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Editor's note: ...Part 1 of this series began in our 3/19/96 CONTACT on p. 28' Part 2 was on p. 29 of the 3/26/96 issue; Part 3 was on p. 15 of the 4/2/96 issue; Part 4 was on p. 5 of the 4/9/96 issue; Part 5 was on p. 11 of the 4/23/96 issue; Part 6 was on p. 13 of the 5/7/96 issue.]


6/13/91 #2    HATONN / SANANDA

In the eternal quest of Man to find Truth, the journey often seems confused and filled with contradictions.  There is only ONE TRUTH but it is presented in as many differing facets as there are energy forms. I, Hatonn, am commissioned to bring unto you, LIGHT.  If I seem harsh and unbending, unwilling to compromise, etc., it is because I am unwilling to "compromise" one iota. You have compromised your people, nations and planet away and bargained and finally sold most of your assets unto you enemy--"devil", I believe you say.

Is it too late to reclaim that which is yours?  No.  Most of you have only bargained the "things" of physical manifestation unto the influence.  Some have forfeited your very souls unto dedicated work for the adversary and some are productions of the adversary himself.  However, that which is YOU has inheritance within which is of God Creator, which allows YOU placement and recovery within The Creation in the Light of that God Creator.  Your inheritance is the true essence of that which is YOU and not of that which runs around in foolish antics and things of flesh physical.  All you have to do to reclaim your birthright in infinity is to turn again unto the Truth and into the Lighted path. THAT is what we are about!  Telling you of the resources available unto you.  None shall have the privilege of "being forced" again within the Light of Truth and KNOWING--so you can't "cop-out".  No other one can do it for you--so you will stand responsible; therefore, ALL we will do regarding individuals is offer you KNOWLEDGE and you will make of the choosing of direction and action.  So be it.  I turn the forum over to Sananda.  Thank you for your attention and blessings upon the WORD--for the WORD IS GOD!


Esu Emmanuel come forth into your presence that we might share communion of mind.  We will speak herein about the deception of the "New Age" and look at "how" you have already been swallowed by same--even while you denounce it or play within its boundaries openly.

I will quote something which strikes home the facts.  It will appear to be an evangelical projection regarding Christians and evil that is to come.  But it is not of that source--it is from a noted pyramidologist/occultist, Peter LeMesurier.  It is a how-to-manual for New Agers and intellectuals in STAGING A SIMULATED SECOND COMING OF CHRIST.  The script as they have written it, if successfully staged, could deceive even the elect.  BEWARE!

"Their script is now written, subject only to last minute editing and stage-directions.  The stage itself, albeit as yet in darkness, is almost ready.  Down in the pit, the subterranean orchestra is already tuning up.  The last-minute walk-on parts are even now being filled.  Most of the main actors, one suspects, have already taken up their roles.  Soon it will be time for them to come on stage, ready for the curtain to rise.  THE TIME FOR ACTION WILL HAVE COME."  From the Armageddon Script, by Peter LeMesurier, St. Martin's Press, 1982, New York; p. 252)

If you ones allow only an exchange of one lie for that of another, you are being even more confused and it is that you continue to look to "another" and "another" for your authority and fortune-telling.  Are all of the predictions of New Age "prophets" incorrect?  I have no idea for I care not to check them out.  I would say that if you make a prediction of when it might snow next winter if you are located in the high mountains--you will hit it right if you give enough days within your prediction--say 365.

Why do I know that there are great errors in the works and projections of one such as LeMesurier?  Because without even looking closely at the "New Age" portion of his writings, he is a studied and learned student of the "Bible".  The Bible gives such erroneous information about my being that I can hardly endorse the whole of it as comprehensive Truth.  Therefore, if he has chosen an incorrect projection deliberately placed to mislead--he cannot be correct in his conclusions.

Now, if you mix a confusion factor with an already confused factor, you end up with chaos of information.

These ones offer, also, A PLAN, which is projected to confuse regarding the Elite PLAN 2000.  Please remember that the mark of proof of a prophet is total coming forth of the projected information.  So let us look at that very book in point.

If his plan--clearly part of what the New Agers call "The Plan"--were executed as written, it might be enough, as I supposedly said, to "deceive the very elect".

What is the proposed agenda that this "subterranean orchestra" is "already tuning up" for "down in the pit?"  It is startling, if nothing else, but obviously is naught but what you call BS.  No amount of placing and replacing, locating and relocating possibilities can make it so.

First, it calls for having the new "messiah" in the Holy Land by 1985.  IT DID NOT HAPPEN, I am still well off-shore.  There was given a "fudge factor" of " later than the arrival of Hailey's Comet in early 1986".

This new leader is to carefully prepare for his role by studying scriptures and Dead Sea Scrolls, current "Jewish" messianic expectations, familiarizing himself with prophecies of other major world religions and "the best in New Age religious thought."  My, my: WHY WOULD GOD NEED TO STUDY UP ON ALL THAT WHICH HAS ALREADY BEEN PROVEN FALSE AND UNWORKABLE--WOULD NOT GOD KNOW OF HIS OWN PURPOSE FOR THE JOURNEY AND COMING?  Why, indeed, would I need to study "current Jewish messianic expectations"?  Those, by definition alone, indicate Khazarian Zionist Mandates and Protocols as within the Talmud.  Note that "Hebrew tradition" is not even included therein.

Then, the science of earthquake prediction would be employed for the remainder of the initial scenario.  LeMesurier, this wondrous leader, then cooly details some of them as follows:

"1.  The restored Messiah must reappear on Jerusalem's Mount of Olives at the time of a great earthquake.

2.  He must enter Jerusalem from the east, escorted by a procession of rejoicing followers dressed in shining white.

3.  Visiting the tomb of his spiritual ancestor, King David, he must emerge in suitably-perfumed royal robes as the great monarch returned.

4.  Supported by a popular rising, he must proceed with his followers to the Temple Mount, there to be enthroned, anointed, and crowned king of the New Israel."

Ah, but you might say: "...surely no thinking person would expect such a program to succeed, given the large number of determined Catholics, Protestants, and skeptical Jewish observers who might give opposition."

To the contrary, this resistance has been carefully calculated--AND DISMISSED!

"The massed forces of the Old Age, however, will be unable to check their headlong onrush.  In large measure they will go on to destroy each other in a massive mutual venting of long pent-up aggression...!"

What sort of a program would be offered to satisfy the spiritual needs of those living under this regime?  As expected, the leader, LeMesurier, rightly notes that it will not be the traditional Christian ones:


"The new mission to the youth of the world, then, will be an international movement dedicated to spreading the already developing ideas and values upon which the New Age is to be founded.  Those ideas and values will not necessarily be the traditional Christian ones----For the wisdoms of all ages and cultures will be called upon to surrender their most precious secrets, and the collective human psyche will add to it yet further wisdoms that have so far never even been expressed.....It is for the soul of man that the New David will have to fight..."

It appears Mr. LeMesurier is well right for the wrong reasons.  Yes, the "wisdoms of all ages and cultures will be called upon.  And they will surrender their most precious secrets."  The Apostle John was clearly shown this in the course of his Patmos Island vision:

"And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the Earth was lightened with his glory.  And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.  For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the Earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the Earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies."  Rev. 18:1-3

Please do not err in thinking this LeMesurier is along; not the following: His books have received the benefit of major publisher support [when the true Word of God is turned away by EVERY major publisher--which tells Truth in itself] both in the U.S. and in places such as England, Germany, etc.  It was a major book club selection in England.  Books revealing the cover-ups and lies, even of earth-bound actions get banned and removed from shelves in stores and libraries--they DO NOT MAKE IT TO BEST SELLER LIST THROUGH THE HANDS OF MAJOR PUBLISHERS WHO ARE WITHIN THE ELITE CONTROL!

Major New Age conferences have been held on this very theme.  One such conference was reported in a matter-of-fact style in September, 1983 New Age JOURNAL.  Appropriately entitled "Facing Apocalypse", it was attended by 125 activists of the Jungian persuasion.  It was organized by Robert Boznak, a Jungian analyst from Sudbury, Massachusetts.  Its premise was that the vision of a cataclysmic ending of the world is itself a menace.  The conference was held in an incredibly elegant hall that formerly served as a millionaire's mansion at Salve Regina College in Newport, Rhode Island.  Some of your better known were in attendance.

I must point out, as well, that the infamous Humanist Manifesto, also carries this very theme.  Look at the preface of Humanist Manifesto II, it states:

"As in 1933, humanists still believe that traditional theism, especially faith in the prayer-hearing God, assumed to love and care for persons, to hear and understand their prayers, and to be able to do something about them, is an unproved and outmoded faith.  Salvation, based on mere affirmation, still appears as harmful, diverting people with false hopes of heaven hereafter.  Reasonable minds look to other means for survival."

Ah so--we call a spade a shovel and speak truth by tainting the intent.  Salvation, based on mere affirmation is as far from the truth as is the manifesto itself in its stupidity.

This is further reinforced within the body of the Manifesto itself: "Promises of immortal salvation or fear of eternal damnation are both illusory and harmful.  They distract humans from present concerns, from self-actualization, and from rectifying social injustices."  So be it--and what does the New Age Movement teach that is different?

Let us look at some interesting projections for I remind you of that which I have said; "...the ending does not need be as projected!"  You are given scenes which cause collective thought which focuses on fulfillment of that which is desired for you to project--to fit the needs of those adversary happenings.

One can easily see where the area of that which is called "Jungian" archetypes and acting out an end-time drama is an area in which occultists, atheists, and agnostic humanists can find common ground.  What mean ye by "humanist"?  You mean a total separation of the "physical human" from the "spiritual reality" and, worse, it is supposedly accomplished through the higher spiritual self; two mutually exclusive states of being in total opposition one to the other.

But let us continue to investigate the confusing mess.  The occultists of all New Age persuasions could easily support such a figure because they believe it is "their Christ" as they define it.  The atheist could participate because he would feel it would contribute to the furthering of human progress on the planet, with people being discharged of their ideas of a coming deity once and for all.  The Humanist could participate because it would further the aims of their manifestos.  In fact, maybe the Humanists and the New Agers are really not so far apart at that!  The 1973 document including Isaac Asimov, Archie Bahm, and Lester R. Brown of the World Watch Institute.  Likewise, the 1933 original Manifesto was not without occultist influence.  Oliver L. Reiser, a Lucis Trust activist, par excellence, appeared as a signer to that original declaration.  This is all tangled up within the New World Order and Global Plan 2000 and One World Government, etc., further projected forth under the United Nations, i.e. Donald Keyes.

Go back a bit now, to your old book of Daniel and see that he warned that the coming world dictator would not come initially with guns.  The angel warned him instead:

"And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honor of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries."  Daniel 11:21.  There are some pretty good and accurate things in those "good old books".

It comes down to the real question being not whether there will be flatteries, but what will they take?  The central "flatter" the anti-Christ and his followers employ is the same as that consistently employed by "Satan" in all past times: "Thou shalt be as gods."  However, it is also evident that he has been courting the intelligentsia by flattering themselves into thinking they can change the course of history--by concerting play-acting a false messiah into his domain.  Daniel was further warned:

"And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits."  Daniel 11:32.

Is it not evident from the context of the Daniel passage that while "Lucifer" is busy inspiring his forces, God will likewise give great strength to his people?


Your good friend, Isaiah, gave some important advice for you ones who perceive yourselves to be "authentic" Christians vs. the "mouth" Christians.  First, it tells that nothing will ultimately prevail against God's TRUE body.  Secondly, it tells you whom you should truly fear:

"Associate yourselves, O ye people, and ye shall be broken in pieces; and give ear, all ye of far countries: gird yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces.  Take council together, and it shall come to naught; speak the word, and it shall not stand; for God is with us.  For the Lord spoke thus to me with a strong hand, and instructed me that I should not walk in the way of this people, saying: Say ye not, A confederacy, to all them to whom this people shall say, A confederacy; neither fear ye their fear, nor be afraid.  Sanctify the Lord of host himself; and let him be your fear and let him be your dread."  Isaiah 8:9-13.

I trust you can quickly see that the planned deception is incredible in detail and magnitude, perhaps enough to deceive "even the very elect".  One way that the elect might remain alert to such deception is to remind themselves how Christ will really appear--if you can isolate the chaff of the vision from the wheat thereof.  You will know that no matter how impressive the show, or the people calling for his acceptance, if you are standing on the ground, it is a clear-cut phony.  You will behold CHRIST IN THE AIR--NOT ON THE AIR as some prominent TV evangelists have suggested. Owning a television set is not a prerequisite to viewing this coming "in power and great glory".  How can such foolishness prevail as "every eye shall see him", and it is meant "on television".  By the way--one called Benjamin Creme ALSO PROJECTS THIS FOOLISHNESS!  I can promise you that unto the least eye, seeing or blind, in every part of the world shall see the coming and know of its presence--even unto the darkest corner of Africa or the tribes of the Amazon--to the natives in the regions of the poles.  They have not television and yet THEY WILL SEE AND KNOW!

I warn you that it is most important that you not be ignorant of the adversary's devices.  However, it is even more important that you know wherein to place your fear and your trust.  You fear not "them that can slay the body, but are not able to kill the soul; but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell" (separation from God of Light).



There needs clarification regarding holography and appearance of beings.  If you do not understand that which is actually in point herein, you will be sorely misled.

"Not since the advent of motion picture photography has there been a development with so much potential for reorienting our concepts of visual image-making as holography--the technique of using still-life laser transmissions to create an image that has depth.  This volume takes you into the wondrous world between matter and energy, real and surreal, object and idea, to explore the social dimensions, political consciousness, and aesthetic developments that have shaped this revolutionary art."  From The Holography Book, by Jeff Berne, 1980.

Within the past few years a theory has been developed which may further unify all aspects of mankind, including its religions.  Because this theory has not yet had wide circulation among non-scientists, it is included herein in this discussion so we may use some of its concepts when applied to World Religion for the New Age.  It is known as the "Holographic Theory of the Universe".  There is even a "holographic supertheory":

"In a nutshell, the holographic supertheory says that our brains mathematically construct hard reality by interpreting frequencies from a dimension transcending time and space.  The brain is a hologram, interpreting a holographic universe."

and then moving on a bit further:

"The holographic model also helps explain the strange power of the image--why events are affected by what we imagine, what we visualize.  And image held in a transcendental state may be made real."

But, chelas, WHAT IS REAL?  How can I explain to you that if this is so, you can only conjure on a plane of illusion within a physical environment, FOR YOU ARE HUMAN IN PHYSICAL EXPRESSION!  Therefore, is it not with great wisdom that you consider that ones of the etheric realms of Creation may be able to produce a factual holographic duplicate from "thought" projection but that any entity FROM THE PHYSICAL cannot do so???  From the physical aspect, only duplicates and synthetics can be DEVELOPED--not CREATED AS LIFE FORMS AS THOUGHT-BASED, GOD-SOURCE BEINGS.

I suggest you further look at those rules given forth unto you by God for your guidance:


"Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them..." PONDER THIS MOST CAREFULLY AND SEE THAT AT WHICH YOU EFFORT TO DO CONSTANTLY!

This in no wise takes exception to the setting of goals within Man and projecting them into reality of experience.  We speak of two very differing states of achievement.  The time for Man to achieve the "creation" practice of other life--is after the perfection of the learning when one is again in Godness with the total perfection of the balance of God within Creation.  The third dimensional, physical state of being does not "cut the mustard".  That station is still very low on the levels of dimensional achievement.  Therefore, as Man of physical expression gets into that which is given unto perfection--he gets himself into very "hot water" indeed.  The species of Man can then only prove of his incapabilities to manage that which he can technically tinker with.  Human Man can never achieve GODNESS from the physical aspect--for that is NOT WHERE YOU FIND GOD IN CREATING--ONLY EXPERIENCING!

Well, you might ask me: "..isn't a 'replica' a sort of hologram?"  NO.  A replica is a fabricated "thing" which functions but only duplicates holographic perception.  A holograph is basically a "perception" or "vision" of a finished cellular reproductive illusion--without physical manifestation of "solid" form.

"Can the outer dimensional 'brothers' create holographic forms on a planet?--Yes, some can and all higher etheric beings of higher levels of the dimensions of God most certainly CAN.

Does this mean, then, that no matter what thought processes and projections you forecast, they will not (can not) be actually experienced?  No, because a vision and goal of perceived fruition is NOT a hologram nor a holograph.  It is a precipitating "goal" to which the mind will produce a method of bringing into you perceived experience.  For instance, if the goal of a war is placed into the collective consciousness and given expectation, you will have a war for your goal-seeking mechanism will see to its fulfillment; but again, that is NOT a holograph; that is but an accomplishment of the goal-seeking mechanism of the physical "experience".



Projections of "how it will be" are rampant as always; however, look closely unto those things which are already come to pass.  This will give you insight into how the goal seeking mechanism works--slowly but deadly.

I am going back to your year 1985 or so, for it is the time segment which I need to bring to your attention.  Dharma continues to be pained by that which is thrust at her by the ones from the club, A.S.S.K., and I can bring insight which will answer much for all of you readers.  I take no opposition unto any individual; I will not, however, allow Truth to be buried by the wash which efforts to confuse you.  New World Order is one of the most important elements within that so-called spokesman organization set forth in the name of Sananda and Sanat Kumara.  And yet, look herein.  One of the most influential "friends" of the leader of the "club" is Donald Keyes.  So, who in the world is Donald Keyes?  He has been around for a long, long time so you new children will not know who he is--so please read on: One, Robert Muller and Donald Keyes are tremendously influential at the UN.  As in 1985, as the Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, Muller coordinated its vast 32 agency bureaucracy.  He was openly participating in and had been doing so, in Lucis Trust activities, even giving speeches with titles such as "The Reappearance of Christ" and "The New Group of World Servers, a Look Into the Future".

Likewise, Donald Keyes exercised no small degree of influence over that international body.  With the help of his close friend, Norman Cousins, he formed close friendships with UN ambassadors and even wrote their speeches for them.  Although the UN was tightly guarded, Donald Keyes has and has free access.  He says that he has started "many a trend at the United nations". As a gifted speechwriter, he composed speeches for UN Ambassadors.  Humorously boasting about his impressive influence at the UN, Donald Keyes told a symposium audience "how to start a 'trend'.

"First you write a speech for one ambassador.  And then you write a speech for a second ambassador praising the first ambassador for the speech he just gave!  That's how you start a trend."  [Feel a bit queasy yet?]

Cant' you just close your eyes a minute and hear: "but he shall come in peaceably and obtain the kingdom by flatteries"?

Of course, the average "peace demonstrator" is not working with any ulterior motives.  But still, they are saying "peace and safety".  Is there any evidence to show that the Peace movement, too, has been influenced by this Lucis Trust and the New Age Movement?  Oh dear, so much so that one knows not where to even begin.  You see, even the "green movement" and anti-pollution laws are geared to force your industries out of your U.S., for instance, and into Mexico--whereby you have to give in to the free-trade agreements.  The anti-pollution laws are set to be totally unworkable and unattainable and YOU VOTED THEM IN, HOOK, LINE AND SINKER!

One of the most important DISARMAMENT groups is S.A.N.E.  Donald Keyes helped organize and lead it.  Familiar inside out with the New Age writings, Donald Keyes once worked for Lucis Trust as an Arcane School administrator.  His open contributions to that organization continue through his speeches and articles in their magazines (Beacon, etc.)  Another very important group of people in the peace network are the World Federalists (don't confuse this with other similar "sounding" groups).

Donald Keyes represented them at the UN for many years.  His influence continues there as well

In one of his speeches he proudly said he had infiltrated the Peace Movement in 1958, the Human Rights Movement in 1969, the Global Movement in 1970 and the ranks of diplomats in 1975.  He said that he now spends his time writing speeches for foreign ministers and ambassadors, and roaming the halls of the UN.  Evidently he spends time roaming the acres of Findhorn as well!  He told this audience about his annual workshops there.

Keyes' impressive contacts with the United Nations are neither accidental or coincidental.  He told Lucis Trust just how they came about:

"....Norman Cousins and I worked closely together with a number of the ambassadors.  He would invite them to dinner and I would suggest which ones he might invite.  And this way we had neutral turf where ambassadors could let down what hair they had and discuss issues which were close to their hearts which they might not normally undertake to reveal to one another.  Out of that came their idea of a Conference on Human Survival which would meet at the 25th anniversary of the United Nations....."

I am going to leave this at this point for I wish to close this segment.  However, I wish to add comments of a personal nature.  I wish to continue this subject line for you must come into the facing of facts.  If you have been sucked-in, don't waste of your time wallowing in mortal agony; simply know the delusion has been planned and the plan worked, no more and no less.  Let us get on with that which is "reality", what is coming down here and your relationship with God within this wondrous Creation.

I am Sananda, and therefore, many of you are certainly confused by the above portion.  Be not longer confused.  Those ones have denounced these works as being of Satan.  I believe you ones have enough insight now, and information which you can easily research; YOU BE YOUR OWN JUDGE.  I BRING NAUGHT UNTO YOU SAVE THAT WHICH IS GOD, TRUTH AND LIGHT.  I FORCE NOT, I HIDE NOTHING; I REVEAL MYSTERIES AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN ACCEPT THEM AND I DECLARE THAT NOTHING IS OF MYSTICISM.  WHO MIGHT BE GIVING FORTH WRONG INFORMATION IN MY NAME?  Worse, these ones in point SAY they will meet with "their energy" and "Hatonn" or "Dharma's Sananda"; BUT THEY DO NOT AND WILL NOT.  THEY SEND ANONYMOUS HATE MAIL AND EFFORT TO BRING LEGAL STOP TO OUR WORK; YOU, DEAR ONES, JUDGE FROM THE BENCH OF TRUE JUSTICE AND DECIDE FOR SELVES.  So be it for the lies shall be stripped away that your eyes will be given into seeing and thine hearts into hearing.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, May 21, 1996, Volume 13, Number 2, Pages 14-17.