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We petition by our mighty God Spirit within, for a great, great ,Love of our Creator, all the great Lighted Masters and all of Creation!!

By our I AM Presence, we petition for all of Mother Earth, and

the Moon to be kept cleared of all negativity, darkness and evil. We ask for the violet vortexes to be strengthened and keep adapting over the entirety of Mother Earth and the Moon so all darkness is always transmuted away from them, and continuously uncreated until they transition!

Mother Earth, Mr. Moon, we right your chalices, and fill them to overflowing with Creation’s Liquid Love!!! We ask for the centralization of your beings, the totality of your souls, divine humility, purity of thought, and purity of heart.

We8humbly remind you both how amazing, beautiful and precious you are! It is now time for your graduation!!! We within you are in hands of all the Lighted Realms, here for you always, and are forever in your debt for all the endless Love, nurturing and Light you have given, and still give to us. 5t is our turn to send Healing to both of you so you can transition! It is now time for you to become who you really are!!!!

We tap our vast pools of Liquid Love and energy and give it all unconditionally back to you both, Mother Earth and Mr. Moon!!! We, also, ask for The  Creation, God Aton, all The Arch Angels, all the Lighted Masters and all of the Cosmos to give you both the energy you need to turn!!

We ask for each of you to accept your great gift and Rightful Place, given to Creator and The Creation. Your graduation and your transition to 5th dimension, where you each will shine like a Sun!!!!  

We give back to you all that we have, and wrap you forever in our loving embrace!!! Sing! Mother Earth! Sing! Mr. Moon!! Sing your celestial songs in the totality of Love, as this petition is our gift to You!!!

We again tap our vast pools of endless energy, and send all our energy, love and healing to every planet and creation in the entire cosmos!! May all come back into the light and into Creations, lovingembrace!!

Please surround us all with the Golden Light of Sananda, the White Light of God, Aton, and the Blue Light of St. Michael!!! We ask this to be done in Sananda’s name!!! Amen!!!: