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Hatonn present to commune on this wondrous summer morning.  No matter what is your circumstance, brethren, do not fail to experience the wonders present for your journey for you cannot know until you "jump in" exactly what the glorious situation might be as given unto you.  And, moreover, may you be given eyes of understanding to see beyond that which appears to be.  There is so much of evil intent going on behind the shroud and trappings of distractions--please, chelas, pay attention for you are about to lose your nations into the clutches of the Beast and have your very plan of national life dissolved.

Since we have taken all weekend in the writing of Express urgent material, I will turn over this discourse into the hands and wisdom of Sananda, Esu, who will continue on his own journey's explanation unto your place.  You are greatly blessed, precious ones and I am honored as a teacher, that you are chosen.  I salute you for lessons well learned.


In a blazing glory of "moment" shall you be given into understanding and it shall come as the Creator reveals unto you the keys unto His Kingdom!  Esu present in the brotherhood of Man among the Hosts who come to show the way and bring you home. Where is "HOME"?  Anywhere that you find perfect balance within that which is Creator/Creation.  It is a journey of the Soul/Spirit--not of the flesh.  "Son of God" and "Son of Man"?  I, like you, am both--in the image of God as fragment thereof and image of Man who utilizes housing to give physical experience.  That which is of God gives unto the housing of the Spirit, honor, joy, revelation and care in as nearly balanced experience as Man can attain.  That of civil brings pain, chaos, sorrow and emptiness unto the being for the lesson is in the learning of the difference and moving beyond that which is physical perception into the sublime.  Each being must learn of "both" to move through his lessons into KNOWING.

Some of us have learned most slowly--moving from experience unto experience, always reaching and groping.  Then we find a flash of Truth and bend unto the task of perfecting it; only to realize that each fragment of God has right of passage and experience--so we move on in allowing.  We feel great sorrow at the erroneous choices and desire to push another into the way that we have found into balance--but in the ending we must simply realize that it is ONLY ONE and we cannot do of what another must do for self to perfect the fragment and reclaim it unto God.

How smug Man becomes as he journeys through the physical for he is blinded by that which is called "ego".  God's gift unto human to set him apart is "reason" and "thought" with choices of his own conjuring".  Ego is that which is of the physical process which "believes" itself to be "all".  Just as a serpent must shed of its outgrown skin that it might grow, so must the being shed of its ego restraints in order to grow.  Is it so very difficult to see that you come from the heavens?  Would it not be wondrous to KNOW that there are higher knowings unto which you can turn from your limitations and ignorance?  Is it not wonder beyond wonder that there is a wholeness to the plan and a Oneness with that which is capable of filling the void within which always reaches out and seeks endlessly?  Is it not joy to KNOW that there is that which is beyond the tinkering and arguments of voted-in rules of behavior--that the body of God KNOWS its guidelines and does not argue and fall to the ones who would have MORE congregation and collections in the plates on Sunday?  It is not to the "homosexual" being that respect needs to be given--but to the being which is manifest in that wondrous form.  It is the physical "behavior" which must be confronted--not the LOVE IN THE HEART BEING OF INDIVIDUALS--FOR THERE IS NO GREATER GLORY THAN THE LOVE OF ONE BEING FOR ANOTHER AND THERE IS NO SEX DELINEATION.

All of those elements of which the demands and marches are brought forth are OF THE PHYSICAL FLESH PASSING EXPERIENCE--BUT, WHAT THE SPIRIT DOES WITH THAT EXPRESSION IS THAT WHICH SHALL BE CONFRONTED AT WHAT YOU CALL, JUDGMENT!  At that moment of passage will you stand in appraisal of self-knowing that you used discipline and found that which was greater than physical self or will you have only grappled with the "physical" manifestation of the ego claim upon the expression of God?  These are the reasons the Hosts have come forth and then, again, the Creator, that the "creation" might be reminded of that which IS in order to move away from that which is the passing illusion.  For I assure you that in EVERY INSTANCE--THE THINGS OF PHYSICAL ARE CAST AWAY--YOU DO NOT TAKE THAT OF THE PHYSICAL WITH YOU!  What mean you, "to ascend"?  It seems YOU mean to take that which is PHYSICAL with you.  Let me assure you that what you mean by RAPTURE is to take that which is physical--with you.  Would you not cast off the shanty in favor of the marble mansion?  Where is your REASON?  How is it easier to believe that you will somehow sit atop clouds than that God would prepare carefully and with REASON for your needs--both for "placement" and "journey unto that placement"?  'Tis the ego fed by the negative aspects of self which causes lack of reason--for it fears the unknown and efforts to always keep the innocent child of wonder and infinite Creation bounded.  It keeps you bound in fear that YOU cannot do it so you must always cling to another in hopes that somehow "his ticket" will bear the both of you!  Especially if he lies unto you and pronounces that, for this or that--you can somehow "purchase" your passage.

You can "purchase" nothing of value.  NOTHING!  Further, the things of value of God--are only on loan unto you to see if you can tend them properly.

I witnessed Swaggart on the screen shouting and weeping and telling of stories on the yesterday; I will share his story for I could not witness more of his rantings.  He said, with tears streaming down his face, that he, like you, are as the lamb who strays and falls into the ditch from off the path.  Supposedly I, Esu Jesus, take of my staff and hook and lift the lamb back--over and over and over again--(fine so far), then he said:  "After many times and the lamb has not learned, the shepherd takes the lamb from the ditch again, and with his hands, breaks of its leg!  Then the shepherd gently sets the fracture, binds it with loving care and bears the lamb on his shoulders until the lamb is healed--then when he again sets the lamb onto the path--it does not again stray."  That is among the biggest bunch of hogwash garbage I have ever heard.  I might pick you up again and again but I would never break of thine body and render pain unto the foolish lamb.  I would carry you, yes, after you stray and if you ask to return unto the flock. If you do not ask, after your lessons are shown--then you may stay where ye will until you have learned from that which is manifest for your lessons--the shepherd would never break of thine leg!

So what means the lesson as given?  A man who has strayed completely away from God is efforting to convince himself that he shall be forgiven of his own transgressions and this is that which he perceives SHOULD happen as punishment!  With this attitude and concept--he will never find his way for he still perceives God as a mean and punishing shepherd of that which he KNOWS he has committed in transgression against the people he leads and the laws of God and Creation.

Have you fallen so far that you cannot forgive self and find worthiness in the Love God bestows upon you?  My Truth has never changed--only the Men who change my words to suit their own needs, be they humble or with intent to mislead.



I was given into the KNOWING of myself in relationship to Creator.  I was illuminated by the Godhead--I was taken and taught by the Hosts that I might realize my journey.  At every moment I was with God, and nothing had meaning for me other than God and God's will as we refer to that Being.  The IDEA of ALL in Source is subject to no condition, but the norms it imposes subject everything else to their condition.  It gives knowledge of the simple ground of all things.

The essence of this faith, chelas, is FREEDOM.  For in this faith that speaks of God, the soul expands in the Encompassing.  As it experiences gladness and woe in your world, it awakens to itself.  Nothing that is merely finite, that is only worldly, can hold it captive.  From devotion, from the trust that transcends understanding, it derives an infinite power; for in the sorrow of the vulnerable heart, in rending emotion, it can gain awareness that it is given to itself by God.  By believing, man can become truly FREE.

You ask me to comment on and denounce one religious group or another--why?  If that which is taught and exampled deviates from that which God bestows upon you as guidelines and expression--the WORD is not of God but rather, of Man--somewhere in the PHYSICAL history the doctrine is birthed of Man.  So be it.  You are given into reason and choices--you KNOW when a thing is improper and you scream "I don't understand" to give excuse, for you understand very well indeed.  You CHOOSE to move against the word of God and then have another to blame for your transgressions.  Again, let us turn for example unto the homosexual behavior--the acts of physical practice are no more valid for the "heterosexual" intercourse than for the two or more of sameness, in desires.  To defile the body which houses the soul and to defile the very spirit is that which is wrong--not thine choice of "who" to love.  Further, every Man, Woman and Child KNOWS--even if the child knows not what there is that is wrong--he knows he is defiled and abused and becomes crippled for his whole experience by those acts upon his person.  All the lies and excuses and "voting" will not change an iota of the TRUTH of it.

The certainty of my faith in God made possible for me, an attitude of soul which in itself is incomprehensible.  I lived in the world and partook of its temporal existence, but, moved by a profound, unworldly source; I was unmoved by the world.  This is not a gift only given unto ME.  I was but ONE, the same as are YOU.  In the world, you can transcend the world and for that is your journey given.  Even while your life is given into the world, you can become independent of that world surrounding your perceptions.  I can compare it to the dream which you might refer to as a "nightmare" and you are both within the dream and yet witness it in knowing that it is a dream.  You CAN release the unreality and remain in the wisdom reality of infinite spirit.

This independence amid immersion in the world is the source of such a wonderful serenity as that which was allowed unto me.  On the one hand, worldly things could no longer tempt me into finite absolutes; the worldly husks of knowledge could not longer beguile me into total knowledge, nor the rules of laws into calculable dogma.  All these temptations shattered against the freedom of my faith in God--my KNOWING of God.  On the other side, my own being was open to the world, my eye was alive to all realities, and particularly to the souls of men, the depths of their hearts, which could actually conceal nothing from insight for the story is written upon the countenance of all and within the eyes which mirror the very soul itself even if the eyes be sightless.


There is only a "germ" of that which was in the so-called Old Testament of the Hebrew teachings--note I do not say "Jew" for "Jew" no longer has meaning as relative to the God of MY forefathers.  I had earnestness of the idea of God and it brought the most radical of consequences.  This God who for me was not physically present--not in visions and not in voices--was able to put absolutely everything in the world into question.  Everything in the world was drawn before His judgment seat.  It was quite terrifying to witness this with the total absolute infinite faith I held--for Man was not, and is not, given into such knowledge in most manifestations within a physical flesh environment.  But for this very reason, was I sent and did I come forth--to see that which Man can be capable of that he not be given more than that which is his capability.

I would hope that none can read of my experience and faith and yet remain easy in your mind, content with your existence and remain caught up in its routine, for it represents blindness to refuse to see.  I broke free from every practical order in the world--and I further told you, that that which I could do--you could do--moreso!  I saw that all orders and habits had become pharisaical; I pointed to the Source in which they melt into nothingness.  All earthly reality is deprived of its foundation, absolutely and definitively.  All orders whatsoever, the bonds of piety, of law, of reasonable custom, collapse.  Beside the commandment to follow Source Creator into the very Kingdom of His residence, all other tasks--the earning of bread, the oath before the law, the claims of justice and property--became and become meaningless.  To die at the hand of the powers of the world, in suffering, persecution abuse, degradation, that is what befits the believer if it need be--BUT, IT NEED NOT BE FOR I FAILED TO FULLY UNDERSTAND THAT IT NEED NOT BE SO.

It is said of me that never had words so revolutionary been spoken, for everything otherwise looked on as valid, is represented as indifferent, unworthy of consideration.  What of that which I speak now?  I shall be telling you that you come from the "stars" and give your heritage and placement of origins and they shall be considered as science fiction and heresy.  How can this be?  Because YOU have grown and the end and margin of the world is broader and you must take the next step for you cannot forever remain in the abyss of unknowing that which is your very Source.

I stood then, at the end and margin of the world, in an exceptional situation.  Do you not think you are in an exceptional circumstance at the moment?  I revealed the possibility and hope implicit in all those who are despised according to the standards of the world, the lowly, the sick, the deformed, in all those who are banished from the orders of the world; I reveal the potentialities of Man himself under any condition.  I point to the place where a home is open to Man in every mode of failure for "failure" means nothing--NOTHING!  Man cannot define "failure" except by his own experience.



I was only an example, a teacher.  I made my way to your place where everything that is worldly is overshadowed.  You like metaphors so metaphorically speaking, it is "light" and "fire", exactly as I am credited with starting.  Directly, it is LOVE and GOD. Conceived as a place in the world, it is not a place at all.  By the standards of what is appropriate in the world, everyone is bound to misunderstand it.  From the standpoint of the world it is impossible--but therein IS the secret of the passage.

In the world, I can point only indirectly to this Source.  I seem to test what is madness in the world for its possible truth.  Both my actions and His words seemed contradictory by the standards of reason: on the one hand, struggle, hardness, the ruthless alternative; on the other, infinite mildness, nonresistance, compassion with all the forlorn.  Was I actually the challenging warrior and the silent sufferer?  OR, WAS I ONLY A REFLECTION OF THAT WHICH I FOUND EXPOSED AND EXPRESSED BEFORE ME--AS THE MIRROR OF GOD?  GO LOOK INTO YOUR LOOKING-GLASS AND WHAT DO YOU FIND IN ITS REFLECTION? DO YOU MIRROR GOD OR DO YOU MIRROR WORLD?

It is said that radical certainty of my faith in God derived unprecedented intensity from his expectation of the impending catastrophe.  Well, I know not of how Man REALLY interpreted my journey--it was the time of experience for that presentation to be given forth, no more and no less--just as now with the coming again--Truth had to be set to right for further experience.  I came not with great cosmic revelations at that time for the journey of the species lived in a limited mystical level of growth, and understanding was only present to the level of that which was allowed to be given by Man.  I am represented as being in error regarding cosmic knowledge and expectations.  But what is the END of a "thing"?  I can promise you that with my presence upon your world--it never again was quite the same.  Even with the evil tamperings--the world was never again the SAME.  When God makes known His presence, that which was is no longer.

My presence, whether immediately or far in the future, at the end casts light and shadow, puts its question to each and every man, summons him to decision.  Did not the Truth come into light by compelling the living in the presence of catastrophe?  For though men close their eyes to the ultimate, they are faced with it none the less.  The world is not the first and last; man is destined to "die", mankind itself will not endure forever--only the spirit of Man can endure infinitely.  In this situation the alternative is: with God or against God; with Creation of against Creation; good or evil.  I simply remind Man of this extreme situation.

An intrinsic element in the idea of me is somehow, suffering, terrible, limitless suffering, crowned by the most cruel of deaths.  Man chooses of those things in order to hide from Godliness--it is the very fear professed from the evil.  If God's chosen must suffer in such manner then "you better come over here with me and live in the 'hope' that some kind of 'magic' can happen to you."  If God's "troops" stood strong--there would only be abundance, joy, justice and beauty within balance.  The distortions are presented to terrify you into remaining within the slavery and prisons.

But use your minds.  In the instance of that which I "supposedly said" on the cross--"My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?"--is the very opening of the Twenty-second Psalm.  Where would come these words?  IN EXTREME SUFFERING THERE ARE ALWAYS THOSE THINGS WHICH COME INTO THE EXPERIENCE FROM THE DEPTHS OF AFFLICTION.  It matters not as to whether or not the words were or were not spoken--it goes with the teachings as representative of a "time" in which Man was expected to be the "worm" and no "man" at all' a reproach of men, despised of the people.  And then if you stay tuned to the same channel it begins to make sense, i.e., "O my God, I cry in the daytime, but thou hearest not."  And then, in the midst of my silence and despair, everything changes: "But Thou are holy--OUR FATHER'S TRUSTED IN THEE."  Now, just WHO do you think was doing a bit of conscience tampering?

There does come a good commentary of the event of "Jesus" suffering" which is historically interesting and unique according to one writer:  "The pain and terror are not accepted with resignation or borne with patience; they are not veiled.  He insists on the reality of suffering and expresses it.  When, forlorn and forsaken, he is nearly dead with suffering, the minimum of ground he has to stand on becomes all and everything, the Godhead.  Silent, invisible, unimaginable, it is after all the sole reality.  The utter realism with which the uncloaked horrors of this existence are portrayed implies that help can come only from the utterly intangible."  Could this be the same mechanism by which you might find "no atheists in foxholes"?  In the physical form, what can a physical being do against those multitudes in power?  To avoid the experience, I too, would have had to become "invisible, silent and unimaginable".  Only the experience as Man could allow for recognition of Man.

The scenario is twisted and fitted into the picture of that which the Hebrew culture believe and mandated.  The Hebrew tradition and experience of "suffering" is an element of the Old Testament religion, which is the kernel of Christian, Hebrew, Islamic religions in all their innumerable historical forms, deviations, perversions, so that none of them can claim to be in possession of the true Biblical religion, which nevertheless sustains them all.  It is impossible to speak directly of the Biblical religion without making dangerous claims.  Well, perhaps it can be said most emphatically that the Christ presented to you is a creation of the early Christian congregations AND ST. PAUL AND IS NOT ANYTHING MORE THAN THE "JEWISH" LAW OR THE NATIONAL CHARACTER OF THE JEWISH AND MANY PROTESTANT RELIGIONS AND NOTHING MORE--A COMMON FACTOR CONSTRUED FOR THE PURPOSE IN ALL BIBLICAL RELIGION.

The lie is told boldly by the fact of "suffering" being the ideal religious state of being.  God is Love, Joy, Truth, Light and Glory--that does not even "smack" of suffering.  Moreover, you will find that the self-styled and so-called Zionists (now called Jews and Mormons) are not sufferers--they only PRETEND at suffering while they make sure that their own groups glean great abundance and in this present day--at the very expense and great suffering of those whose property they usurp.  It is always the intent of the SLAVEMASTER to demand suffering and pain from his SLAVES so that they can be docile and rise not up against the master. You who tolerate as much are not of Godness--you are giving worship to the evil master--YOU GIVE INTO THE VERY HANDS OF YOUR OWN ADVERSARY THAT HE MIGHT HAVE AND YOU NOT HAVE.  You have been sold (for you paid mightily for it) the greatest lie within Creation.  You have taken the poison and take your dose as dutiful servants every moment of every day--awaiting your death and destruction like the lambs to the slaughter--suffering mightily all along the path like good little forfeits.  YOU OF GOD RAISE UP EVIL INTO THE HIGH PLACES--AND THEREFORE SHALL THE FALL BE FATAL.



I can only give unto you that which is historically written regarding the experience of that energy dubbed, most carelessly, Jesus. But since it represented the energy of the Christos, when we sit to pen again, I shall outlay that which is SAID about that one.  Ye shall have to accept it as "parable" for by the very fact that the name given unto ME by Saul, so are the stories representative of me, mostly false and tampered.

What happens to those energy forms who give great projection of erroneous information?  They are given into experiences wherein they can return into the Truth and share in the setting of the tale to right.  For some that journey is indeed long and hard for it is difficult to separate out the intent through love and giving and the lip service usually efforted at achieving Divinity and balance.  It matters not, for the journey will be eventually back into Truth in full intent into the perfection within God.  From time to time ones are given into the experience of that cycle of change and the collective "conscious" (or sometimes referred to as "unconscious") allows scenario for that transition.  I find that you have an example of perfection in ones efforting to return into ONENESS at this given moment of experience--and moreover, ones are coming into realization that they have CHOSEN the passage in order to serve.  So be it .  Blessings are bestowed upon ye ones of the passage.



Source: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, April 9, 1996, Volume 12, Number