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[Editor's note: The following series of writings were scribed by "Thomas" during a long week's rest and rejuvenation communing, mostly in a very rustic and isolated setting, with Nature's beauty and wonders.  However, there were occasional interruptions by elements of so-called civilization who make one wonder why such bizarre beings even bother to go out to where there's otherwise generally peace and quiet.  Considering the overcrowding in "the great outdoors" these days, you may have come across the same "throwback" types on your own camping trips and thus can understand the writing interruptions below.]


7/27/93  #1   ESU "JESUS" SANANDA

Let us begin please, Thomas.  I Am Sananda and I come in Radiance and Service unto God of LIGHT, ATON, and THE CREATION.

There is naught but balance in the Heavens, for in the realms where we dwell there is but LIGHT in the perfection of God's thought projection.  Would that man could come to know and understand those things, these truths which are sought to be banned from man's eyes, man's KNOWING.  It shall not be for in the Perfection of God's thought projection the manifestation of the TRUTH will once again emerge with greater clarity for ALL to SEE.  You cannot conceal the LIGHT for it penetrates the darkness wherever it is.  Darkness shrinks from the LIGHT, it withers and cowers as the servants of Satan himself wither and cower in the Presence of the Godly People.

Dearly beloved, open thine hearts that ye may enter into KNOWING.  KNOWING is not an abstraction, an idea which remains out of thine reach, never to be attained.  NAY!  It is there before thee--take it!  It is yours, it is the gift of life itself for in the KNOWING GOD IS.  The Kingdom of God is within thee--you need not seek counsel of others for they are but lost and frightened souls stumbling in the dark.  Seek ye the counsel of GOD, none other!  If ye find God in the scribing of one or the other then it shall stand the tests which must be used to measure True Teaching.  Many are the false prophets of this time and woe to those who seek counsel of false prophets--for Thine Father has decreed THOU SHALL HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME and in this take heed.  So be it.

Ye must seek the knowledge and the wisdom that actions will allow survival during the tribulation at hand.  Ye have been given the roadmap, nay, you have been given the Keys to the Kingdom!  The answer, beloved, is LIGHT itself!

Your understanding and perceptions are yet so limited by the dimension in which ye find yourselves that it is all but impossible to break free to the greater Truth.  Embrace KNOWING and ye shall know GOD.  GOD freely offers all to those who seek in earnestness.  God KNOWS all about all for each and all are His own Creation.  Can the created hide something which originated in the MIND OF GOD?  GOD IS!  Seek ye the Kingdom of Heaven and it is yours!  Wallow not longer in the places of darkness where the physical but further binds thee to that dimension.  There are infinite Universes to explore.  The Kingdom of God has many mansions, INFINITE!  Remove yourselves from the world of men at thine SOUL LEVEL--for in this transition it is the soul growth through thine works that shall be judged.

Embrace the world and you become bound to it.  Ye may be in the world yet not of it.  In this is great wisdom.  It is up to each that which they will do or not do.  The LAWS as given unto man are for BALANCE in your world.  They are not to be negotiated or discussed, they ARE!  Now and Forever more!  Have your loose sexual mores brought you satisfaction or pain, confusion, guilt and suffering?  God does not want His Creations to suffer.  God wants His Creations to learn and grow and live abundantly in BALANCE AND HARMONY WITHIN THE LAW.  Is that so unreasonable?  Is your world gone so awry that such LAWS could even be considered unreasonable?  It is indeed sad to watch the endless wheel of life through the cycles.  Ye are entering the greatest transition this planet has ever known and what ye think, what ye do, and what you don't do will be measured at that final day of judgment between you and God alone, none other, no excuses, no masks, no place to hide.  PONDER IT, CHELAS!

Ye are the Be Here Now generation, lost in the moment's temptation that allures you to seek its fulfillment while leaving ye empty and sorrowful.  Take stock!  Pick up thineselves and LEARN from your MISTAKES.  That is why the experiences present themselves to you--for learning.  Classroom Earth, remember?  How many have been sent back in grades, time and again, for their willful defiance?  Time is running out, chelas.  This transition means SORTING TIME!

What that means--so few wish to face this one head on--is that God's people will be with God in LIGHT and BALANCE and those of the adversary will be in the VOIDANCE, absent God, which means, beloved, WITHOUT LIGHT!  By any definition of the term, in your perception, that means HELL.  What do you suppose awaits those beings?  Not a pretty picture, is it?  Aton and I, Sananda, come with the Hosts.  Who among you will join us?

Please, please do not misunderstand that which I am saying unto you.  Do not stop that which ye are doing on that place--ye must work toward the goal, ALWAYS.  BE IN THE KNOWING OF GOD'S VICTORY AND LET THIS BE THINE SOLACE.  Put your hands to the task before thee--for NO JOB IS GREATER THAN ANOTHER--ONLY DIFFERENT.  If you think ye have but a small part, an insignificant role, KNOW that there is no way for you to judge the import or value of your experience.  Ye are in among the trees; how expect ye to see the forest?  Know that each is connected to all; all fragments of God have their purpose in the greater tapestry of life's design.  The tapestry would be incomplete without your individual thread!

Let it be well with those of God.  God's people know no religion; they are LIGHTED BEINGS WHO KNOW THEIR DIRECT CONNECTION TO GOD OF LIGHT-SOURCE.  There need not be definitions which only seek to further limit and confine man's perceptions.  It is the knowledge of God's Thought projection of LIGHT which shall free man, for therein lie the answers ye seek.

Turn not away from wisdom if ye not understand it--read and learn and ask for UNDERSTANDING, PERCEPTION, AND WISDOM and it shall be opened unto thee!  If ye read not of the TRUTH OF LIGHT because it is too difficult or this or that or the other, then ye have once again limited your own potential for growth within God's Kingdom.  It shall be shown to you in time--the information must be in the computer before it can be accessed!  Ponder it!

Oh, there is much we mean to bring if man will but listen.  We shall bring THE WORD, for it was the promise of GOD that it be so, and GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES!  The hearing of man shall either become much more finely attuned to God or the frequencies upon your place will simply drive men mad.  Once again, the choices lie with the intent of each as individuals.

Bring this to a close and we shall resume in the morning hours, Thomas.  Thank you.

I Am Sananda


7/28/93  #1   ESU "JESUS" SANANDA

Yes, Thomas, I know it is early but this is the time wherein we are given to work in the quiet solitude.  Let us always remember to be grateful for the blessings as they come.  There is plenty of time to catch up on your rest later in the day when the activities and the sounds of life carry on.  For now, however, we are given to write.

I Am Sananda and, indeed, I come in Radiance to LIGHT the path afore thee.  I come in Service unto God and I come with The Hosts of God during these final days so long prophesied regarding your planet.

How many will be caught unaware, UNKNOWING?  As even you, Thomas, browse through the myriad of journals and publications that are available to man at this time in all manner of subject areas and presentations, how can one sort the true from the false?  Ah, it is by the intent of each that the way is opened.  It is no accident when ones stumble upon a CONTACT, for example.  Ones are drawn by their inner intent to come into KNOWLEDGE.

Coming into KNOWLEDGE is not something which should be avoided, beloved, it is something that should be sought with a passion, an unquenchable thirst.  Yet the day-to-day life ever keeps man caught up within that which only affects him and the small world therein.  There is so much more before thee if you will but open thine eyes.  Once there is KNOWING, there is no going back to ignorance.  Knowing carries with it responsibility and it is THIS that people shrink from.

[Scribe fell back to sleep.]


7/28/93  #2   ESU "JESUS" SANANDA

Peace, Thomas, I am never far from thee.  Sananda present in Radiance and in Service unto God of Light, Aton.

Let it be well with thee that we may now take the time needed to put thoughts to paper which have long awaited the expression.

Blessed be those whose eyes gaze upon these words for they be blessed of the Father, so be it.

In those days long gone by, I walked as Jmmanuel, Esu to many.  I did not die upon the cross as all would have you believe.  Nay, I was taken from the cross prior to my departure from that place as I fell into a deep coma.  From this I was aided by trusted friends of the Brotherhood of Light, if this be a term with which you may find particular meaning.

They were not from that place, but rather, were sent of the Father to assist in my renewal that the second phase of my mission be started.  Great was the anger in the Heavens upon the day I was put on the cross.  Gabriel was my beloved Father and his anger knew no bounds.  I care not what you have been taught, I tell thee the WAY IT WAS AND THE WAY IT IS.

Mary, my mother, and Judas, my trusted and beloved friend, and Joseph, each stood near to assist in my final recovery.

After the appearances to the disciples of which much has been written, I gave instructions to each to spread THE WORD throughout the land.  I instructed Thomas to go ahead to the land of India where I had been well taught in my earlier years by beloved monks well trained in various disciplines and schools of thought.  I lingered at Himis monastery, among several others. But this is not a discussion of those early years, but rather, the later years of which little, in truth, is known.

I, Jmmanuel, Mary, my mother, Joseph, and Judas did travel to the land of Pakistan.  The road was dry and hot, the journey long. We traveled with others--not a caravan, really, but perhaps it would be easiest for you to understand it in those terms.  We were fleeing persecution in a land where ignorance prevailed and customs were based on rituals and false beliefs.  How unlike this day was that?

We traveled quietly and spoke little until we knew we had traveled a great enough distance.  In those times common trade routes were used by merchants in the exchange of goods, and word traveled rapidly indeed from province to province.  So it would have been most foolish indeed to make pronouncements early on in the journey.  Indeed, it would have proven fatal for all.  It was a dark time for the bringers of The Word of God--for man, then as now, had his ears filled and did not wish to hear God's message of Balance and Love within The Creation.

Fear ate at man's insides like an open sore which festered to infection.  Ones were killed by stoning for trivial matters--sad indeed was the lot of man and thus was it said in two times a thousand years the Word will be brought forth again that man might know, that man may make his own determination about his placement within God's Kingdom.  Little has changed, beloved and faithful servants, little has changed.

Let us pick this up when things quiet down.

[Editor's note: For more insight and detailed information on His life and times when here almost 2000 years ago, see JOURNAL #2 called AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL--I AM SANANDA.]


7/28/93  #3   ESU "JESUS" SANANDA

Sananda present to continue.  I come in Light.

In the present times in which you find yourselves, transportation is easy--one place to another may be traveled with relative ease. During the time of two thousand years past, the journeys were by foot!  Upon occasion, when Fortune shown upon our journeys, we were gifted to ride on a mule or a camel, but this was not often the case.  Mostly we walked!  There were not places of convenience along the path wherein we could just stop and freshen up.  Often the journeys took weeks, even months, traveling with what was needed for the occasion.

There was little need or desire for discussion on these treks because all available energy was focused upon the effort of the journey itself.  It was only in the evening and early morning hours that discussion would take place.

Great bonds of friendship developed on these long journeys, for each depended upon the other for safety and protection.  Blessed are the beings who assisted my beloved on the journeys to far and away places.  Their names are written in the Sacred Places of honor.


7/28/93  #4   ESU "JESUS" SANANDA

What I mean to bring to you, Thomas, is the environment in which this remarkable journey occurred; a journey which spanned decades and crossed Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and ended in the high Himalayan Mountains of Kashmir, the beloved "Valley of Peace".

Always it was the same, for when the native people were confronted with their ignorant ways (I did not say stupid, I said ignorant, unknowing of the Laws.  The Truth of God is difficult for many cultures to fathom, for all power has been turned into the hands of the elders or the priests or the rabbis or...or...or.  It is the Kingdom of God within that I taught and teach to this day--for ye are each a fragment of that Magnificent Light and it is that direct connection to Lighted Source that shall reveal that which ye seek.), we were driven from many villages, always narrowly escaping persecution or possible execution.  People did not wish to change their customs which had been long in the making.  Truth bringers have always walked a lonely journey.  Ask John the Baptist!

I continued my preaching to all who would listen.  Many would come to hear my message and many were healed.  Yet, always, those of wealth or power in a given village would plot to imprison me and my beloved friends, and so we often fled under cover of darkness to the next village and the next and the next!


7/30/93  #1   ESU "JESUS" SANANDA

Sananda once again present, Thomas, for in Truth ye are never alone.  I come in LIGHT!  Let it be thine only WAY.

As we sit to pen this hour, your beloved brethren need to discuss matters of the day with a fellow brother, the Parowan Prophet.  I have met often with this one, though he recognizes not my countenance as ye ones.  I tell thee of surety, I have met with this one. He has endured the slings and arrows, and tarries not from his appointed mission.  He is beloved of me.

Ye are most fortunate, Thomas, for the major earthquake was indeed "scheduled" during this time period.  On the coastal regions this would prove most disadvantageous.  Ah, ye are under my protection and I shall see thee through the most difficult of circumstance.  Put thine hands to the task and the rest shall simply take care of itself.  This does not speak to inaction--it speaks to action in thine appointed mission, of which preparation is indeed a significant part.  For none shall do it for another.  Each must tend that which is theirs.  Ye may always offer to assist in lifting thy brother's load, but ye may never walk the road for another, for it is theirs and theirs alone.  Each fragment unto God has their lessons, their own purpose, indeed, their own season and time under Heaven.

It is a serious time.  Thomas witnesses countless lost ones on this journey--homeless, shoeless, wandering souls thinking they are somehow free.  They are the most imprisoned of all for they shall perish knowing not why.  They seek not responsibility for self; they seek, always, that which another has or another can give them.

'Tis sad, for ye are correct, Thomas, they are indeed a lost generation.  So be it, such are the ways of the transition.  Be not saddened, for all ones must come into understanding at their own time or never--as the case may be.  This is the ending-beginning cycle.  Billions will perish before the final bell tolls.  Shed not a tear for the walking dead.  Lift thine head and put thine hands and minds to the task of preparing for LIFE--for indeed it is life everlasting which is the promise of God to man who will walk in the Godly way.  The way has been given unto man and the Laws clearly defined.  Be not fearful but of great courage, for in LIGHT all else matters NOT!  So be it.  Blessings to those with ears to hear.


I Am Sananda

Captain of the Ship

In My Father's Command


7/30/93  #2   ESU "JESUS" SANANDA

May the Light of the Father Shine upon the path ye walk.  Sananda present in His Radiance and in Service.  I come with Hosts of God.  I come with an army and we are prepared to do battle with our adversary who serves not God of LIGHT.  So be it.

Ye ones in Service at this time know not the impact that your work has.  Ye cannot see with thine own eyes the thoughts and the plans which have changed course as a result of The WORD going forth unto man.

Blessed be those workers who toil in mine fields that man might have The WORD.  Woe to any who come against mine workers for they are shielded and I stand between them and any who should come against them.  Woe unto the adversary of LIGHT for his days are numbered.  So be it.  Let those who have ears, hear what is being presented to thee for each may change direction, yea unto the midnight hour.  Woe, woe to those who choose the path of darkness, for only darkness shall be thine experience, filled with pain and sorrow and weeping and wailing--woe, woe to the adversary of Holy God for he shall know DEATH.

Those who choose LIGHT shall know life everlasting, in Balance, TRUTH, and Harmony within God's Laws.  I speak not of sugar plum fairies, I speak of TRUTH!  THE WORD IS!

We from the realms of LIGHT watch as the sorting continues.  The adversary grabs for more and more and more; the masses are lulled to sleep by the siren's song that the adversary brings, and the workers of LIGHT struggle to carry on with their very life-blood being cut off at every side by those evil ones who would stop GOD'S WORD.  GOD'S WORK shall never be stopped!  Hear that which is being said unto thee!

It is time that the building phase begin; Phase II of Operations has begun and the work afore thee shall be tremendous.  Each shall be given the strength they need to do their part and it shall be well with mine workers.  There shall be no turmoil, no strife, for mine ones know what they are about and shall work in silent harmony, one with the other.  Those sent in to bring disorder and derision shall be removed and shall gain no ground, for mine ones are well trained and no one shall enter who shall deceive mine trusted friends.  Let those who have ears, hear that which is being said unto thee!

The adversary has been most smug these years past.  The time of smugness is past, for the path shall be cleared of all obstacles. It has been decreed that the work shall go forth and so it shall be.  I will face mine adversary head-on and he shall feel the sting of mine sword, for the sword of LIGHT cuts deep and there shall be none who stand in the way of God's Plan.  Woe, woe, woe unto those who deceive mine beloved.  Woe to the adversary of LIGHT, for his days are numbered.  So be it and Salu.


8/4/93  #1   ESU "JESUS" SANANDA

Let us put pen to paper, Thomas, and we shall see.  I Am Sananda, present in the Radiance of the Father.  I come in His Service and in Service unto The Creation.  I come in LIGHT, as LIGHT.  Let the TRUTH of THE WORD wash over thee that ye may see and KNOW Freedom.  Freedom rests in the realms where we dwell, for LIGHT is ALL, beloved.

You ones move from one place to another and PERCEIVE THIS ILLUSION OF MOTION as Freedom; nay, there is so very much more to freedom, in TRUTH.  Be not foolish, beloved servants, by casting aside THE WORD that ye perceive ye know already.  Ye do not.  What has the political intrigue and deception to do with anything of GOD?  Chelas, it has everything to do with the world in which ye find yourselves, a world gone awry in the topsy-turvy chaos of your present "perceived" time.  How can ye ever HOPE to KNOW unless ye truly KNOW that which has brought ye to the PRESENT MOMENT?  Think ye that the KNOWLEDGE AND THE KNOWING AND THE WISDOM will simply shower over thee like angel dust?  Come now, TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE require EFFORT, CONSCIOUS EFFORT.  To KNOW YE MUST FIRST DESIRE TO KNOW.  So, too, KNOWING IS NOT AN INTELLECTUAL PROCESS--KNOWING IS!

Let the LIGHT of KNOWING shine on each of my beloved this day as ye walk in Service.  The HOSTS OF GOD stand with thee--what greater company could ye wish for?

I Am Sananda to stand aside.



[Editor's note: The presentation of information by Sananda continues on page 59.]



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, August 10, 1993, Volume 2, Number 7, Pages 59-60.
Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.