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Therein shall they abide within the Law which is of the eternal. They shall not be bowed down with the pity of the Earth as it is now upon the Earth, for it is indeed pity to see them which stirreth not; they walk with eyes blinded and they are deaf unto the call of the Clarions, which have been sent unto them for their own blessed sake.

Within the time which is at hand they shall see and they shall hear, and they shall be as one which knows not what he sees; yet he shall call out for learning, and it shall not be denied unto him. Many are among them for the purpose of bringing unto them the light and truth and it shall not be withheld from them, however, neither shall it be forced upon them for force is ungodly. All must choose freely, his path.

Within this time come upon thee, they may be the children of the Father, yet there is great forgetfulness as to the way unto the Father's dwelling. They shall cry out for assistance and roadmaps and, it shall be given unto them freely and without price. DO YE HEAR ME? WITHOUT PRICE -- FREELY GIVEN. SO BE IT; CAUTION TO THOSE WHO WOULD DENY THY BROTHER ENTRY UNTO TRUTH AND THE PATH TO FATHER'S HOME. JUST AS THE ABUNDANCE IS GIFTED IN RETURN TO THOSE WHO FREELY GIVE, SO SHALL THAT BE TAKEN AWAY IN MEASURE TENFOLD FROM THOSE WHO DENY MY BROTHERS ENTRY.

Now it has come upon the Earth that which man has feared, and known within with great dread, that which he understands not; and he cries out in his delirium that there is no place for him to hide wherein he will not be found.


Not a person shall say it is not so, for therein is folly. That which is created shall fulfill its cycle and return to its native state. The time is come when the Earth shall move out into a new placement, she shall have a new orbit and both a new sun and a new moon. She shall then be given into resting before being again given unto peopling and a time of beginning again. She shall be restored unto newness. And, those who will be sent shall be a new people, and they shall know that which is of the Father. There shall be a new Garden, and there shall be the Father's kingdom upon the Earth. There shall be the one who will reign supreme, yet man shall work as "one" in harmony, peace and love.

Ah yes, there shall be peace. Each man shall be peace unto himself, and he shall be as the keeper of the peace for all. He shall be as the lawgiver and the keeper thereof, for he shall know that which is ethical and he shall abide thereby. There shall be none among man which shall covet another's possessions, nor shall they be given to know hatred.

pp. 78-79