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6/19/93   SANANDA

Let us begin.  I AM Sananda and I come in LIGHT, which is ALL.  I come in Service unto Holy God, ATON OF LIGHT!

Heed well the lessons given forth on Light for therein lies your freedom from all darkness and confusion.  Only by learning The Truth of it may you crawl forth from the quagmire of ignorance into the glory of full comprehension.  Your manifested world is but an illusion, a stage upon which man must learn his lessons; a classroom.  The time for higher learning is upon you and we shall soon see who is ready to receive such instruction.  It would seem that few indeed are yet ready to release their ignorance for knowledge.

The senses continually trap man and so he struggles.  The sins (falling short) of avarice, greed, lust, and jealousy, continue to keep man BOUND. The shackles that bind man are of his own making.  GOD offers freedom, LIGHT, UNDERSTANDING, KNOWLEDGE, and WISDOM.  GOD OFFERS GLORY TO ALL WHO WILL TAKE THE BATON AND CARRY IT FORTH WITH HONOR!

Man is starving unto death for spiritual fulfillment, for the lies as given forth in the church houses leave man longing.  The televisions have the masses of man in the United States of America, the chosen lamp unto the world, mesmerized into a stupor, a catatonic state in which inquiry becomes a dirty word.  Questioning is deadened within man, in his hypnotized, mind-controlled state of flattened perception.  AWAKE!  AWAKE!  AWAKE!  THE TIME OF GOD IS AT HAND!  AWAKE!

Those who walk with God in service are trampled and slain.  They are hidden in the darkened corners of imprisonment and denounced as false prophets.  They are used, abused in all manner of ways, put upon, taken for granted and then tossed aside like a used rag for discarding.  I tell thee surely, those who abuse my servants shall feel the return of such actions and the pain of the return shall be great indeed.  So be it for such is the way of it.  It is the LAW: that which is put forth RETURNS UNTO THEE, MULTIPLIED.  IT HAS BEEN SAID TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME AND STILL MAN SPEWS FORTH HIS VENOM AND CARES NOT.  TOO LATE WISE MAN SHALL CARE.

My beloved are downtrodden.  The victory seems to be ever in the adversary's corner.  Nay, beloved, the victory is in the heavens and it shall be thine!  HOLD IT IN YOUR HEARTS, BELOVED OF MINE, FOR IT SHALL BE THUS.

When it seems that you may walk not another step, ask of me and I shall carry thee!  Ye must ask of God for the fortitude to continue unbending in the face of the attacks, for fortitude is one of the virtues for which man must strive.  Will you stay the course?  Will you turn aside?  Who will walk in the garden with me?  Think well on these things for they are worthy.

Remember beloved, the hour is darkest before the dawn. In the dawn of LIGHT is the glory of GOD.  Listen well to HIS STILL VOICE AND THE WAY SHALL BE SHOWN.  YEA, THOUGH YOU WALK THROUGH THE VALLEY OF SHADOWS, I AM WITH THEE.  TAKE MINE HAND AND WE SHALL WALK TOGETHER.

Blessings, Thomas, thank you.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, June 22, 1993, Volume 1, Number 13, Page 26.