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We petition by our Mighty God Spirit within, for a great, great Love for our Creator, all the Lighted Masters, and all of Creation.

By our Mighty I Am Presence, we petition for ANY AND ALL WARS and all weapons used for war, including, ALL Bio Warfare, ALL Nuclear War, Scalar War, Particle Beams, ALL WAR MONGERING and WAR MONGERS, (The Biden Regime, ALL Nazi’s, Communist China, the fake media across the entire planet and all facets of it, NATO, The Cabal, Deep State, Communism), all evil technology, ALL use of evil Alien technology, “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, all wording and meaning, their creation, manifesting and manifestation, to be stopped and neutralized immediately, and transmuted away by St. Germain’s Violet Flame of Transmutation from this Low Octave to the Higher Octaves to be uncreated for all eternity!!!

We petition for Love and Healing to continuously be washed over and within Mother Earth to all beings and creations on and within her, and throughout the entire Cosmos, so only Love, Peace, Joy, Health, Happiness and Enlightenment remain!!!

We thank Putin for helping to save the world with his advanced technology, his enlightenment, brilliance, great wisdom, insight, knowledge, and caring of all people on this planet.

We especially thank him for the caring of the Ukrainian people by helping to liberate their country and them from foreign occupation, genocide and Communism, by taking out the Deep State want-to-be Controllers (Khazarian Zionists).   We petition for Putin to finish his mission swiftly, and without hinderance.

We petition for the real Truth of what Putin, is doing, what a great statesman he is, to be put out for all to see and to understand over the entire world, and for the Truth to dominate and over-take all the lies and misinformation and disinformation being put out by the U.S. Fake Media and All fake media, and all facets of it, throughout the entire world!!!  

We petition for all the heavy, thick veils of the illusion to be lifted from the minds and eyes of every being, souled, cloned or un-souled, on this entire planet, so they may see the truth and have no fear of it.

We petition for the war-mongers and war-mongering of NATO, that have and have been attempting to surround Russia and the European countries so they can start WWIII, be immediately neutralized!!!   We transmute all of their hatred, anger, lust for killing and control away, by St. Germain’s Violet Ray of Transmutation from this Low Octave to the Higher Octaves, to be UNCREATED FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!

We petition for every lake, river, stream, pond, all mountainous water and snow melt, all underground water supply, aquifers, all rain, all the Oceans, the entire Black Sea, any other and ALL water surrounding, flowing into and within and underground the entire country of Russia, Ukraine, and every country supporting Russia, to be immediately purified and cleaned and protected.

We ask for the safety and protection of the entire food supply of Russia, Ukraine and all the supporting countries.  We ask for purification of the air over the entire country of Russia and Ukraine and all the supporting countries.  We ask for their protection from all chemicals, bio chemicals, unnatural bacteria and man-made bacteria, all evil technologies being done to all the soil, rocks, trees, plants, birds, bug, insects, all land and water animals, every facet of nature, and all the elements in and around Russia and within and around every supporting country.

We ask for St Germain’s Violet Ray of Transmutation to transmute away all these poisons, chemicals, bio chemicals, unnatural and man- made bacteria, toxins, everything the Satanic Empires minion, are doing and attempting to do to Russia, Ukraine, all the supporting countries and the entire world, from this low octave to the higher octaves, to be UNCREATED FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!!!

We then petition for a plasma bubble of Light to be put over and within the entire country of Russia, Ukraine, and all supporting countries.  We AGAIN, petition for  the total disbandment and dissolution of the entire entity of NATO, all of its colors, banners, mind control and symbols, ALL Khazarian Zionists (Satanists),  ALL of their evil and teachings, beliefs and writings, laws (The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion), the entire FAKE and LYING MEDIA, Social Media, all facets of it, their mind control of the U.S. and China, all of their secrecy and secret training in control, the entire Biden Regime, all the evil want-to-be controllers (Khazarian Zionists) the control of the U.S. by the NAZI’s, support of the NAZI Regime to bring back Socialism, ALL Communism (Socialism), all of its facets, any fear from hearing the Truth, and ALL mind control done over the entire planets throughout the entire Cosmos.

We again, ask for ALL of this to be transmuted away immediately from this Low Octave to the Higher Octaves by St. Germain’s Violet Flame to be UNCREATED FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!  We petition for huge tsunami waves of Love and Healing to be sent to Putin, ALL the people of Ukraine, Russia, ALL beings and creations over and withi, the entire Planet, Mother Earth, and throughout the entire Cosmos!!!

We right ALL chalices in the entire Cosmos!!!  We fill them with Love, Knowledge and Wisdom.  We ask for the centralization of all beings and the totality of all souls!!  We ask for the harmonic frequencies to be continuously raised over the entire planet!!

We ask for this petition to continuously be granted and done over and over, of every hour, minute and second of everyday by the all The Lighted Realms.

Please surround us all and all throughout the entire Cosmos, with the White Light of God, Aton and the Blue Light of St. Michael!!   We ask this to be done in Sananda’s name!!! Amen!!!