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The Search For Understanding

4/27/92    SANANDA

Greetings precious little dove, Druthea.  I AM Sananda.  I come in service to Holy God Creator of Light and Life.  I come as promised to bring instructions for Our Creator's you my brethren on Earth Shan.  I am not yet upon your place, although I have come holographically to many ones.  My time of gathering God's lambs is near as We of God's Hosts gather to make preparations for the "new time".  Our mission is TRUTH through THE WORD that each ONE of you may be allowed to choose to balance the imbalances within selves and return to living in harmony within the Laws of God and Creation.

We neither will force, nor coerce--we offer.  You may choose to deny God and His Hosts and The WORD, but that denial, whether it be in ignorance or deliberate, will not change the Truth of it.  The consequences of defying God's Laws are all about you.  Only KNOWLEDGE will set you free from the errors and limitations which you each have put upon selves.

What is the CRUCIAL knowledge, you may ask?  KNOWING how to GIVE equally in ALL of your transactions and interactions with one another and this beloved planet.  Recognizing your testers and your enemies and refusing them power OVER your divine GODLINESS within--KNOWING THE LAWS of Balance and LIVING them each moment--HONORING SELF and ALL within CREATION equally--Understanding the processes of God and Nature and what YOUR responsibility is to Our Creator and His Creations--Understanding The Law of ONE, the giving principle of LOVE which is LIGHT in its highest form, so that you may fulfill your portion as Co-creator in honor, integrity, and balance.

As you consciously live the WILL of GOD, you are "fine-tuning" you frequency so that when the lessons and tests are accepted and understood and the knowledge gleaned from them, you are NEVER destined to repeat an error against the Love principle in the same manner, for it simply will not occur to you to do so.  This does not imply innocence as such, which is the case with newer, evolving soul fragments.  It is knowledge that opens the door to higher awareness, which inspires you to experience a higher merging with our Creator.  This, in turn, creates the DESIRE within you to KNOW and LIVE experiences which allow you the opportunity to GIVE more LOVE which is LIGHT.

Chelas, there is NO greater ecstasy than that of GIVING all that you are in pure LOVE intent and have it accepted graciously and then to witness the transformation in the one or ones who have become inspired by your giving.  This is what is meant on your place by the cliché "Making a difference".

This is why I, Sananda, and Commander Hatonn and ALL of the rest of God's Hosts are assisting Our Father.  We are compelled and deeply inspired within by this tremendous opportunity to inspire as many of you as we can.  None of us, and that includes you of God's lighted workers ON Earth, would be doing this work unless we had earned this opportunity and commitment toward giving ALL that we have become to our "younger" relatives (fragments of God) who have been lost in spiritual poverty and ignorance and who with outstretched arms are calling to God for LIGHT and TRUTH that they may be freed.


And yes, Druthea, my sister, we are excited as are you ones.  Your excitement is becoming apparent to many of you ones now, as you become free from the shackles of FEAR by KNOWING and accepting your personal mission and part in this grand play of Creation.  You ones KNOW and FEEL the time is at hand and you really want to "give it all you've got" that you experience the fulfillment of PERSONAL BEST in HONOR to our Creator Source.  Simple, yes and TRUE!

I would like to give honor and suggestion of viewing of a most splendid film which Dru has recently witnessed and has inquired about.  It is called "City of Joy" and yes, chela, it most beautifully presents a smaller play of this bigger one in which you live within.  It is about transformation, conquering fear and the meaning of life.  And one young actor in the film has experienced his own personal transformation and sense of fulfillment because of living this film.  Yes, a few meaningful films do get produced.  God does not leave you who call to Him.  He tends to every fragment who allows His tending.  So be it.

Thank you, Dru, for your service and for sitting with us today.  The road has been particularly difficult of late, I know.  I also KNOW that you, precious, are understanding your lessons and responsibility much more thoroughly than YOU think.  And so it is for all of you.  The way is becoming clear and the moments of sorrow do pass as understanding is gleaned and responsibility accepted.  I cherish EACH one of you of my brethren.  I honor you for the task which you have chosen contains so many illusions of confusion and distraction, and yet EVERY one of you has been gifted with the INNER POWER, DESIRE and STRENGTH to work through EVERY lesson and testing presented and to achieve KNOWLEDGE and FULFILL YOUR MISSION AND PURPOSE.  You will do it!  For GOD WINS and those who live with Godly intent are blessed indeed, for yours is the glory and freedom of conquering Self-EGO and KNOWING GOD.

Be gentle with selves and one another, my precious chelas, for tempers run short, and frustration is high when FEAR and CONFUSION are allowed within your space.  The adversary waits for any chance to influence discord.  Be ever watchful of your intent and keep your shields intact.  Be tolerant and communicate in honesty and ALL perceived differences will be no more.  You are doing well.  Petition for clarification and then wait for your instructions.  God's delays are not God's denials.  I AM Sananda.  One with GOD of LIGHT.  Salu.


Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, May 5, 1992, Volume 9, Number 3, Pages 23-24

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.