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Aug. 8, 2018



SUNDAY, JANUARY 7, 1990  7:00 A.M.  YEAR 3, DAY 144

Sananda present, Dharma, to respond to an inquiry regarding inconsistency in my birthing dates--- will the “real” Sananda stand up, please!  Ah, yes, twenty questions; you ones are filled with questions around which the world turns.  My birth date is no consequence whatsoever but I shall set the one to rights as regards your doctrine basics.

In the Journals there will be a recognized discrepancy.  In one it gives all the nice UNIVERSAL symbols and in another it refers “in your counting, 22”---- both recognized as what you call your late summer month of August (the 8th month).  I actually took residency in a “body” on 8,8,8 B.C. --they didn’t improve the counting system until you reached “perfection” in your later centuries and besides, no one cared much.  The records were not put to any format other than scraps of scrolls, etc., until some 300 years after I had come and gone---like most people’s bookkeeping---and dates and times were reconstructed as best they could be and altered to suit the occasion.  [End Quoting]