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10/10/93    ESU "JESUS" SANANDA


Peace, Thomas, Esu present in Radiance to Light the way afore thee.  Bring thine heart to rest, for The Father knows well His servants.  It is the time of sorting and those vipers who spit venom will feel the sting of that which is put forth.

There shall be Peace in The Valley--for ye trusted friends have walked through the valley of shadows and ye need not fear evil, for evil shall be exposed for that which it is.  And so it shall be.

Ye are entering a new phase of expression and the tasks shall be abundant and challenging and there shall be great joy in the accomplishing thereof.  And so shall it be.

The beloved workers in mine fields shall reap the rewards of the harvest and they shall not want.

It is with deep compassion that we watch as the hard lessons are learned and the realization of errors is recognized--and there is a move toward understanding of actions and motives, and there are course corrections to ensure continued safe passage.

Those who come against mine people shall fall; they shall feel the bitterness that they intend to bring upon mine ones; yet it shall be turned upon them, for it is written that that which ye put out is returned to thee, multiplied.  And so it is.

Foolish indeed are those who would effort to destroy THE WORD.  Foolish indeed are those sent to "trick" my beloved, for mine are given to KNOW--they are given to know that which they are about and the purpose for which they have come--and I tell thee now: they shall not be deceived, for I, Sananda, shall see to it.

Heed well the warning, for ye have heard how it is and how it shall be--and this work shall not be silenced.  A remnant must be allowed passage and mine beloved come not to bring destruction but to bring THE WORD OF GOD; and it shall be given and it shall stand the test of ALL TIME.

The work shall progress as the projects are given into fruition, for they shall be that which is required to see you through and so shall it be.  I stand as a shield between mine beloved and those who would come against them.

Tend well the matters at hand.




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Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, October 12, 1993, Volume 3, Number 3, Page 28.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.