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Choices Of The Final Hours


Esu present in Light, which I AM.  I come with the Hosts of God.

Many are the false prophets and many are the deceivers.  It was written that in the End Times many would come saying they are me.  If one says to thee, "I have seen him; he is here" or " He is there", believe not that one, for they speak falsely.  I am NOT upon thine place at this time.  Ones may have visions and, indeed, this is a different matter entirely.  I dwell NOT upon your planet at this time.

"But Master, how may we KNOW the true from the false--how may we know the ones who deceive?"  I tell thee that most are the deceivers, for the Bringers of Truth are very few and far between.  And so it has always been.  Ye must measure the words spoken AS TRUTH, presented as GODLY, against the very LAWS OF GOD which have been given unto thee.

Ye may ignore them if ye choose but each souled being is birthed with the KNOWING within of that which is right and that which is wrong.  No amount of debate or argument or discussion or marching or stamping of feet will change one title, one word, one meaning therein.  Ye have been given these LAWS OF CONDUCT to serve as thine Infinite Guide for Balanced Living Within The Creation.

Pain and suffering have been man's plight for lo the eons of time.  Thine Elder Brothers have come forth at this time to cause the awakening, to cause you to remember who ye are and from whenst ye come.

Ye are Godly beings.  Ye are LIGHT BEINGS--fragments of Creator--Godly within each (souled) being--the very spark of life itself.  And the LIGHT KNOWS.

Ye may cheat, steal, pass new laws and continue to wallow in the gutter of sexual gratification and ye shall only have SELF TO ANSWER TO.  Will thy willful ways prove to be worth it in the final analysis?  Why cast ye aside the very words of Truth which are sent forth that man may know the consequences of his actions?

How think ye that I, Esu, Jmmanuel died on a cross for your sins?  I did not die--for there is no death.  And further, each individual soul is responsible for each and every thought, word, and deed.  How could it be otherwise from a God of Infinite Wisdom?

Ye continually seek to limit the very God ye profess to follow.  Ye plead and beg for answers and when the answers shower over thee, ye cast them aside as false.  Would God of LIGHT--THINE FATHER--not answer your calls for help?  Would He leave His children in darkness when they scream out for LIGHT?  God has heard thine calls and the answers are before thee.  RETURN TO THE LAWS OF GOD WHILE THERE IS YET TIME, FOR THE HOUR OF MY RETURN DRAWS NIGH.

Even I do not know the exact hour of my return, but I may tell thee, with assurity, that in these years before thee, ye shall see the Celestial Sons of God--and they are LIGHT BEINGS.  They have come as thine great benefactors in answer to that which you seek.  Cast not aside the life ring for there may not be another.

The choices before man are his alone to make, but the hour grows most critical indeed and it would behoove each to carefully be about the business of putting thine affairs in order and walking the Godly path in Light--for the adversarial path in opposition to God's LAWS will only bring ruin upon thine heads.

Man is free to choose as he will.  Ye are in the infant stages of development.  The teachers sent of God await thine decisions that the greater learning may proceed.

Will ye heed the call?  We shall see.

Salu.  I AM Sananda.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, September 7, 1993, Volume 2, Number 11, Pages 21-22.