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Sananda present that we might continue in our narrative regarding the dark side of existence. I would say at onset, that it is most unfortunate that man can go even beyond that which is acceptable unto Lucifer in heinous activity. It goes well beyond “good” or “bad”; evil can reach into those activities which even pulls Lucifer into rebellion, and has done so. You will find, if you could but see into these invisible dimensions, that there are millions of humans acting in such vile manner that they are not desired by the dark brotherhood, either. Just as things are done “IN THE NAME OF CHRIST”, likewise things are done “IN THE NAME OF SATAN” which go beyond that which is relative or acceptable to Satan. The “balance” is so far shifted that the evil which feeds upon itself moves beyond definition. FOR THIS REASON ARE WE WRITING THIS JOUR­NAL. THIS HORRENDOUS TREND SHALL REACH INTO AND WITHIN ALL BEINGNESS AND BLIGHT THE SENSES OF MAN. FURTHER, IT IS SO INSIDIOUS THAT IT WILL GAIN SUCH MOMENTUM WHILE PROTECTED UNDER YOUR OWN CON­STITUTION THAT MAN IN MASS WILL BE STAG­GERED BY SATANIC PRESENCE.


Phoenix Journal 9 - "Satan's Drummers", Chapter 5,  page 27.'s_Drummers%20_PDF.pdf