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Avarice is basically another term for GREED, defined as:  "Selfish and grasping desire for possession especially of wealth; avarice; covetousness." Now one who is GREEDY or filled with AVARICE is then possessed with feelings of EXCESSIVE eagerness for acquisition or gain of some form of material object or wealth. They, therefore, are selfishly and excessively cov­etous and desirous of GAINING something, not because they need it, but because they must have it to BE worthy, or be a winner, OR ACHIEVE "superior" status in their "image" of what is worthy, what is a "winner" and what is "superior" sta­tus. It is the selfish covetousness of desiring MORE than one really needs of some material object, and in this time upon your placement, it is usually MORE money. One who is, therefore, possessed by his excessive greed will have many unfulfilled physical desires and will thus wish to fulfill them at whatever "cost" (physically or emotionally) to another or even self the ac­quiring of same, may be.

The seeds of greed are usually planted by at first the over­whelming feelings of "self-failure" for not "measuring up" to the "images" of success and winning which are constantly pro­moted within your various forms of MEDIA. It then becomes a feeling of "deserving" something without having done anything, or putting in the least amount of effort personally to earn or cre­ate same. It is this desire created by your Media' programming that one can receive "something for nothing" through what is called "good luck" which again implies that it is random LUCK and NOT personal power and responsibility which allows you to create that which you need. It also often means ones refuse to take personal responsibility for creating their own perceived "lack" or "loss" of material goods. It is in this time frame of your history which greed is blatantly and expressly created, en­couraged and nurtured primarily by those within your Justice system. Many ones who have become frustrated at perceiving themselves as the "have-nots" of society and who have also be­come the "victims" of their own lack of self-worth, are the easy prey of the attorneys who promote greed and no self-responsi­bility. It is no accident, dear ones, that your "Western" society has become the most litigious, meaning: "Inclined to engage in a lawsuit against another because of real or perceived damages to self." in your entire world. Your system of true justice is nearly gone, and those who nearly always benefit in every case are the attorneys from ALL sides of a lawsuit. It is through this now created system of INjustice that lying, cheating and stealing from others is par for the course and expected behavior for ones who wish to "win" EVEN if it involves the total financial and physical ruin of the one/ones being sued.

How do you KNOW what YOUR true intent is when you con­sider suing another? You will first need to recognize what is your true MOTIVATION in your desire to sue. Have you truly been, whether it be unintentional or intentional, damaged? Have you recognized that YOU too have participated in the creation of this experience? You must confer with self and GOD within to determine WHY you chose the experience and what must be ac­complished or learned by you in making your decision to enter litigation with another. If you KNOW that another has wronged you because of their own greed and selfish disregard for your feelings or property, then you, upon conferring with GOD within, may decide to restore to balance the WRONG committed willfully against you. With the true integrity of your intent firmly established within, then GOD will ASSIST to bring you the JUSTICE which you deserve and have earned. Do you need to lie to assist GOD? Not at all, if you have truly been inten­tionally wronged, THE FACTS WILL STAND- ON THEIR OWN MERIT OF THE EVIL PERPETRATED AGAINST YOU. There are still a handful of attorneys who truly desire to serve their brothers and intelligently utilize the "system" to bring justice when THEY know it is merited. YOU must trust GOD to bring you the assistance which you need to bring the balance of justice which you have earned.

Sadly enough, on the other side of the "coin" there are actually MANY ones who find themselves truly "the innocent victims" of being sued, will discover that, EVEN though they KNOW they have been willfully wronged and falsely accused, it is "cheaper" both financially and emotionally "to settle" with the accuser, than FIGHT for the justice they deserve. They, the lawyers and judges trained and controlled through your ABA (American Bar Association) have created these tidy little short­cuts for you, friends. They call it a "business" decision to al­low the least amount of "loss" to the accused. Well, of course the attorneys on both sides are PAID in full, the one wrongfully suing WINS, and the wronged one pays, one way or another. It is set up this way. It saves time for the attorney, he gets a tidy sum and he "saves" his client money.  RIGHT? WRONG! The accused finds himself "guilty" of something he is not and his only other "choice" is financial and emotional devastation by continuing his case which could go on FOR YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS!  Integrity?  TRUTH?  We are sorry, dear ones, only WINNING (stealing) material assets at the ex­pense of another, and striving to save self from excessive loss of such assets are the criterion for the LITIGATION game as set up by the ANTI-Christ.

Do you see that it is this idea that ones adopt, that they must be perceived as a WINNER in the "eyes" of your society, and they are encouraged to do so by WHATEVER MEANS at their disposal with total disregard for honesty, integrity and personal re­sponsibility. Winning is the GOAL, and it is defined in a way through "competitive" molding that one must always strive to WIN at all costs because the only other choice is being a LOSER which is now defined as really being a WORTHLESS human being!

Dear ones, in God's Kingdom, there exist ONLY WINNERS as each contains a fragment of the DIVINE PERFECTION OF GOD CREATOR/CREATION. Remember, you are not in competition with ANY other fragment, for each has unique and individual abilities and talents given of OUR FATHER. None is more or less in reflection of importance unto GOD / ATON. Each has unique creative potential for expanding the awareness and beauty of the constant unfoldment of GOD AND THE CREATION. You must recognize that when you feel "competitive" against another, that which is behind the illusion of "competition" is that you fear being unworthy in COMPARI­SON to the abilities of another. How can you COMPARE one expression of GOD with another? ALL expressions add to the unfolding discovery of THE ONE DIVINE SELF!

We would now like to discuss an activity which you ones call "gambling". Gambling as defined in your dictionary, "1. To RISK or bet something of value on the outcome of a game of chance, etc. 2. To take a risk to obtain a result." We, your brothers of God's Cosmic Council, would like to point out to you, that for many of you, the biggest and most adventurous RISK or gamble you make is when you choose to experience within "the veil of forgetting" here on 3rd dimensional Earth Plane. All other risks you may take in physical form PALE considerably next to this one, when you truly understand that you "risk" your soul becoming lost in the eternity of the "illusion" of matter, and thus also you risk the spiritual freedom and SALVATION of your soul when you choose to experience here. What is the "gain" you are gambling for? The challenge of the opportunity through manifested experience to conquer and RISE above the "illusion" you have created of what is GOD and what is ANTI-GOD or "Adversary" to gain true unlimited GOD POWER and WISDOM. You have the challenge to SELF and to THE ONE ALL THAT IS of incarnating without memory of your DIVINITY and CONNECTION with GOD WITHIN YOU. You live in the "illusion" of separation to journey again unto the discovery of the GLORY of your SOUL connection to THE DIVINE HOLY ONE ALL THAT IS ... CREATOR/­CREATION.

You must know, dear ones, that GOD/ATON AND THE EN­TIRE COSMIC LIGHTED BROTHERHOOD REJOICES when ONE of HIS OWN finds his way back HOME, through the muck and mire of "illusion", to HIS FOLD OF ONENESS WITH ALL THAT IS!! This means, dear ones, that through the desire to KNOW self comes the recognition of GOD, then the recognition of UNITY with all, and then when the recogni­tion of the FOLLY of ANTI-Christ is understood, then you can RECLAIM YOUR GOD-POWER and the Anti-Christ no longer can seduce and take away from you THE TRUTH OF YOUR CONNECTION WITH GOD AND YOUR DIVINITY WITHIN. You have reclaimed YOURSELF as THE SPARK OF GODNESS which YOU ARE and always have BEEN! OH, WHAT JOY THERE IS IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD!!

So all you "gamblers" out there may by now be wondering about whether it be "right" or "wrong" in God's Kingdom to gamble your physical assets, such as money, for the opportunity of higher gain. What be your motivation, dear one? Is it the fun of challenge to self of the playing of the game? Is it desire to Win? Is it desire to Lose? Is it greed or desire for MORE than you need of physical assets which motivates you? Is it de­sire for "status" or recognition among your peers you seek? You see, gambling or taking risk, in itself is not "right" or "wrong"; it is the motivation and true intent of the one who gambles or takes a risk which defines the "rightness" or "wrongness" of the activity. And true intent can only be KNOWN by GOD within EACH one. We would say that every move or decision you make, whether it be in your relationships, in your business, home or whatever, is in essence a "gamble", since you can only weigh the outcome of gain upon what is your TRUE INTENT AND DESIRE within the choice or decision.  Every choice is a "risk" if you do not KNOW what it is you truly desire to create.

If you are fulfilled by the fun and challenge to self of simply playing the game and it does not become obsessive need to win or lose, then enjoy yourself. If you truly learn to monitor the intent of WHY you play the game of risk whether it be business or horse-racing, then you will also learn how to monitor and balance the level of success you need to manifest, to keep in the playing, against the degree of "losses" which you can "afford".






PRIDE as defined in your dictionary: "1. An undue sense of one's own superiority; arrogance; conceit. 2. A proper sense of personal dignity and worth. 3. That of which one is justly proud." As you see by this definition there seems to be two diametrically opposed "types" of pride.  The one which is our fo­cus as "sin" or "error" to the Spirit Within is what is also termed as "False" pride. False pride in itself refers to feelings of haughty superiority and "rightness" versus the feeling of self­-respect and honor for achieving an understanding or act which one hasdiligently and honestly "worked" for.

Now on page 54-55 of the PHOENIX JOURNAL entitledSATAN'S DRUMMERS by Jesus Sananda, Sananda is discussing at great length what is "evil". The one who is possessed of "evil" or that which is Anti-God, is most self-willful.

We will quote, "Healthy individuals submit themselves to the demands of their own conscience. Not so the evil ones, for in the conflict between their guilt and their will, it is the guilt that must go and the will that must win. Evil people are extraordinarily willful, determined to always have their own way and they have a most remarkable power in the manner in which they attempt to control others….and yet, a characteristic of all "great" people is that they are extremely strong-willed----whether their greatness be for good or for evil. I, Jesus, as you called me, was unbending and strong-­willed; ah, but so was one named Hitler----could it be the difference in "willingness" and 'willfulness'? Mine willfulness was that of our Father's----Hitler's was that of his own….It becomes evident, doesn't it that the one whose will is of his own is threatened greatly by GOODNESS? It there­fore leads to the need of (evil) destruction of the goodness or that one which represents such. Thus MURDER is born. It is better, of course, if the evil one can cause the one of good­ness to acquiesce in total submission and give through total abandonment of goodness into the hands of evil."

"I think your psychiatrists might label this type of behavior of self-demand, narcissism  (defined as, 1. Excessive admira­tion for or fascination with oneself.  2. PsychoanaI. Erotic in­terest in one's own body.)It is not strong enough a term for evil so let us call evil a disease of cancerous, or malignant, narcissism. Your church authorities have generally consid­ered PRIDE first among the "sins". "Pride goeth before the fall," and so it is. Pride is actually the same as cancerous narcissism, but I want you to realize I can also speak your "hidden" languages." (End Quote).

So if one is "proud," defined as: "1. Actuated by; possessing, or manifesting "pride"; arrogant; also self-respecting. 2. Sense of honor and personal elation; generally followed by or by a verb in the infinitive," one is either fooling himself by "false" feelings of superiority over another or others, or he is simply being "self” respecting by validating a worthy achievement of his own or of another.  Since one can also be "proud" of an­other's achievement or action, this "pride" in another many times is simply the judgment that the action accomplished by the other is one which THEY themselves would be proud to accom­plish as well. It is supporting one's OWN conviction of Truth, whether it truly be Truth or not.

For example, many parents believe that when their children are sent off to WAR ostensibly for protecting and defending "their country", that even though war involves the murder of others, they (the parents) must feel "proud" of their sons for doing "their" duty for their country. Now are they truly proud or are they simply hiding behind their own "false" pride be­cause they are terrified that their child may die, and if that were to happen "for no good honorable reason" they could not for­give themselves for being "wrong" and supporting their sons in the lie of War? Do you see? At some level the "false" prideful one KNOWS he is wrong but is afraid to face the perceived con­sequences of being discovered as mistaken, uninformed or igno­rant. He would rather hide behind the superiority feelings of "false" pride than live with the consequences of believing and supporting a "lie" which could cause the "death" or "dishonor" of his child and make him "wrong" in his belief as well.

When ones are continually molded as to what "popular" opinion must be, though not based on the facts, they become powerless puppets of evil. They no longer are able to "reason" for them­selves because they have become apathetic and lazy and would prefer to "believe" all they are told from those they perceive are "in the know".  Thinking for themselves is an effort they choose not to take precious time from their television sports and soap operas to accomplish. They watch their TV and take every opinion at face value by the human images presented to them who continually form and reinforce what "their" opinions must be. They adopt these "opinions" as their own, and will fight "tooth and nail" any who oppose "their" view. This control of their minds is known at deep soul level, and the soul is in agony from this deception. "False" pride can only be released when one is pried from his TRANCE of "believing" and seeks to KNOW the Truth and no longer fears, because he feels helpless and powerless, the consequences of his personal responsibility, which KNOWING Truth acknowledges and accepts.

So when you say to yourself or another, "I am proud of this job well done," or "I am proud of you for a job well done" are you hiding behind the lie of a "false" belief and self-righteous supe­riority? Or are you acknowledging honest "pride" of self-worth and accomplishment of a truly worthy deed or action? You each must learn to KNOW the difference, otherwise you will contin­ually perpetuate an "illusion" of truth and create for yourself the "victimhood" which you allow to manifest because of your own "stubborn" ignorance.

Such is the case with the TRUTH which our brother, Hatonn, is bringing to you in THE PHOENIX JOURNALS. Many can't "believe" that this much Evil has permeated your world and ex­ists now right before your very eyes. WE are NOT asking you to blindly BELIEVE these truths about your circumstances set forth. We are "waving a warning flag" and asking you to read carefully and reason within YOURSELVES with the gifts of reasoning intelligence given you, WITH GOD WITHIN YOU, so that YOU can get off your "Couch Potato" assets and find the "proof". You need TO KNOW the Truth WITHIN YOU and then TAKE BACK YOUR GOD-GIVEN POWER AND DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE that which you find reprehensible AND against God. We are simply presenting the facts to you as our service to God, for HE promised that in the End/Beginning Time Cycle, THE WORD OF TRUTH WOULD GO FORTH to all who have ears to hear and eyes to see and it is going forth. And if you are "prideful" and think yourself so intelligent, wise and ALL-knowing (ALL-believing) that YOU could not be duped, because in your "opinion" space aliens don't exist and YOUR government couldn't be involved in an evil conspiracy, or this ... or that. .. then you are a fool and tool for the Anti­-Christ, and may OUR FATHER GOD/ATONhave mercy upon you!

It is best to truly understand that it is the nature of your "illusion” that most everyone is exposed to and wrapped within someone else's "false" illusion of truth. If you wisely learn and understand the logic behind the "Cosmic" Laws of Balance given of God and The Creation, you will unwrap these "false" illusions and claim your true "God" power and connection. So too will you each learn to reason out the Truth within you and as ye ask for the Truth and Wisdom of God and Creation to be given you in all circumstances set before you, so shall you re­ceive and claim the proof and the understanding as TRUE KNOWLEDGE within you, and not as BELIEF in what is the "opinion" of another.






We are your hosts, Sananda, Lord Michael, Germain and Druthea in service to the Truth and Wisdom which is only of THE HOLY LIGHT OF GOD/ATON AND THE CREATION. We come from the Cosmic Council of THE LIGHT OF GOD/ATON THE ONE WITHIN ALL to bring to you, our brethren, the Truth that you too may JOIN in the JOY of ONE­NESS, the "lighted" brotherhood within GOD's HOLY KING­DOM of LIGHT, TRUTH, BEAUTY AND WISDOM.

First, we would like to give careful clarification of our use of terms to represent God/Aton. You will find that we often say "Father within" or refer to Aton as a "HE" signaling "male" gender. This way we term our Creator in your language is NOT meant as a sexual GENDER as you recognize same. Our Creator God/ Aton represents BOTH male/female "principles", if you will. There is no "sexual" gender differential. The SPIRIT of LIFE is what you may understand, in limited lan­guage, male/female energy representation. AS ARE ALL OF YOU! You each have chosen a body, male or female, for your experience, only BOTH energies are represented within each of you. Also, you will find examples used in which we will say "he" which we mean as a general hu-man term for humanity, NOT specific sexual gender. This we explain so that the ones who are in "female" physical form do not feel "slighted" or that we honor them less. And so also, ones in "male" physical form do not feel more or less than equal to female humans. ALL fragments of CREATOR/CREATION are equal in reflection re­gardless of what "color" or "gender" of physical form is taken. In your own minds, if you prefer to call and refer to GOD/ATON/CREATION as Mother/Father Creator/Cre­ation ... then so be it.

Now, we would like to bring "light" and understanding unto that question ALL of you have struggled with, and that is, "What is Evil?" But before you can have understanding of "What is Evil", we must help you to understand, "What is God?" Since The Laws of God and Creation given forth have described God as the "ruler" of the human races and the "King of Wisdom", then this, in itself, implies that God is a GREAT BEING of spiritual wisdom and perfection within THE CREATION. But to confine what God IS to limits of 3rd dimensional human lan­guage and perception alone is a mistake. Because of the "limited" boundaries of your plane, you have not yet developed the capability of defining a "limitless" being or "state of being" .

Since our God Creator has "created" us, what this means is that He has "fragmented" Himself, as The Creation fragmented itself in the Creation of God, in order to expand and experience more of THE TOTALITY OF THE ONE. This is why God's Laws, the Laws of Nature, the Laws of Balance and the Laws of The Creation all exist as the same UNIVERSAL laws of cohesive harmony and ONENESS. Universal laws are the COSMIC CODES of unlimited creative unfoldment which allows the greatest degree of EXPANSION and of EXPRESSION of THE TOTALITY OF ALL THAT IS. Each fragment exists as a part of CREATOR God and thus as a part of THE CREATION as well. The Cosmic Codes or "laws" are the keys of LOGIC which maintain the balanced coalescence of CREATIVE un­folding EXPANSION of the ONE ALL THAT IS. So, by learning to recognize that which "limits" your expanding cre­ative potential, you will identify that which keeps you "bound" to your "illusion" of separation from THE ONE. And by gain­ing the wisdom of KNOWLEDGE of what is Evil, Sin, and Adversary to God and Creation, you will then be able to wisely move your awareness to what is your personal responsibility in the Co-creation of the LOVE of LIFE which is the JOY of WHOLENESS and ONENESS of the LIMITLESS CREATION.

So then now, "What is Evil?" Evil, also called "satan" or "adversary", is all thought and the energy it creates which is allowed or is chosen (through Free-Will) to exist, which "confines" and "limits" the expansion and expression of creative unfoldment of the totality of ONENESS. It is that which "swims" against the flow of Cosmic Creation in order to FEEL itself in separation and thus it exists only within boundaries or limits of THE WHOLE. It is self-consuming in that it seeks to dominate the WHOLE and because it can only dominate within ITS own self-imposed boundaries, it finally is consumed IT­SELF by the rushing waters of the expanding ONE.

Now many ones in their exuberance of "finally" grasping the concept that ALL IS ONE, will oftentimes believe that they must now be ALL-allowing since all are choosing experience as part of The One. We will hear ones say things such as, "There is no "good" and "bad", all is just experience; it just is. There­fore, how can I judge something such as a behavior or action to be "bad" or "good" for another when it is not my experience or "right to judge another." What we say to this is: you can "allow" yourselves into perpetuity, but if you do not recognize those thoughts, words and deeds which are CONTRARY to LIFE AND GODNESS, how do you think you will reach HIS UNLIMITED kingdom of CONSCIOUS IMMORTALITY?

Does this mean that by recognizing the Anti-Christ or adver­saries, that you must make YOURSELF the enforcer of God's Laws? NOT AT ALL. God needs NO enforcers, HE needs only examples be set forth so that ones can see a "brighter", balanced and "more loving" way of BEING. Each must begin that journey within self, and as each ignites his flame of TRUTH and Godly understanding, so, too, will he CHOOSE to change his thinking, behavior and actions in order to BE IN BALANCE WITH GOD IN ONENESS. This does not mean that you will "allow" others to maliciously cause you harm. You must always honor self and God and defend yourself, if necessary, to protect your self from abuse or damage by an­other. You do not have to choose VICTIMHOOD , ever, and you must NOT tolerate or "allow" behavior directed AGAINST you or your brethren which you KNOW is contrary to the Laws of GOD and Creation!

Do you see what your gift of FREE-will is, dear ones? It is through your experiences of learning what GOD is NOT that you will, therefore, KNOW what GOD IS. We have observed, as many ones will say smugly, "But God created EVERYTHING including evil, so it just IS a part of our experience." REMEMBER THIS CAREFULLY: GOD/ATONcreated Hu-man in his IMAGE OF PERFECTION; He gave you FREE-WILL and with YOUR FREE-WILL YOU have CHO­SEN to BE the ADVERSARY AND BREAK EVERY LAW OF BALANCE, so don't any of you ever think you can shirk your personal responsibility because you believe GOD created evil-­MAN CREATED EVIL WITH HIS OWN FREE-WILL! And with the DIVINE MERCY of his Creator, ATON, HE WILL FIND his way BACK to GODLY BALANCE or he will con­tinue to remain bound in his DARK CAGE of SELF-service and SEPARATION FROM the CREATIVE SPIRIT OF LIFE!

You see, friends, YOUR free-will is really YOUR choice to make your will GOD's WILL, OR to live according to the will of your "altered" ego which seeks always to "limit" your spiri­tual understanding and, therefore, to disrupt and destroy YOUR creative potential, harmony and balance of ONENESS. Ulti­mately you will recognize that the ONLY free-will you have is that which is GOD'S will, because you will have gained the wis­dom of knowing that the logical balance of GOD's WAY is re­ally THE ONLY WAY to the JOY of TRULY balanced spiri­tual freedom.

Now, we will be defining and discussing what are the "deadliest" sins, or errors, made in your experience which keep you "swimming" up stream against the flow of the balance of the COSMIC CREATIVE UNFOLDMENT. These "sins" are the tools of "satan" or the "adversary" to keep you bound in your "illusion" of separation from God and The Creation. Also, you are kept under this dominance, through the ignorance of false "belief" and "superstition," of a "false" power which keeps you locked within the spiritual starvation of "limited" manifested reality.

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4.   LUST

5.    WRATH

6.    ENVY

7.    SLOTH

8.    FEAR

9.    GUILT









Peace, Thomas, for I am come. I Am Sananda of the Sacred Circle of Infinity for I am come again as ONE with The Most High Living God/Aton/Father. Man will never again return unto the unknowing and the ignorance that has been his down­fall. Never again shall the darkness keep man bound from walking within the lighted Presence that I Am. Each must choose ... each must decide. Always man will cast to the side that which does not suit his view, his way, his opinion, his new laws. It matters not one whit. Nothing shall be changed for herein lies the Truth of the matter, plain for all to see. All who have eyes to see and ears to hear shall receive the message and be increased thereby. Each may come into knowing and therein be most grateful, for these are the instructions you have pleaded for and at last you have that which you have wanted, for lo, these eons of time.

Man has struggled in his turmoil and conflict and warring na­ture. Man has lusted after women without shame and now lusts after man in like manner ... you have entered into the pit of dark­ness and you must return to living according to these LAWS OF GOD AS THEY WERE GIVEN UNTO THEE FOR THINE GREATER GOOD. You have been careless and thoughtless and have trampled the Holy Word of God under thine feet. No longer shall you do this in ignorance ... each shall act responsibly in their decisions to remain in darkness. And the decisions made in conscious error shall be the most painful of all. The soul shall cry out at that hour when standing in the Presence of the Mighty I AM. We weep for you and plead with you to hear, to take heed, to change. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE AND YET YOU HAVE BEHAVED IRRESPONSIBLY. EACH SHALL BE GIVEN TO FACE THE CHOICES AND THE CONSE­QUENCES SHALL RETURN UNTO THEE.

Do you recognize that the Hosts of Heaven have been sent? Do you acknowledge that God! Aton has returned to the once beauteous jewel to bring order out of the chaos of this ending cycle.  Why do you not believe that I Am come again? Has it not been prophesied? How did you think I would return? Did you think to one day turn on "60 Minutes" perhaps and see me speaking with Mike Wallace? Did you think that one day you would turn on TV and see me preaching from the stage of the Crystal Cathedral? Come now ... times have not changed so much ... the crucifixion would take half the time. I HAVE NOT SAID THAT I AM COME AGAIN UPON THAT PLACE.. I HAVE SAID THAT I AM RETURNED WITH THE HEAVENLY HOSTS, AS PROMISED LONG AGO, AND WE ARE ABOVE YOUR NOW POLLUTED AND TROUBLLED PLANET TRANSMITTING FORTH INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR VERY FREEDOM, SURVIVAL, AND GODNESS.  WILL YOU LISTEN?  WILL YOU LISTEN?

What must be done in order that you will listen to the message? Has it not been said that by their fruits you shall know them? Herein is your life-raft. We do not come to force anything up you ... we come to offer instruction and tell you the way that truly IS. Man may do what he will, as he has done to this point.  It takes no brilliant mind to see that you are in most grave circumstance. Why will you not consider the messages that are offered for your protection and wisdom? THE LAWS OF GOD ARE FIXED ... IMMUTABLE ... MAN MAY CHANGE WHAT HE WILL BUT HE WILL NOT CHANGE THE LAWS OF GOD FOR THEY ARE THAT WHICH WAS GIVEN FOR BALANCE WITHIN THE CREATION. MAN HAS SOILED THAT WHICH HAS BEEN GIVEN INTO HIS CARE FOR HIS STEWARDSHIP.

Herein you shall find The Laws clearly outlined. There is room for misunderstanding the message. There are no little grey areas for you to move around in. If you violate The Laws after completing this document you shall do so willingly, knowingly, and therein shall be CONSEQUENCES FOR THOSE ACTIONS. God is most forgiving for actions done in ignorance. Willful violation of The Laws is entirely a different matter. It is the better part of wisdom to heed this warning for it is most grave indeed.

We are at the final hours of the planetary cycle.  Choices will be made by man that shall affect him for eons in your future counting. Be most cautious when seeking the momentary thrill, for the excitement you seek shall not satisfy you in the countless generations of recycling and rebirths before you as you learn well the lessons you so carelessly refused to learn this time around. Fleshly pleasures are fleeting ... the soul is infinite ... and in the cosmic realms of Light where we dwell ... infinity is a long time indeed. Ponder it. Where do you wish to spend your time? Upon what do you wish to gaze? In the ending will your ego-filled and willful ways have been worth the pain you shall experience in the recycling of rebirth? Why does man always think that he knows better than God? Foolish, foolish man. I do not come here to chide you. I come to plead with you on bended knee ... these are your instructions ... c1early given in full radiance of The Father's presence. These are no abstract con­cepts for you to struggle with ... read them ...learn them ... live them. To return to the radiance which I AM, The Laws are truly the only way in which to live. The Laws are the ultimate in logic and reason. The Laws work. Has your way worked? Oh? Look around you ...look at your planet. Perhaps you should take the next shuttle flight, if it is not cancelled due to faulty equipment, and view your very atmosphere from great distance and you shall see how man's way has worked thus far. You are in most dangerous waters and the instruction we bring with total love is offered to bring you back unto the Presence of Holy God. Why do you resist so?

Beloved, we are here. I Am returned. I Am returned with the Heavenly Hosts and with The Father/Aton. Listen to the words we bring for therein IS LIGHT. Man has walked the darkened pathways for too long. Return to the ways that shall see you through unto the lighted realms wherein I dwell. The time grows most short indeed and the hour for deciding is upon you. Which path shall you walk? Come ... walk the good Red Road ... walk the lighted pathway according to The Laws herein and you shall KNOW GOD.

I place my seal upon these words. I Am Esu Jesus Immanuel Sananda of the Christed Sacred Circle of Infinity and ONE WITH THE FATHER. Blessings unto all in whose hands these words are placed for you have found your very soul's freedom therein. Walk most gently the pathway before you and treat your brother as ye would be treated for you are, in truth, one






My Loving greetings to all souls and especially to my dear Flock.  I wish to tell all of you souls again about one of the most  deadly sin of humans.  There are several of these that are lurking in the shadows ready to cause you to forget how great you are in the Lighted Realms. 

As  Ihave said before, many ones are married to a partner that is not on the same page spiritually, and living with that one is a trial to keep focused, balanced, centered and calm, amid the hurricane swirling about you with mental, and verbal abuse thrown at you and sometimes physical abuse.

I want to quote a passage from  Journal 27 concerning on one of these deadly sins.  By deadly, I mean those that would keep you from being the strong, wonderful, spiritual being you are!



We have also spoken of the "deadly" sin of feeling unnatural and excessive fear in the previous  pages under, "How to Recog­nize the Anti-Christ Within". We discussed that the Anti-Christ traps you in the illusion of what is FUTURE-FEAR ORIENTA­TION.

Let us define FEAR:  "1. An agitated feeling aroused by aware­ness of danger, trouble, etc.  2. An uneasy feeling that some­thing may happen contrary to one's desires.  3. A feeling of deep awe and dread." And for fun, let us define what is AWE:

"Reverential fear; dread mingles with veneration (respect or deference) and now we will define DEFERENCE which is yielding to the will or opinions of another OR respectful re­gard."

By keeping you locked in constant agitation or uneasiness about what could happen -- you are robbed of the present moment of life which is the NOW of eternity. Generally speaking, one who is fearful of future possiblities/probabilities occupies much "time" in WORRY about possible consequences of a decision or an action and will also often procrastinate (delay) making the fi­nal choice. Let us define WORRY: " 1. To be uneasy in the mind; fret. 2. To pull or tear at something with the teeth. 3. To cause to feel uneasy in the mind; trouble. 4. To bother or pester 5.  Worries -- something that causes anxiety." So many of you have expressed or heard the phrase, "I was worried sick!" It is true that fear and its handmaiden "worry" can and will literally make you physically ill. Simply by imaging in your mind a picture, idea or "horrid" consequence, 'you actually manifest the "realness" of that which you fear upon yourself. Whether the ACTUAL physical manifested outcome occurs ac­cording to your worst fears, or not, YOU have suffered in your moments of fear and worry as though it HAD occurred. Do you see? You are creating the worst even if it be only in your "mind" through the emotional REACTION of fear.

Often the question is asked in earnest, "Well, if we are told, for example, that the probabilities are high that we could soon expe­rience a devastating earthquake in San Francisco and/or Los Angeles, are we not "feeding" the negative probability by be­lieving it and thus insuring that it will occur?" We will answer in two-fold manner. First, you must recognize the facts of truth of your "present" circumstances ... that the planet, Mother Earth, is a being who has been poisoned by YOU, HER GUARDIANS. She will need to cleanse herself, so this means massive earth changes will occur as a part of the process of bringing to the surface the poisons of nuclear detonations, pesticides etc. which have been festering within her. Also, you have the "mighty" powers of Russian cosmospheres which un­naturally control the weather patterns, and which are able to detonate bombs already in place along your "fault" lines. So you have the agenda of your beloved planet who wishes only to be cleansed, and the agenda of the Dark brotherhood working through the "ELITE" few to control your planet and that means to ultimately destroy much of the population in order to manage THEIR domination more easily. Is information about lies, de­ception, and cover-ups perpetrated against you by these ones of THE ELITE, which is coming forth through the Journals, "negative" and therefore not worth your time to consider be­cause you fear "feeding" the perhaps undesirable (to you) out­come of perceived "negative" probabilities? THIS MATERIAL IS INFORMATION GIVEN IN TRUTH, BE IT PERCEIVED "NEGATIVE" OR "POSITIVE" IN MANIFESTED REALITY. UNFORTUNATELY MOST INFORMATION PRESENTED SO FAR IS A RESULT OF GOD'S PROMISE TO EXPOSE THE "SATANS" OR "ADVERSARIES" WHO HAVE MAN­AGED BY FORCE AND ALLOWANCE TO HOLD YOU HOSTAGE IN "ILLUSION" OF SEPARATION AGAINST YOUR CREATOR WITHIN YOU BY DECEPTION OF TRUTH OF YOUR POWER OF ONENESS. WHEN IT BE­COMES "NEGATIVE" UPON SELF IS WHEN YOU ARE NO LONGER IGNORANT OF TRUTH AND YOU STILL DO NOTHING TO CHANGE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES BE­CAUSE YOU WOULD INSTEAD RATHER HIDE BEHIND YOUR FEAR AND SELF-PERCEIVED HELPLESSNESS!

Is it wrong to make "plans" for your future in your now? Not if it corresponds to the "positive" creative unfoldment of self-im­provement and self-expansion of your knowledge and wisdom of Truth in your NOW. You see, YOUR DESIRE TO KNOW AND SERVE GOD will itself propel you ever forward in knowledge and wisdom of Truth. AND so too, (your desire) will demand the discipline of self to remain focused on your goal. Let us define discipline, " 1. Training of the mental, moral and physical powers by instruction, control and exercise. 2. The state or condition resulting from such training. 3. Punishment or corrective action for the sake of training. 4. A branch of knowledge."  We would further add herein that there need not ever be PUNISHMENT of self or another to achieve discipline. Simple integrity of focused attention in gaining wis­dom of Truth and recognizing and understanding consequences of thoughts and actions given in "error" are what are necessary to take corrective measures of action for successful training IN GODLY TRUTH to take place.

This scribe has recently heard it said, "In order to be a ... winner', (given in reference to a "karate" competition) you must develop the three D's ... DESIRE ... DEVOTION ... AND… DISCIPLINE." Well, we will ask you each to apply the beauti­ful simplicity of this statement to yourselves in your goal to overcome the false "illusions" of the Anti-Christ and become the "winners" of attaining your UNLIMITED SPIRITUAL FREE­DOM by recognizing and reconnecting with THE FATHER/MOTHER CREATOR/CREATION WITHIN YOU. Remember, we discussed earlier how the "Anti-Christ" rules you by your desires--meaning for "things" or "attachments" of physical illusion. If your ONLY true desire is TO KNOW AND SERVE GOD/ATON, then where does that leave the Anti­-Christ? Out the "door" of YOUR space on his behind!

Remember this too, precious ones, when you truly ASK the Fa­ther/Mother God/ Aton within you FOR Truth, YOU RECEIVE TRUTH. This does not mean you will necessarily like or enjoy what you find, but as long as you remain devoted to the disci­pline of emotional detachment, such as from feeling paralyzing fear, you will become EMPOWERED by THE WISDOM of the GOD/GODDESS within you. Does this mean you will never feel fear again? Not necessarily, but you will by your desire, devotion and discipline learn to overcome your fear and take the necessary actions to bring about GODLY changes, whether it be within self or in "situations" or experiences put before you.

Here is another aspect of understanding fear which you must also recognize. You ones also can experience fear or alarm as a "warning" mechanism of clear or unclear present danger to you. Fear became the manifestation of your desire for "survival" on the physical plane. It was created by you because of the limi­tation brought about by your "veil" of forgetfulness about your soul immortality. And it was thus encouraged by the "deceivers" or "satans" in order to terrorize, control and enslave you through your fear of death of the body. Actually, even those of you who now KNOW your soul is immortal will still feel fear if you or your family is threatened in some way. You must overcome the fear by acknowledging the "warning" and seeking protection, counsel and guidance with THE FATHER WITHIN, so that you will be given instructions about how to best respond to the situation, whether it be defense of self and family or something other. Many ones simply fear physical pain and suffering more than death itself. So you must overcome the initial "fear" warning, and gain the counsel within to ACT in order to protect yourself or others. It is only when YOU are overcome "and paralyzed by your fear that you will not listen to YOUR inner guidance and thus lose your power to change the outcome of the situation.

So in summation, when we say "you must conquer your fear", we are speaking of future fear/worry orientation and that fear which paralyzes you into INACTION or feelings of HELPLESSNESS. Remember YOU are NEVER HELPLESS WITH GOD! You must learn to TRUST; you will ALWAYS be given whatever you need in ALL circumstances put before you. WHEN YOU SINCERELY ASK THE FATHER/MOTHER WITHIN, IT IS DONE!!


Here is another great quote that you can copy and hang  on your wall in several  places to help you conquer that fear within that robs you of your great spirituality.

QUOTE:  [Journal 47]

You see, precious chelas, as you sharpen and perfect your spir­itual knowledge, your foundation becomes more solid than any man-made structure or material, because your foundation is aligned with the wisdom of knowledge of TRUTH of your IMMORTAL DIVINITY, COSMIC LAWS AND ONENESS WITH GOD AND THE CREATION. NOTHING of physical illusion will be able to tear down your foundation which is built on Truth and spiritual wisdom.









Esu Immanuel Sananda

I am here, Thomas.  Let us begin.  I Am Sananda and yes, I come in Light.  I come in the golden Radiance.

Conflict is man.  Conflict is the cause of man's actions...mostly incorrect actions.  If there were not conflict, or perceived conflict, then all would be most dull indeed.  Conflict serves as a catalyst for man to bring about change.  The conflict that man is experiencing at present is nothing short of the conflict of God vs Satan.  You cannot serve two masters.  I said so almost two thousand years ago and I say it again today.  You cannot serve two masters.  The time of deciding is upon you.  Most, unfortunately, will choose the way of the physical...fleshly comforts or pleasures or material possessions.  'Tis sad, but the way it is.

There must, however, be a movement by man away from conflict and into balance and harmony.  I am speaking here of real balance and real harmony, not some preconceived dream of same.  The balance may only come with your alignment to God.  Only through the return to life as given by the Laws may man be restored to fullness and joy.  Do you think that the Laws were given man to be mean?  Do you think that the Laws were given man to be ignored?  Yes, mostly you think they are to be ignored, or rewritten, or maybe I'll just follow the ones I like.  Ok, 'tis always your choice, remember.  Of course, so are the consequences of your decisions.  I am ever amazed that man gives so little thought to these things.  The density of your plane of experience is such that the moment's pleasure or the moment's fullness holds such a spell that consequences are rarely considered.  What the Laws guide us toward is responsibility.

The values of modern man have become distorted to such an extent that most do not know what they want, or what they believe. It is a time, dear ones, to return to family values.  It is a time, dear ones, to return to integrity in all human dealings.  It is a time of responsibility for actions of self.  It is a time of communion with your godness and your God creator.  The return, however, is filled with conflict.  For as the separation of the wheat and the chaff continues, there will be many who will try to block your path back into balance.  Do not allow it to be.  You will simply need to be strong and simply hold your ground as you move forward through it.  Great is the man who recognizes that he is not enough without his connection to Source.  Return unto your Source.  The Father awaits thy call.  I stand and await thy petition.  Do not wait until you are deathly ill to find that what I speak to you is truth.  Come.  What is stopping you from reaching out your hand unto me?  I come with a host that is ready to serve all who are willing to work toward Radiance.  Must it be that great tribulation befall the land and the peoples before the call will be heard?  Why is this so?

The soul cries out to be nourished.  The masses of man cry out to be heard, yet the call is answered and they know it not.  The sleep is heavy on the land.  The slumber has been deep and to awaken man is why I have come.  Awaken!  Throw off this veil of ignorance and vileness and return unto the glory of love.  The very word love has been spoiled beyond recognition, it breaks my heart.  For you have no other word that expresses the meaning...agape love.  Blessed ones of Earth, how I love thee.  Won't you return to the kindness long forgotten?  Won't you return to the sharing, one with another?  I do not speak of the sharing for one gaining from the, I speak here of the sharing from the heart place.  This opening must occur within man that the journey may be made together.  For no man is strong enough to journey alone on the path before you.  Call for help and it is given.  Ask and ye shall receive!  Remember?  Did you ever know?  Why not?  Well you know now...ask, ask, ask.  Mostly ones ask for self, which is allowed.  Asking for self is always the lesser.  Asking for another is joy.  Come into your peace blessed ones.  Return unto the balance within the quietness of your own inner voice that cries unto thee to listen.  Hear the voice that calls for the opening.  Open thy hearts and allow me entry.  I Am here.  Where are you?  Won't you come unto me and let me heal thy suffering and thy pain?  Oh, little ones, walk in the Light of the Heavenly Father...walk in the Light which I Am...for I know well the path afore thee.

(Sananda, I have been asked to petition on behalf of Dharma regarding this week and the computer incident.  Would you have any words that I may share with her, excluding this portion from the book portions, of course?)

Thank you, yes.  Dharma must come into her balance too, for the jolt was more than unsettling, it was major.  We received heated discussion on this side from her and frustrations are indeed mounting for each of you.  You must each and all pray for protection for one another!  Hear me...shield yourselves and pray for one another.  Each of you are being put through the paces.  You must each come into your own level of stability within this difficult time.  Do not be unkind to one another, for you each must work most closely with one another for a long time to come.  If you have differences, discuss them, bring them out, do not bury them for therein is difficulty.  None of you are exempt from the impact of the dark brotherhood, and the very one that thinks he or she is, is the very one to be hit.  Always know that you will be impacted greatly.  Ever keep my shield around you.  Do not get cocky, or lax, or forgetful...don't do keep that shield of light around you every moment of every day.  Nothing is more important for your protection!  I stand ever with each of mine.  I may not interfere unless asked to do so.  If you are not standing in light and choose not to call me in, then the consequences of experience when the impact hits thee is entirely yours to experience.  Perhaps you will be more careful the next time.  I do not mean to sound harsh to any of mine workers.  I am deeply grateful to each and every one of you.  The lessons of dark impact are never to be taken lightly.  Nor are the lessons of physical attacks against Dharma.  You ones must allow peace to enter that house by staying away during various times of the week.  Dharma and Oberli need by quiet to work and rest.  Please, please understand this and allow it.

Blessings unto you of mine.  You are all growing.  I hold you close unto me.

I Am Sananda

One with Father

In Service to Hatonn

we are all brothers in light.







Every circumstance you give your attention to is a lesson, per­haps of discernment of Truth or conquering paralyzing fear or even rising beyond skeptical indecision. And more than it being a lesson, every circumstance you give your attention to is also AN OPPORTUNITY for improving on or "sharpening" your spiritual wisdom and perfection.

You see, precious chelas, as you sharpen and perfect your spir­itual knowledge, your foundation becomes more solid than any man-made structure or material, because your foundation is aligned with the wisdom of knowledge of TRUTH of your IMMORTAL DIVINITY, COSMIC LAWS AND ONENESS WITH GOD AND THE CREATION.NOTHING of physical illusion will be able to tear down your foundation which is built on Truth and spiritual wisdom.  This, alas was my final "initiation" upon your plane less than some 2000 years past. I, Sananda, had to pass the final test of spiritual fortitude as a humanupon your place. I knew I had to experience the denial MINESELF AND MINE FATHER WITHIN by you of my brethren and still rise above the human "altered ego" limitations of fear, frustration and pain. Mine crucifixion was mine final TEST of Spiritual commitment to MINE FATHER WITHIN ME, I THEN ATTAINED a higher level of spiritual mastership of which I continued to develop and perfect after my actual physical departure from Shan, which did NOT occur at crucifixion, but many years later as you have read in "And They Called His Name Immanuel: I Am Sananda”.   And, of course, the crucifixion of mine self offered MANY lessons to you of my brethren who either witnessed physically, or otherwise, not the least lesson which was totally purposely misinterpreted, and that is THE IMMORTALITY OF THE SPIRIT OR SOUL WITHIN. I then continued my spiritual mastership training the higher realms of GOD/ATON and have reached mine inherited perfected spiritual state of SANANDA, ONE WITH GOD.  I am assisting and monitoring you of mine brothers and sisters who receive and give forth MINE FATHERS WORD. I am available and accessible, though not yet in physical form, so that I may bring the spiritual foundation and balance along with the other Heavenly Hosts of God, so that you of my brethren who so choose, can awaken and remember TRUTH, and receive earned graduation to "higher" realms in God's Kingdoms. I am come as MINE FATHER GOD/ATON'S representative, claim you of His Faithful and True children of Light. .. and bring you HOME.





I greet all Lightworkers and souled ones on Earth Shan, and all, other delegates from other planets and Universes. Today’s message is about healing.

Remember all of you have been given a freewill.  That means that you choose what happens to you and what path you take including any ailment you may have put upon yourself.

A Lightworker told Anne the following:

Any sickness or disease you may have is what you have done to yourself.  The ones on Shan, for the most part run to the Medical Pharmaceutical ones for a cure for whatever physical ailment they have.   They down tons of chemicals in hopes that will work.   Anything like this is only but a temporary “band aid” on the wound, and real cause of the problem is entirely different. There is a sign in the chiropractic office to which this Lightworker goes.

Written on a large easel are these words: "Healing comes from above down inside and out."  To better explain I shall quote Lanto, one of the Rainbow Masters of Journal 7.   This message was read to Anne by this Lightworker.   This Lightworker told Anne that the real healing must include your spiritual life, your emotions and psychological life.  Healing comes from the Lighted Realms to inside you to bring it out for healing.  The greatest hinderance is FEAR.   Ask to get rid of that fear to proceed with healing.

Herein is the quote from Journal 7  by Lanto read  to Anne


Let us take, for instance, a petition for healing. When you re­quest healing, God always releases a sacred fire sphere of heal­ing light. It is deposited deep within your subconscious. As this light begins to flow and cycle through the planes of being, it pushes out to the surface unwanted conditions. It is an electrode that is a focus of God's wholeness. Therefore, all unlike itself must be uprooted, must be exposed.

Therefore, many times when you come into contact with the Great White Brotherhood and begin with the experiment as the alchemist of the sacred fire, you find for a season more problems than you had prior to beginning. Then you wonder why you are on this path in the first place?

Beloved ones--and here I may seem harsh--if ye only want outer wholeness, then go to other sources. There are faith healers, psychic healers, medicine men, witch doctors, voodoo specialists and medical scientists. In every society they hold the position of prominence. It is not our intent to in any way disparage souls of Light who pursue to the best of their ability the healing of the bodies of mankind. In fact, we have inspired upon many the very healing arts which are practiced.

However, I must tell you, it is often better to suffer pain than to take the aspirin or the painkillers that give you the false sense of security that all is well. Pain is a signal like the red light on the dashboard of life that warns you that you are not whole and that you had better learn the alchemy of wholeness. Suffering in itself is neither good nor evil, but it is the use that is made of suffering to bring the soul nearer to that which God is telling thee. Also, know that in the searching all ways, all places and finding no real solutions, indicates a lack of wholeness within thy inner self. When fear of healing is removed the body and inner self will be in the total healing. Until that time, beloved ones, the healing will not be healing, but band-aid therapy for a physical ailment. Many tools may assist in "cure" but the word "cure" means total healing; thee does not need cure and cure again--to "cure" means exactly what it says--"wellness in wholeness".

Ye must understand, then, the answer to the call. Understand the depositing of light within you. It is God's intent, as God lives and as I am his servant, to bring you into the reunion with the One. And therefore, when you are on the path of initiation, do not be so concerned as to your success or failure as a metaphysician measured by the index of the outer sign.


We of the Lighted  Realms thank this Lightworker for this most important lesson.

Did you hear this Lightworker's message? y You must heal the total you, your soul. spiritual, mental, emotional psychological and physical body.   Cast out fear you may have harbored within, for this is the great tool of the evil.

Let me explain another thing.  The Lightworkers uncreated the demons, especially the thousands and thousands protecting the lair of the top demon-controller.  The Reptilians and Dragons posing as humans were asked to leave Earth permanently, and return to their own planet.  Some were good and others bad but they had to leave.

It is important to know that the following experience was told to Anne by this Lightworker.

This is what happened,

There was a short delay before that major petition was written and put in place on Fourwinds.  The Reptilians evil ones used that time as they were leaving to try and kill one of the Lightworkers.   They cloaked their space ship just like the Romulans in Star Trek and aimed a laser beam at this one. We were able to deflect it’s goal.  The laser beam missed the Lightworker but the Lightworker did fall to the ground, but not killed. Those Reptilians who did this must face treason charges on their planet.  This Lightworker responded that it was a wake-up call.  Healing, total healing was used and this Lightworker is well.

This experience told to Anne demonstrates how  Lightworkers are watched and protected, even as you travel or wherever you are .  I thank this Lightworker for telling Anne of her experience.  This Lightworker read what Lanto has said in Journal 7.  We of the LIghted Realms thank this Lightworker for sharing this experience.

Again, the demons were uncreated, but those humans who were hiding their real self were told to leave Earth.  This includes all the Reptilians and Dragons that posed as humans.  Some were good and some bad.  They all have left to their own planet,  Those that did evil deeds will  face treason charges. They have departed from Earth

There are, also, 3D humans, who have learned evil advanced technology and are still doing evil deeds.  They will purposely target Lightworkers to take them out.   All must pray for their healing with Unconditional Love.

Keep yourself protected at all times.

I encourage you to read and re-read the Journals for new lessons are learned each time one reads them.

We follow all Lightworkers and must know where they are at an given moment.  That my friends is True.  Protect yourself at all times for there are people still doing the same thing they have done.  Pray for their healing and awakening.

I AM THATI AM.  I AM SANANDA, your Brother, and I am here when you ask me to help.