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3/27/93   SANANDA


Greetings, my child.  I am Sananda, the one and same that you were taught to call Jesus Christ. Though this is not my name, and never was, labels matter very little for we are all but different patterns of energy and, however you call upon me, when the thought is of that energy pattern by which you know me, I shall answer.  I have been known by thousands of titles, and called upon by millions, yet I hear each by the love that is in the heart.  I care little about that which is displayed on the outside for it is but the illusion of the experience and the true identity and nature of the individual lies within the spirit of each; I answer the voice that calls from the intent of the heart.  There is not one upon the planet whom I cannot hear and speak with for I have the agape love for each and every one, be they man, woman or child; black, white, yellow or red.


I now sit in the position as Supreme Commander of this mission, Project Earth Transition, and I serve in this position because I have the responsibility of preserving the remnant from your place who serve the true and Holy God of Light.  I come at this time with my Host to complete this most important mission for you are in the time upon Earth that I spoke of so many times in the past, when I was here before, nearly two thousand years ago.  I promised then that I would return, and I have kept that promise unto you.


The message that I want to bring to you this day is so very important to you ones at this time.  You find yourselves having entered a new stage of this mission, now, and new phases bring about new directions.  The goal has not changed, yet it is time that you move forward in your own development.  You have spent the last several years reaching out from that little location, bringing the remnant together, getting the teachings and the word out to the masses, and you have done well and accomplished much amid the troubles and attacks hurled at you by the Adversary.  We told you that you would be victorious, and by all counting, the victory has been won, though at times you may have doubted that it would be so.

There was but one thing that brought you through to this point, and that is FAITH.  Without that faith you could not have gone on as you did in the face of adversity for you have struggled against much.  Yet, through these struggles, you have grown stronger and much wiser.  It was necessary that these things be experienced by you for, without the adversity, you would not have had the fire needed to continue.  Many have come and gone from your midst in these past years and for many you still grieve their departing.  Yet, you must know that even these experiences have caused each of you to grow and develop wisdom.  It has always been the way of man to learn best from that which he has experienced, be it good or bad by standards.  Many of you have lost much in the way of material possessions, but even this was necessary for in the loss came greater rewards--not that of greater material things, but greater level of faith in trusting God.  For you are learning that there is but one absolute and unchanging thing in the Universe and that is Creator God--always the same, yesterday, today and forever.  The cycle is eternal, and you are an integral part of that cycle.

Through these experiences of the past, you have learned that you are responsible for that which you create and that you have the power and ability to create and manifest whatever you desire.  Every thought and every word that issues forth from you creates that of which you speak or think.  Every desire of the heart shall be made manifest unto you so it is important that each thought be guarded and each word spoken be judged before it is issued forth.  For, you see, the judgment comes from self as you create and manifest your own reality about you, and only you have the power over your own destiny.


Many of you have become very aware of why you are here during this time and that you did the choosing before entering into this present life experience.  You knew that you were coming for this exact purpose, just as I knew what my purpose was prior to coming into the life here two thousand years ago.  But, just as you, it took several years of that life before I came to a conscious realization of the knowledge.  In the same way, many of you have been searching for many years and have now finally had conscious realization of your purpose.  Others are still searching, and there are still a small number which shall awaken in their hearts.

Through your religions, you have been taught many falsehoods about my life and about my purpose and about my true identity.  One of the purposes of this mission was to bring unto the world the Truth about man's relationship to Creator, and my relationship to the world.  The Truth has been told and has been offered to all, without any prejudice whatsoever.  A few have heard--more have rejected the Truth.  There is great sadness over the number that have chosen to ignore the Truth and continue their journey into the darkness.  Yet, it is the path that they have chosen for selves and no one can change their choices save themselves.

So, it is good to grieve for a period of time but then you must take your attention from the dead and attend to the living, for it is these that shall be the remnant that shall be brought through the tribulation and on into the promised glory of the New Earth and into the Age of the Light.

As you grow ever nearer to that Light, you are beginning to see the process of manifestation speeding up.  You will find that the law of return is fulfilling in a shorter period of time, and this is because of your approach to the transition.  Once into the Light, the manifestation shall be instantaneous.  In other words, every thought and every word shall be fulfilled immediately, even before the words or thoughts have been completed.  And this process will take place without any effort on your part for it is completely natural for you as you are also a part of the Creation and therefore possess the creative abilities.


Now, a large part of your new direction will be the learning process of creative thinking and creative living.  As you learn, you will begin to find that the process of manifestation is more natural than you could have ever imagined.  But, as with all things, there comes with this a greater degree of responsibility.  Remember, to whom much is given, much is required.  You are still experiencing in the heavier dimension which is still under the strong influence of the darkness and, for this reason, it can be very seductive to utilize this ability for all the wrong reasons--personal gain, lust, greed and the like.  It is also very tempting to utilize the abilities to gain control over others.  So, in this manner, you must guard yourself and be ever vigilant, for usurping another's free will is known as witchcraft and this is against the law of God and shall be judged as such.  Many of you have, in the past, had this ability before and have misused it.  That is why you are here at this time, participating in this mission, and it is part of your personal learning process.

Did I not speak unto you, that all the things that I have done you shall do--and even greater things shall you do because I have gone unto my Father?  My precious children, you shall do greater things than what I did in my journey upon Earth for you are experiencing in the greatest of all the ages and you have so many wonderful opportunities before you.


The world as you know it is about to crumble and fall apart.  All your nations are in turmoil and nearly all your leaders are corrupt.  Your money is all but worthless, your air and your water are poisoned.  You have weapons capable of destroying every bit of life on the planet.  Your world is experiencing upheavals of every kind from earthquakes to strange weather anomalies, diseases of the most hideous kinds, wars and famine.


And, you were told that all these things would be the precursor to my return and that out of all the masses a remnant would be saved.  Many are awaiting my return but shall miss it because they will not believe that I could possibly return in a space ship and will turn away, believing that I am their adversary because of the means of transportation that I offer.  This is part of the strong deception that you were warned of.  Many have been deceived by those who wanted control over others, and for this they shall have to answer to God for the lives of all those that turn away from me because of the lie shall rest upon their heads.

But let us go forward and continue and complete this mission so that each of you who serve God, Wakan Tanka, may return to your true roots and rejoin you family who await you.  It is with deepest honor and love that we hold each and every one of you.  God in love and in peace.


Source: CONTACT - THE PHOENIX PROJECT, March 30,1993, Volume 1, Number 1.