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[Editor's note: ...Part 1 of this series began in our 3/19/96 CONTACT on p. 28' Part 2 was on p. 29 of the 3/26/96 issue; Part 3 was on p. 15 of the 4/2/96 issue; Part 4 was on p. 5 of the 4/9/96 issue; Part 5 was on p. 11 of the 4/23/96 issue.]


6/11/91 #2   HATONN / SANANDA

Hatonn present.  Please allow us to come into sharing that understanding flows as well as "words".

I am asked, these days of Sananda's writings, how is it that I presume to make introduction?  Why indeed.  Dharma would enjoy being the one to tell you but part of the reason is for her own protection.

As the Truth comes forth after over 2000 plus years of gigantic LIE, it is both dangerous and extremely impactful to the receivers of that Truth.  Do not believe that simply because you become a scribe, that the shock and pain are somehow vanquished.  We do fine for the period of writing but as she witnesses, then, the product, it is sobering indeed.  This is the most important gathering of information in your universe and cuts through the very fiber of all you have expected and trusted throughout your life experiences.  It is hard to realize you are people of the lie from the beginning--and worse, to know that the adversary will not like this information very much.  I remind you: TRUTH WILL STAND INTO INFINITY AND WE BRING TRUTH SO WE WELCOME ANY MAN TO CONTRADICT THAT WHICH HE WILL BUT HE HAD BETTER COME WITH SOME INCREDIBLE "REASONING".  WE ARE NOW DEALING WITH YOUR INFINITE SOUL ENERGY AND THE SHOE IS ON THE OTHER FOOT--MAN IS NOW EXPECTED TO "PROVE" THAT WHICH HE PROJECTS TO "PROVE" THAT WHICH HE PROJECTS AND SINCE THE PHYSICAL IS A PASSING ILLUSION--HE CAN NOT DO SO!

Suzy, thank you for the crystal pendant for it does indeed, radiate the love expressed in the sharing. I say sharing, for a creation of God can only be shared and the gifting of such can only be the sharing of "expression".  I would tell you a bit about this particular crystal in its growth patterns.  Just as a crystal "chip" bears a programmed frequency so, also, does a crystal.  As some crystals grow, they will push out what appear to be fractures but this is NOT so.  They are the root system from which a crystal grows into its flower-like "clump".  It houses the very source of the DNA/RNA of the "thing" which it shall become.  Since man cannot seem to leave them in their intended location, for he desires to hold both the beauty and the life-form, the root itself is usually quite ugly in appearance--but those wondrous "children" of the parent are divine indeed.  The one you sent is old, old and bears its own inner child and has become as "hard" as diamond for any "practical" purpose.  Some of these little beauties are missed for they will often bear a lot of the root and will have ugly malformations which man does not like in his trinkets.

We have left your message intact for its intended projection and then we reprogrammed the "starburst" within.  It now bears the assorted frequencies of the various Masters and in the sunlight will actually "sing" as the light is reflected and refracted from within the central root core.

The major problem with Man taking and rearranging crystals is that they are expected to do something which they cannot do and they are ALWAYS located where they serve a great purpose in the overall order of the planet.  From these little jewels come the very refracting frequencies that do such things as break down stone into earth for the reclaiming of life sustenance.  This elder crystal comes from a place wherein most of the task of the mineral projection is finished for the nurturing of surface life forms.  The removal from the "new" western world locations is more tragic, however, for they are for the purpose of breaking down dying minerals such as uranium, etc.  Man does not realize that which he does when he takes up those dying minerals and stockpiles them for their purpose is to break down, through radiation and refraction bursts, the very world which is originally presented in solid, compact rock-type formations.  You can see the mechanism more readily within the lava flows which are eventually broken down and become fertile soil.  So be it for the mineral lesson of this day.

I want to again thank you, Suzy, for the sharing for I have much more to say regarding this and it is not yet time.  Misused, these gem-stones can literally break down the health of ones believing them to be giving nourishment--Man seems to always need to tinker with that which he understands not.


I must have you understand that a virus is also just a crystalline product.  This is WHY it can be considered that bombardment with certain frequencies will break it (explode it)--just like a crystal chalice.  The DNA/RNA structure of every cell is contracted from this crystalline substance which is programmed and bears the holographic structure of whatever will become from that seed.   When Man began to tinker with these things of the very program substance of the universe--he walked in well over his head--for evil will always take that which could be wondrous and turn it to the physical--HOPING ALWAYS TO FIND IMMORTALITY WHICH ELUDES HIS EFFORTS FOR THAT HAS THUS FAR ONLY BEEN ENABLED BY THE GOD CREATOR AS ORCHESTRATED BY NATURE (NATURAL CREATION).

The physical aspect of man always reaches the point of which your civilizations have reached and efforts at immortality--and the object, of course, is to create life immortal and get rid of all the unwanted competition.  It never works out well, for his greed and fleshly desires drive him through his ego into the destructive paths of "duplication imitation".  But these are effective indeed for destruction of species.

I wish to thank T.D. for sharing with us.  It is always difficult for Dharma, for me, to give information of which she has no resource and information is always well received on various subjects which you ones will bother to go and research.  Along the lines of life duplication and viral DNA possibilities, I suggest you who have time and inclination, to get the book The Biological Time Bomb by Gordon Rattray Taylor, from the World Publishing Co., New York and Cleveland.  T.D. has sent me excerpts from that book and it will curl all you straight-haired entities.  Your researchers have had nearly a century to work on these things--having found the base structure of a virus and how they "work", sometime in the "twenties" as recorded.  (In your own publications.)

Now, keeping in mind what I have said about viruses being crystal formations, let me just read you a bit of interesting "stuff":

One quotation from page 166:

"But seven years later a genuine transformation, claimed as the first ever to be achieved except in bacteria was announced by A.S. Fox and S.B.  Yoon of Wisconsin University.  They treated a strain of fruit flies--the geneticist's stock laboratory animal--with DNA extracted from flies of a different strain.  The offspring of some of these flies varied genetically from their parents, and the variation bred true for up to seven generations, after which it vanished again.  This announcement drew a reply from Professor Serge Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology of the Academy of Sciences in the Ukraine.  He, it appeared, had treated Drosophila with DNA derived from the thymus glands of calves thirty years ago, and had published his results in 1939.  (At that time all DNA was believed to be identical, and he used calf DNA merely because there was a convenient technique available for obtaining it.)  He found that the treatment by X-rays and so forth.....[and more:]

"Moreover, we now know that viruses do their work by entering cells and substituting their own nucleic acid for the cell's nucleic acid, thus forcing the cell machinery to make viruses and not what the cell usually makes.  And in the fifties it became clear that viruses can even pick up bits of nucleic acid from the cell they enter, adopt it into their own system and later deposit this 'rogue DNA' in another host cell--a phenomenon as transduction".

Do you still want to deny and argue with me that duplication and mutation is not possible?  Stop blaming little grey space aliens for the trouble you have--YOU HAVE DONE IT YOURSELVES QUITE ADEQUATELY WITHOUT ANY SPECIAL HELP.

To other inquiries, I would like to say that it has been quite easy to get Hatonn's cellular sample for we have been in and out of there for many, many years.

As to the Rajiv Gandhi assassination, it will become very clear as to why he was murdered.  I believe, in fact, that I have already covered it well enough to get the picture.

Now as to the Pleiadean Command pulling out all their installations on Earth as you inquired.  I believe that is not in any manner that which should be discussed here or anywhere.  Suffice it to say that Pleiades Command NEEDS NO BASES ON YOUR EARTH--WE WORK VERY WELL FROM OUR OWN OFF-SURFACE FACILITIES AND WOULD NEVER HAVE MORE THAN CONTACT POINTS AT ANY RATE--AT ANY TIME.  Now, T.D., this comes from someone other than yourself--for YOU know better than that!  You also know better than to test me regarding Vegans, Lyra, etc.  If they were considering active intervention to protect you from your demise with the A.B.'s, I would not respond--BUT, remember something--INTERVENTION IS A NO-NO!  TO GO AGAINST COSMIC LAW AND INTERFERE WITH PLANETARY ACTIONS EXCEPT IN SPECIFIC PERMITTED AREAS OF EXPECTED DAMAGE TO THE OUTER ORDER WOULD NOT BE A WISE MANEUVER ON THE PART OF ANY OUTSIDE COMMAND--AND WOULD BRING DOWN A GREAT BUNDLE OF TROUBLE FROM FLEET COMMAND OF WHICH I HEAD.

I will speak of Alaska regarding the inquiry regarding what might be happening there.  I ask Dharma to simply leave the following without label and reprint the letter from the entity in Alaska who has personally become entangled in some very interesting maneuvers regarding the Russians.

"Hatonn has written some time ago 'Can Russia Invade the U.S.?' and elsewhere that the Russian 'business men' etc., are swarming all over America.

'I would say that Russia has already invaded and is continuing to do so.  These so-called business men are coming over to Alaska via Nome to Anchorage and wherever on a regular basis.  They do not stay in hotels and such, but they stay in private individuals' homes through do-gooder organizations such as the Rotary Club, Unity Church, etc.  And the people welcome them with open arms!  I have some acquaintances who are members of these organizations that have and are hosting these people.  They stay maybe a few days or so while 'someone' comes to pick them up during their stay and they are shown around wherever and whatever they want to investigate--anything.

"BUT the capper is this: A group of Russian boys, complete with their smart military-styled uniforms showed up at the recent State Boy Scouts Jamboree unannounced and PARTICIPATED. The Scout organization had no advance warning that they were coming!!!

"I am not a letter writer and seldom ever write letters to the editor but I thought I would pass this little tid-bit to you."

So--to whom it may concern.  It is as if mass insanity has been loosed upon you--and so it is.  I would write one more short instruction--from Dante unto his followers: "....and then he said: 'Now it is time to quit this edge of shade: follow close after me along the rill, and do not stray from it; for the unburning margins from a lane, and by them we may cross the burning plain.' "

Dante, in pity, restores the torn leaves to the soul of this countryman and the Poets move on to the next round, a great Plain of burning sand upon which there descends an eternal slow rain of fire. Here, scorched by fire from above and below, are three classes of sinners suffering differing degrees of exposure to the fire.  The blasphemers (the violent against God) are stretched supine upon the sand, the Sodomites (the violent against Nature) run in endless circles, and the Usurpers (the violent against Art, which is the grandchild of God) huddle on the sands.

The Poets find Capaneus stretched out on the sands, the chief sinner of the place.  He is still blaspheming God.  They continue along the edge of the Wood of the Suicides and come to a blood-red rill which flows boiling from the Wood and crosses the burning plain.  Virgil explains the miraculous power of its waters and discourses on the origin of all the rivers of Hell.

So what?  The symbolism of the burning plain is centered in sterility and wrath.  Blasphemy, sodomy, and usury are all unnatural and sterile actions; thus the unbearing desert is the eternity of these sinners; and thus the rain, which naturally should be fertile and cool, descends as fire.  And what of this Capancus?  He is subjected not only to the wrath of Nature (the sands below) and the wrath from above (the fire from above), but is also tortured most by his own inner violence, which is the root of blasphemy."

And that, chelas, is where you are AT.  You are between the rock and the hard place and you refuse to see and hear that which has brought you to this brink of pain and decision.  It is seemingly easier to continue in the agony and chaos than to turn into Truth which would shower the cool life-spring of waters upon the barren lands.  It is always the INNER refusal to understand and turn into KNOWING which is destructive unto the very soul of Man.  So be it.  For herein I shall turn this forum unto the Christed hands.  You, precious creations, are at the crossroads and the path through is very narrow indeed, and closing quickly.  I ask that you "fear not" but turn from your ignorance into Truth that we might get on with that which is at hand.

Oh yes, early on we asked, why has Hatonn the audacity to MC the information and speakers? Because I AM ATON come with MY SON TO RECLAIM MY KINGDOM AND YOU, MY BLESSED CHILDREN.  IT WILL BE MOST SUITABLE IF YOU WISH TO CONSIDER ME "THE HORSE'S MOUTH" rather than the other end of the horse where most still desire to place me.  Salu.



Blessings and peace unto you ones.  May we bring clarity and understanding in our WORDS.

While I lived, the disciples shared my belief in God--for it seemed the thing to do at the time and my own faith was great enough to bear them up.  They even believed in the Kingdom of Heaven--as well as that there would be an ending to the world as it was then known.  When I was no longer present, they, like ones now, dispersed.  There was, however, a regathering as they realized that I was not "gone".  How do we get over the hurdle of having to have some form of illusion in physical formation to convince the beings of the illusion?

They thought they had seen me dead--for it never occurred to them otherwise; then, it was obvious that they saw me "no longer dead", so what could it mean?  It mattered not that which I said unto them about life and death and thus and so--for they had seen me "dead" and now "no longer dead"; so THEY HAD OBVIOUSLY SEEN ME RISE FROM THE DEAD--OR SOMETHING!

Now, we moved on into the heart of the matter which could later be misconstrued, lied about and made into a religion; now they no longer believed with me in God, but without this man, Esu (Jesus)--in Christ arisen.  The step had been taken from the religion proclaimed by me, the man, a "prophet" of the Hebrew religion, to the Christian religion.  While I lived, there was no such thing. The step was one easily taken but would have died completely out had Saul not turned up the steam in the cooker and saw a good way to make a sweeping change in the very structure of man's existence.  Poor Saul; he actually believed he did "good" and yet he knew no better than to cram and force this new doctrine upon the masses, thus creating the bloodbaths of Hell upon a planet. Let it be recognized that at the time it was not "One man called Jesus or Esu Emmanuel" that basically changed the world; it was at the hands of the ignorant and deceivers through conjured stories and pronouncements, rules and regulations that a planet was changed.  I believe if you look about the degenerating world--that it lacked and still lacks almost all Godly expression.  You act in the name of God, but it is NOT the Holy God of Divine Truth and Light within the Divine and Balanced Natural Creation.  Now you had best go back and start re-reading the Khazarian history as given unto you.  For it was with the upstart of the Holy Church of Rome that the real clamps came down in the most evil eras that would ever befall a people.


Further, the followers of the man Esu, the first "Christians", withdrew from the area of historic perception, for the followers of Christ became an utterly intangible thing, oscillating ambiguously between being and nonbeing.  It was Saul (Paul) who first led "Christianity" into the sphere of history.  It is a total delusion to make Christianity begin with one called Jesus, Esu or Emmanuel, as a historical individual.

The history of Christianity is not yet complete.  Because of the part played by the Church in remaking a Western world that had fallen into barbarism, and because the entire spiritual life of Latin and Germanic Europe is permeated with motifs originating in Christianity, all Christian churches seem to have something in common.  This common element forms a bond between the many Christian churches that have fought each other to the death, the orthodox and the heretics, and even the indifferent who have grown up in the Christian world.  But it is not permissible to define the common element as the "essence" of Christianity and on the basis of such a definition to judge what is Christianity and what is not.  From a historical point of view, such definitions can never be anything more than speculative ideal types of Christianity or dogmatic tenets on the strength of which particular churches or groups claim to be the sole repositories of Christianity, while all others are no better than heretics or heathen.  Thus, insofar as the Western world is "Christian" if you wish to label it that, this Christian element, when it is not usurped by limited groups from the Roman Catholic Church to the Protestant sects, can only be the Biblical religion, which encompasses all Christian faiths as well as the so-called Jews and those who believe with a Church, and even in some way those who expressly abjure all faith.  Re-read that please.  Note that you have become a world of factions based on various BIBLES, not based on Godness nor anything of higher understanding.  You have limited your existence to that of the physical plane and have efforted to completely sever your attachment to the Truth which you are.

Biblical religion thus becomes the all-embracing whole, reaching through the millennia from Abraham to our own day; no Westerner can disregard it, but no one is entitled to claim it for his own possession.  Every man who lives in a bond with the Biblical religion finds his sustenance in it, selecting and stressing what he wishes.  It is only when all the figures of the Biblical religion have been forgotten that the Christian West will be at an end.  You see, that will not be too long in coming--for the one you remember, this "Jesus", was not--for he was a conjured fabrication of Saul of Tarsus.  The Christ was missed just as he is missed in every journey through your expression. The "Christ" is actually "christ" which is a state of being and is NOT a physical manifestation. CHRIST--IS A STATE OF BEING!  YOU CANNOT HOLD TO GOD OR CHRIST THROUGH ANY MAN!  The expression of God as human physical projection is NOT GOD NOR CHRIST NOR, NOR--FOR THOSE THINGS ARE NOT OF THE PHYSICAL EXPRESSION.

The man in point is one element in the "BIBLICAL" religion, an element of paramount importance for those who believe that one to be the Christ.  Yet though Jesus Christ was somehow considered the beginning and center of this creed, the man himself, even in the Christian world, is only a component of Christianity; he was not its "founder" and through him alone it would not have come into being in any manner.  The reality of the man was overlaid by ideas that were totally alien to the man himself, or to his emotional spiritual beliefs--only a tiny vestige of his own reality has remained in the "let's pretend world" of the Biblical society.  This is why I chuckle at the very prospects of "appearing" as some of you demand--to prove myself.  Who would recognize of me?  Would Dharma be enough to prove a thing?  I doubt it greatly, since most ones pronounce her insane at best.  Well, I can promise you of my beloved few--you WILL recognize ME when I arrive this time! Will I be angel?  How about a bird?  Might I be a space-man?  How about a cow?  You of mine, shall know me and there shall be no mistaking my presence.  So be it.

One labeled "Jesus" the Christ, is somehow the beginning and center of this creed, though the man, himself, would not recognize that which is said of him.  That poor man's influence can be summarized along a couple of separate lines: He was transformed from the man into the Christ, the Son of God, from a human reality to an object of faith and secondly, the man himself was taken as a model for behavior.

His disciples took a first step when they began to believe not only in his message but also in him. Subsequently, they came to believe in him as the Messiah, as the Son of God, then, as God Himself.  With this the human reality became irrelevant, except for two points: that he had actually the human flesh and that he had been crucified.  It is characteristic that in the Credo the human reality of the "man" disappears.  Its second article is a profession of faith in "God's only begotten Son", our Lord, conceived of the Holy Ghost and born of the Virgin Mary.  After this transcendent introduction nothing is said of that man's life except that he somehow suffered under Pontius Pilate, that he was crucified, died, and was buried.  After that, you return to the transcendent; he descends to hell, rises from the dead on the third day, ascends to heaven, sits at God's right hand, whence he will come again to judge the living and the dead.  YOU WOULDN'T ALLOW YOUR DAUGHTER, HOPEFULLY, TO GO ON A DATE WITH ONE YOU KNOW SO LITTLE OF, WOULD YOU?  AND YET, YOU BASE YOUR ETERNAL AND INFINITE EXPERIENCE ON THE LIE!



All that matters is that God was in the world and was crucified?  The historical reality is somewhere irrelevant for faith.  The study of the New Testament is superfluous for faith, and moreover, quite disturbing.  For faith is not based on a historical reality that can be ascertained by critical investigation.  Even the faith of his contemporaries, who was the man in the flesh, who knew his life, his gestures, actions, words, WAS NOT A PRODUCT OF THE REALITY.

This belief in the "Christ" was not inaugurated by ME, the one Saul labeled Jesus, nor Esu nor Emmanuel, but sprang up after the passing of the man himself.  I say "passing" for you are going to have to amend your thinking in another manner--I was not killed on a cross.  I survived and lived out my days away from the accursed and so-called Holy Lands.  Did I sacrifice myself on a cross in any event?  Of course not--it took seven or eight men to bind me while THEY EFFORTED TO MURDER MY PHYSICAL BEING.

Let us, herein, simply look again at that which the historian says regarding the aspects of the experience as to influence.

".... The first step was belief in the resurrection based on the visions of Mary Magdalene and several of the apostles.  Next, the shameful death on the cross was transformed into an act of sacrifice.  Finally, with the outpouring of the Holy Ghost, the meaning of the company of believers was actualized and became the Church.  The Gospel narrative of the Last Supper became the basis of a cult.  The sacrament of the Last Supper was the end of a development; had Jesus established it, it would necessarily have been the beginning. 'Jesus did not make himself into a sacrament'."

"The articles of faith: Christ's sacrificial death; the redemption of all believers through his death, wherein Christ took their sins upon himself; justification by faith; Christ as the second Person in the Trinity; Christ as Logos (world reason), participating in the creation of the world and guiding the people of "Israel" through the desert; the Church as Christ's corpus mysticum; Christ as the second Adam, historical beginning of a new mankind; all these tenets and many more that mark the rich history of Christian dogma have nothing to do with Jesus.  Christ was a new reality that was to produce the most overwhelming effects in history.

"Without the churches, Christianity could not have developed through the centuries.  If Jesus kept a place amid the innumerable motifs that entered into this development, it was thanks to the canon of the Christian Scriptures.  While even so early a Christian as Paul had no interest in Jesus the man, the Gospels remained a part of New Testament.  The Christian canon, including the books of the Old Testament, is so rich in contradictory themes that there is no justification for trying to find anywhere in it the key to the Gospel, to the message of Jesus, to the Biblical religion. Even Jesus is not the key, but it was his reality that gave the impetus wherever the idea of the imitation of Jesus has arisen.

"Here and there, men have taken a radical view of 'imitation'.  They have tried to put the Sermon on the Mount into practice by turning the other cheek, to follow Jesus; instructions to the apostles by wandering in poverty, to follow the Passion by provoking their own ruin in the world, in short, to achieve the truth of martyrdom by actively imitating Jesus' most extreme actions and sayings.

"Or else, the imitation of Jesus has been interpreted as the transfiguration of the suffering that comes to us unsummoned, in the course of events.  The Passion of Jesus becomes a model, teaching us to bear the most unjust and inexplicable suffering, not to despair when we are forsaken, to find God, the last and only foothold, at that source of all things, to bear our cross with patience.  For all suffering is sanctioned through Jesus.

"The imitation of Jesus takes on still another meaning when his ethical imperatives are taken as a norm, when purity and love are seen as God's will.  This attitude compels knowledge; even at best we experience our ethical inadequacy.

"But an orientation by Jesus is possible without imitation.  For Jesus gave the example of a life whose meaning was not nullified by failure in the world, but enhanced, not to be sure as an unequivocal directive but as a manifest possibility.  He showed how a man could become free from the fear inherent in life by taking his cross upon himself.  His message teaches men to keep their eyes open for absolute evil in the world and forbids complacency; it reminds men of the existence of a higher authority.  The absurdities in his words and actions can exert a liberating effect.

"Many men in the world of Biblical religion have managed to discern Jesus through all the successive layers of tradition.  In his actions and words he spoke as himself.  Because of his radicalism, which has never ceased to be meaningful, the contemplation of Jesus the man has always been a source of inspiration.  He has remained a powerful force in opposition to the Christianity that made him into its foundation, the dynamite which has threatened so often to shatter the congealed, worldly Christianity of the churches.  He is invoked by the heretics who take their radicalism seriously.

"Erroneous intellectual efforts have been made to confine the contradictory flow of this man's life and thought in a systematic whole.  In their drive toward worldly order, the churches have tried, often with considerable success, to muffle his explosive power, to limit and direct the flame.  But from time to time it has broken loose, bringing new hopes and fears of the catastrophe that would usher in the Kingdom of Heaven.

"This origin has created peculiar difficulties for Church dogma and policy, and these never-resolved difficulties in turn have been responsible for the lace of clarity, but also for the vitality and wonderful truthfulness of Christianity.

"The difficulty began when the world failed to end.  In the new situation, thought and action had to be revised.  In practice, the place of the expected kingdom was taken by the Church.  Jesus, the herald of the end, became the institutor of the sacrament.  But once the kingdom of God that would end history was drawn into history, its whole character inevitably changed.  The application of a message springing from the most extreme of situations to the tasks of this world, to the shaping of existence, the promotion of knowledge, are, letters, gave rise to the insoluble antinomies that mark any discussion of "Christianity and Culture".  Rebels and dogmatists have formed equally rigid and narrow conceptions of Jesus, the man and his teaching.  The rebels' interests lead them to seek grounds on which to deny everything in the world, as justification for their destructive drive for power.  The advocates of Church dogma are led by their interests to moderate what is explosive and extreme by finding a place for it within the eternal, unchanging truth of Christianity.  Thus they cannot acknowledge that the failure of the world to end produced a revision of Christian thinking.

"In regard to the historic knowledge of Jesus, orthodox faith may favor a radical skepticism which makes it possible to fill in the empty space where the historic reality has been, with a life of Christ based solely on faith and immune to historical criticism because it is not empirical but transcendent.  Or, on the contrary, it may recognize the whole Gospel narrative as a historic reality to be believed without critical investigation.  In the first case, historical knowledge is quite logically eschewed as irrelevant to faith.  In the second, critical investigation is limited to secondary matters, for it is not permitted to alter so much as a jot in the revealed, absolutely certain empirical reality of the Biblical accounts.

"The historic reality of Jesus, the man, which is so extremely important for us in the history of philosophy, is without interest to the doctors of the faith, either among the rebels or the orthodox believers."

Perhaps it might be advantageous to reread this last portion quite a few times and then allow it to digest.

When you as Man, can separate that which is lie from that which is Reason and Truth, only then can you begin to come into the wondrous realms of that which is God and further your understanding of how and what IS this wondrous Creation in which you find yourself experiencing.

You see, you can now put aside your hate and mongering against Khazars and anti-Jesus assaults, etc.  If you come into understanding and KNOWING OF GOD YOU HAVE IT ALL!  Physical Man has set up the scheme to suit his own needs in the attainment of power over other Men--for he cannot gain power over that which he desires--GOD AND/OR NATURE CREATION.  He can destroy and tear away at the fragments of both--but he cannot even begin to touch the being of God nor of the Creation in balance and total order.  He can only wreak havoc among the ones and spaces of his intimate little tiny segment of experience.


Let us close this segment for it is quite a heavy load to drag until it can be sorted.  Blessings upon ye ones who come into Truth.  Saalome'.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, May 7, 1996, Volume 13, Number 1, Pages 13-16.