ah, some of you are very, very "old" souls who have walked a multiple of billions of miles on the currents of the Universe and you are now weary travelers. Soon ye shall come home for a respite. It is, however, that the Earth, herself, is going to be placed in rest and recovery. She has served well and is now going to be allowed her own growth and recovery of the "old".

Why does man labor and struggle against these words of mine in this day? Because he knows it is Truth and his time of decision is upon him. It is easier to deny of it. Those who are destined to hear will hear and through them others will come to hear and thus and so. Man knows he is in the time of the prophecies of cataclysm but hides from the details in that if he refuses to believe, it will all somehow "go away".

You were told in the "guide book" that Lucifer was "defrocked" in Heaven and cast to Earth. Now what might that mean to you? If the preachers on your place take other wordings in thy Book as literal how can ye choose to not take that literally also? Friends, it is as simple as that. This is a colony set up---aside---where Satan was to be constrained and set apart from God's other creations until such time as those who travel with him could learn, rehabilitate, and be again ones in the order of the Universe. Hatonn told you ones early on, that Earth has served as a penal colony and so it is. The Earth has been the prison, chelas, but the prison must close for man has grown too dangerous to the brothers in the Universe who live in order and harmony. Of course there are other places scattered about which serve as well as Earth. To these other places the disobedient and unlearned ones will be placed. Ones of you who have gained knowledge and lighted Truth will be given an opportunity to experience in a wondrous place called the Universe. Ye are ready to join the lighted portions of THE CREATION. How many? Well, chelas, I guess that must be what we are about here, this day. How many? All who choose to abide by the Laws of The Creation---no less and no more. Truth is unbending and Satanic behavior is not allowed on any of the enlightened planets in the local system of some twenty-two billion orbs. I THINK MAN IS ABOUT READY TO LOOSE HIMSELF FROM THE BLACK HOOD HE HAS WILLINGLY ACCEPTED FROM BROTHER LUCIFER. YE WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED TO MOVE BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES OF THIS PLANET UNTIL YE HAVE LEARNED OF PEACE AND BROTHERHOOD. WHO INSURES THIS? I INSURE THIS! I AM GIVEN COMMAND, SO I GUESS IN THY PRIMITIVE LANGUAGE I AM THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF! I INSURE THIS.

  Ye will be removed from Earth planet---those who choose in physical format intact unto thy prepared placement. Most will change dimension and leave the physical format. Soul will be placed at a level of growth comparable to the stage of total learning. THE PLANET IS GOING TO BE EVACUATED FOR SHE IS GOING INTO REBIRTH, WHETHER YE LIKE OF IT OR NOT. IT IS ALMOST TWO FULL YEARS UNDER SAIL. ON THY AUGUST 17, 1989 YE WILL BEGIN THY THIRD [nineteenth] YEAR. SO BE IT. I OFFER YOU FREEDOM, NO MORE AND NO LESS. FOR IN FREEDOM, TRUE FREEDOM, ALL ELSE IS ADDED UNTO YOU. I AM THAT I AM, CHRISTOS OF GOD ONE WITHIN THE CREATION---AS I AM SO BE YE!