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8/7/93  #1   ESU "JESUS" SANANDA


Peace, Thomas, let us begin.  I AM Sananda present in Radiance.

Ye ones in Service unto The Father must always remember to KNOW THINE ENEMY!  Thine enemy, the adversary of LIGHT, has always sought to TRAP thee--it never changes, the approach remains the same, yea unto the present day.  The adversary always will use words of honey, promises of money or power or gold, will suck ye in and then pull the rug.  Woe to the adversary of LIGHT who attempts to trap mine workers for he shall be trapped in a web of his own creation.  So be it and so it is.

In the days of olden times when I walked your place, ones would come to me, always in the testing. What think ye of this, of that?  Those who sought the TRUTH OF THE WORD IN SINCERITY FOUND THAT WHICH THEY HAD BEEN SEEKING AND WERE GREATLY BLESSED.  I HOLD THEIR NAMES!  Then there were the ones SENT TO TRAP ME!  Ah, I could see them coming a mile away, as ye ones like to say.  It was often as the cat with the mouse.  But, chelas, the adversary's game is most serious indeed.  The adversary knows no truth, knows no honor--the adversary knows only lies, deception and shall know the blackness that accompanies the absence of ATON'S LIGHT.  THIS IS SIMPLY THE WAY IT SHALL BE, CHELAS, FOR IT HAS LONG BEEN DECREED THAT NO EVIL WILL BE BROUGHT INTO THE PLACES OF GOD.

You see, beloved, in the olden times when one was sent to trap me for speaking out against the rules of the church of against the local customs which sought to further repress man in ignorance, I would further speak TRUTH openly in answer to any inquiry.  MANY WERE THE ONES WHO CAME INTO GOD'S SERVICE WHO, UPON HEARING TRUTH, CHANGED DIRECTION FROM EVIL AND DECIDED TO SERVE GOD AND LIGHT AND LIFE!  This is one reason why The Father says, Judge Not!  Blessed are God's workers who have listened and heard and changed direction away from the adversary of LIGHT toward GOD!  Blessed are the workers in mine service who offer protection unto mine workers; I hold thine names and I stand to shield thee!


Times are hard, beloved, if ye see a brother or a sister without shoes and ye have five pair, will ye offer one that they may walk?  If ye see thine brother or thine sister lying upon the street with nothing but the sidewalk for padding and warmth and your bed has five blankets, will ye offer one that they may LIVE?  THAT WHICH YE DO UNTO THE LEAST OF MINE YE HAVE DONE UNTO ME--SO, TOO, YE DON'T KNOW, THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS!

Ye can never know the measure of a man (or woman) by appearances--ye may not see soul intent at a glance--it is only through extended observation of action that intent may become known, but in the day-to-day be most careful who ye would rudely pass over for ye may have passed over my most beloved worker--PONDER IT!

It was not so different two thousand years past.  Ones would come to me to be healed and they were healed for, within GOD, all is possible and GOD freely gives and regives.  People sought magic, then as now.  When they heard that the very core of living must be reexamined and followed responsibly, they fell away rapidly--thinking the path was too difficult and unreasonable.  Beloved, God is REASON--God is LIGHT--GOD IS!

Blessed are those who recognize the wisdom that is placed before them that they may come closer to God's LIGHT!

Ye are either with Me or ye are against Me, thus saith The Father; thus saith I, Sananda.  Who will stand with me?

May ye walk in peace and in the LIGHT of KNOWING!


I AM Sananda


[Editor's note: Sananda has one final message for this issue of CONTACT on page 81.]


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, August 10, 1993, Volume 2, Number 7, Pages 59-60.
Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.