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This receiver just learned a very great lesson and was called to task quite sufficiently.  Now I believe that we can sit down and work in earnest.  Thank you, child, for taking the correction so well.

Let me begin by repeating a phrase that I just heard said about myself.  I AM NOT SOME FLOWER-CHILD HIPPIE GOING ABOUT WITH FLOWERS IN MY HAIR, PROFESSING THAT ALL IS BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL.  All is not beautiful and wonderful, for if it were, we would not be needing these words to be written for a planet gone astray.

I am Sananda.  I am One with My Father, Holy God of Light.  I come on behalf of and in service unto My Father, to a world that is in dire need of The Light.  All is not well, and all will continue to degrade until the battle between the Light and the dark has been completed.  So be it.

This receiver was in error, but we have now corrected that.  I do not need, nor want my words filtered and/or flowered up, for my words are My Father's words, and are not up for discussion or filtering.  I can understand why the receiver was trying to filter, for my reputation upon Earth has been one of mostly myth.  Yes, I ministered to the sick and the poor.  But I came to change the world, and in the process of that change, I made many enemies, and was quite unpopular with the controlling powers of that time.

Two thousand years have not changed that, and I am still very unpopular with the controlling powers of the planet, and shall continue to turn over the money changers' tables in My Father's house of prayer.

I did not come to bring peace, but I came to bring TRUTH and LIGHT.  It is not an oxymoronic statement, because there is so much darkness upon the Earth that TRUTH and LIGHT becomes the enemy.  There is every form of perversion and deceit thinkable.

The money changers do inhabit even the houses of prayer, for the majority of the houses of prayer have become social circles for the so-called "elite" and there is very little good coming from any of them.  I can tell you that I would be most unwelcome in the goodly number of them.

There is but a handful of truly spirit-filled, faith abiding, workers of The Light in your world today.  Yet they come from every walk of life and segment of society.

Your big business boast of their multi-cultural programs.  But I tell you that my program is truly multi-cultural, for these ones are from the wealthiest of the wealthy, to the poorest of the poor, yet each of these ones only view one another as children of God--no more, and certainly no less.

TRUTH and LIGHT shall prevail.  But there will also be many who fall by the wayside, for they shall not be willing to truly put down their material possessions and their social standing in order to follow GOD's principles.  I never promised that the good road was the easy one, but I did promise it would have the greatest rewards.  Those rewards can only be appreciated, however, when you have really dedicated your life to GOD, for GOD's rewards do not come in the form of gold and silver or shiny trinkets.  GOD's rewards come in many forms, but the greatest rewards are love, charity, and wisdom.

The love I speak of, however, is not as you ones perceive, for you cannot truly perceive of the purest of love.  That love is not jealous, and it is not deceitful, and it has nothing to do with sexuality or sensuality, as you have been programmed to think.

Pure love is recognizing that each and every thing, be it animal, vegetable, or mineral, all projects from One Source, and that each is no greater, nor any lesser, than is the other, for all is greatness in creation.  And only when you recognize that you are no greater and no lesser, as well, will you even begin to be able to comprehend the fullness of that love.  For only when you love yourself, as an equal part of creation, can you truly begin to love all in the same manner.

True charity comes only after pure love is understood.  Charity is giving not only of money and material possessions, but also giving of yourself--your time, your energy, your wisdom, and your love to any and all forms of creation.

The Earth was not created for you to abuse and destroy, but was created as a beautiful place in which to learn some of the most difficult lessons you shall be faced with.  Some of those lessons deal with recognizing a thing regardless of how insignificant a thing might be, all are important if your world is to remain in its created condition, which was perfection.

Wisdom is achieved when love and charity are understood.  Once you achieve the wisdom, you will have little or no desire for gold or silver or shiny trinkets because you will understand that the greatest rewards are not things you hold in your hands or show off. These rewards will serve in bringing you into the Higher Realms, where gold and silver and pretty trinkets are of no value beyond their intended uses and reasons for creation in the first place.

So, if you choose to chase after only those Earthly treasures, you are indeed short-changing yourself and will never experience the benefit of the greater treasures that are available to you.

As I stated in my previous message [in last week's CONTACT], there shall be a sorting and separating of the wheat from the chaff, and I intend that it will first begin with mine own.  Many are wondering just exactly what I meant by that statement, so allow me to make a clarification at this time.

My desire is that all will come to serve the Father.  However, in that kingdom, there is no place for those who would use the Light of the Father and pretend messages for self gain in any form.

There are those who have found that many in the world are hungry for spiritual truth and wisdom, and have decided it was an easy way of making a name for themselves and/or an easy avenue through which to charge exorbitant fees for ones to come sit and listen to them speaking, presumably for myself or any of the Ascended Masters or Teachers.  These ones are fakers, and liars, and they shall each earn their own just reward.

There are also those who have penned and spoken our words, but the intent of them was for their own agendas and self-aggrandizement.  These shall be dealt with as well.

The Earth is entering into a period of cleansing and purification as it accelerates its pace toward the transition shortly ahead.  That cleansing and purification will touch every one and every thing, and nothing shall be able to hide from or escape it.

Those of you who have been reading and hearing the messages for these past years have a foot up, so to speak, for you have been hearing the messages regarding Truth, and you ones know the difference.  Truth is Truth is Truth, and deceit is deceit. You know the difference, but too many of you have been practicing otherwise.  It is time to stop the lies, because I will require no less or no more of you than I will anyone else.

But those who intend to serve The Light need to be the standard bearers in the days ahead, because you ones are serving as our hands and our mouths for the time being.  If you expect to be told the truth, then YOU must first learn to tell the truth, for like produces like.

For those of you who found my previous writing to sting, then consider that it applies to YOU, and examine what part of the message struck you the hardest.  That will be what you need to examine and work on in your own life.  My words are chosen carefully, and they will "speak" to those who need to hear them.

As you see the winds of change sweep across your world, know that these changes are necessary and all a part of the transitionary process.  Those winds may blow harshly at times, and at other times will bring the gentle cleansing and nourishing rain.  Sometimes that rain will cause a flood, but that too is all part of the transitionary process. The dark forces are battling fiercely with the forces of Light, and that battle only promises to intensify in the coming days.

But in those times when you feel the darkness is all about you and closing in, remember that you are never alone, and you are never farther away than the call--for the call WILL demand an answer, and you shall be answered!  I have come to cause a split in your world--a split between darkness and Light, and the sorting out process has just begun.  It may not always be easy, but I promise you that it shall be worth it.

Now let us get busy, for there is much to be done.  Each of you who reads this and understands and has the purity of heart to serve GOD of Light, GOD of Creation, are the Light bearers in your darkened world.  Do not be afraid to speak that which you have received, but when your words fall on deafened ears and hardened hearts, turn and go your way and find another with whom to share what you have learned.  Allow my Father and me to do the sorting out.

Thank you, each and every one of you whose intent of heart is pure and who selflessly serve The Light in TRUTH.  You are blessed and we are honored by your service.  You ones are cherished and loved, and abundance is yours, if you will but accept it.

I am Esu "Jesus" Sananda, One with the Light of my Father, Holy GOD of Light.




Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR, January 5, 1999, Volume 23, Number 7, Pages 15-16.