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Patrick H. Bellringer

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th under the caption, "Valley of Radiance". Why? The readers probably would lose interest in the legal garbage unless it were "spiced up" a bit. Most readers probably didn’t read any of it and missed these messages hidden in the Contact in 1995. All these issues are now available on the internet at http://www.fourwinds10.comwww but still the "Valley of Radiance" lies buried to most Truth seekers. It is now the time to bring these receivings into a new format which is quick to find and easy to read.

The Valley of Radiance has a double meaning. The city of Tehachapi, California, lies in a beautiful valley known as Tehachapi Valley. The Indian name "Tehachapi" means—land of plenty acorns and water. Tehachapi was widely known by the Native Americans as the "four corners" area. The tribes frequently gathered there for great celebrations, communication with each other and with the Great Spirit, and to renew their energy from the Great Crystal that lies beneath Tehachapi.

As recorded in the Phoenix Journals, Hatonn has stated that a beautiful blue-golden crystal more than a mile in diameter lies buried deep beneath Tehachapi. It was taken from Atlantis at its demise and placed at the "four corners" location. It is part of the great crystal grid of Earth Shan used for space travel by those of the Lighted Realms. Thus, with such high energies and frequencies the "four corners" is known as the Valley of Radiance.

The second meaning of the Valley of Radiance has to do with Truth. Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn guided awakening souls to locate in Tehachapi and to form a "ground crew" to receive and disperse Truth to the world. From here came the Phoenix Journal Express, The Phoenix Liberator, The Contact Newspaper, and then the Spectrum Newspaper. For ten years the beacon of light shown from the Great Crystal and the Valley of Radiance. May the Truth herein Light your dark valley and change it into another "Valley of Radiance"!

We give special thanks to Mrs. Bellringer and to our Webmaster for their help in assembling and presenting the "Valley of Radiance" on the Internet!

Patrick H. Bellringer