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It is time to arise from their sleep and shake the dust from the bedclothes. It is time to awaken and become alive. THEY SHALL LEARN THAT WHICH IS WITHIN THE LAW AND BECOME AWARE OF THAT WHICH IS REALLY "REAL". They shall cease being bound by the garments of the flesh; for it is the Law: that which is eternal surpasseth that which is flesh. That which is eternal is not bound within the flesh, and it has never entered into the flesh--yet flesh has its being in that which is eternal, without beginning and without ending; no more and no less. So it is that the flesh shall pass, and the ONE WHICH "IS" shall not be less for its loss.

In the days which shall come there shall be a great gathering in; they shall be separated and shall be as ones of old. They shall be as the sheep and shall be herded into places as the flocks of the fields ---- for it is given unto many to follow. There are few who dare to stand apart and take exception from the crowd. But, 'tis he who takes his stand and says for himself which way he shall go, shall find his way and therein, friends, is wisdom if thy way be that of truth. There are none so foolish as those who sit and wait for the masses. For the masses know not the way.

P. 77