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Think NOT THAT YOU would not be given the roadmap back to the stars?  Creator promised you Truth so that you might discern the path.  See the evil for that which it is, change of the thoughtform and you can create freedom and that which is your rightful heritage.  You are trapped by the lie and yet you need only to cast off your bindings.  The word of Truth shall set you free.  There is wondrous solace, tremendous power and ultimate victory in simply refusing to be deceived.  For if enough of you ask passage the ship shall be sent.  United you will stand but divided you are falling and the purpose has been to turn brother against brother and strip you of your strength.

Reach out unto your brother; refuse to accept that which is told to you without discernment of self truth.  Carefully look at all facets and find wisdom.  Rise above your physical fears and terrors and come again into LIFE.  You have become a humanity of bored, terrified and Truth starved people.  Stand up, learn the truth, take the brother’s hand and refuse to accept the lie.  It is time to birth the Phoenix unto a renewed cycle--will you but sit and wither in the flames and fall into the ashes?  You have but to ask and reach out unto my offered hand for I know the way.  –I AM SANANDA

Phoenix Journal #11,  Cry of the Phoenix - Chapter 15.