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We petition by our Mighty God Spirit within, for a great, great Love of our Creator, all the Lighted Masters and all of Creation.

By our Mighty I AM Presence, we petition and humblyask for our Creator, God Aton, and The Creation, to UNCREATE ALL blood and blood supply that the Satanian Empire, and the Anunnaki (Niburians), used and have left here on and within Mother Earth andthe Moon.'

We petition for every single drop of blood that has been spilled and shed from ALL war, ALL blood put in food and drinks, clothing, facial skin, cleaning and personal care products. ALL food that has ground human and animal body parts in it,(small example - fast food and pet food). 

We, also, petition for God Aton and The Creation, to immediately UNCREAT ALL chemicals, metals (small example - tin, aluminum, barium), ALL poisonous and harmful gases, ALL synthetic hormones and dyes in ALL food and all drinks, clothing, facial, skin and personal care products, and all cleaning products, in and on Mother Earth and The Moon and within every single race and being and animal that have ever been and are living here from all civilizations to pr-esent.

We petition for ALL that is uncreated to be immediatelytransmuted away from this low octave to the higherN octaves and Aethers by St. Germain’s violet flame and gone for all eternity!!! We petition every drop of blood, body parts, and sacrificed body parts, chemical, poisonous gas, harmful metal and dye to be cleansed from within, without and around Mother Earth and the Moon.

We ask for All of Mother Earth and the Moonnand all of their elements and minerals to be cleansed once and for all!!!

We petition for the entire Cosmos to also have all of this, also uncreated within and around it in all dimensions, by ALL The Creators and The Creation!!! We ask for the entire Cosmos in all dimensions to be cleansed!!! We again ask for all that has been uncreated in the entire Cosmos, to be immediately transmuted way by St. Germain’s, and ALL Masters of the Violet flame, to the Higher Octaves and Aethers, and to be gone for all eternity!!

We ask for Creations Liquid Love to be infused in ALL of the voided spaces throughout the entire Cosmos!!! We ask for the Liquid Love to continuously flow and never stop!! We humbly ask for this petition to be granted and for all to understand what is really going on.

We petition for all to please face the TRUTH, (as hard as it may be), and help in reading this petition. We petition for all to understand how important this petition is to Mother Earth and the Moon and their transition and how very important itis to the entire Cosmos!

Please surround us and all the Cosmos with the Golden Light of Sananda, the White Light of God Aton, and the Blue Light of St. Michael!!! We ask this to be done in Sananda’s name!!! Amen!!