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Ye will now abide with me that we might put to paper some reminders to follow on from the day past. Ye are in the remembering for I come in the reminding. I have the clarions with me, would that make thee hear a bit more clearly if the trumpets blow in thine ears?

The time is upon ye ones of Earth when ye may wait very little more. Man will hear and act, or man is in grave, grave circumstance. He either moves on or he will be left to the elements of the Earth. They shall consume him as the physical matter of flesh that he is. That portion eternal shall take upon itself another format and it shall be sealed. He shall have no memory of that which has passed his attention, and the experience of the past shall be wiped from the screen of his memory.

Not a human person shall be as he now is. They will take a new garment and also a name of newness, for it is given to man to be as the little children. He shall then be given to grow into that which he yet knows not of, for he has not yet become as God; and he shall be within the Law when he proclaims that which is his station. Within the time which is allotted unto such things, he shall become as God and become God in Oneness. He will be given to know all and he shall be allowed expression for he will have knowledge, for it is given unto man to murmur the murmurings of the unknowing and unlearned and that which is misbegotten and bastardized, and it profits him naught.

Man shall learn that which he has said shall be as his bindings. He shall be indentured by his works until they have been fulfilled unto every jot and tittle. He shall become as one who has within his grasp the scales whereupon he may weigh the words; all!

Not any other shall be responsible nor represent excuse for the actions of self. That which is done by another will be answered by other, for it is the law that no man atones for another; yet it is the law that each shall love his brother as himself. But, each will stand naked and alone at the reckoning. When the sorcery is removed he shall awaken unto truth and acknowl­edgement of that which he is.

pp. 75-76