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1/11/90   SANANDA

Sananda to commune.  I see we have some painful subject matter today.  Firstly, allow me to remind you ones of something, for great quarrels are being conjured because of ridiculous pronouncements.

The word is coming back that this writer declares Jesus to be either extinct or a mental figment or worse, an imposter and now some new "Sananda" is the big cheese.  Oh dear, you ones of that tiny, dark planet with all its beauty--do not either listen or see.

You are into the time of the "prophecy's fruition"--not only would I not return as the identical "Jesus" than I would return as the identical Quetzal Coatl or Buddha.  STOP your foolishness--even in your tampered "Bibles" it was said that the Christ would bear a new name to designate his position.  That name is simply "Sananda".  It is a designation and you do not understand the Universal language.  I have been coming and going for some many years in this latter century--as Sananda--mostly to the higher places of teaching and to the places where the remaining portions of the continents contain remnants of your ancient civilizations.  IT WOULD BE MOST WISE INDEED, IF THE QUARRELS CEASE AND MAN LOOKS AROUND AT THE PLIGHT IN WHICH HE IS MIRED.  IT IS OF SATAN TO CAUSE DERISION AND DENIAL FOR THERE IS NAUGHT SAVE LIGHT AND TRUTH IN THESE WORDS.  CONTINUE TO DENY AND THE GRIM REAPER SHALL EXPUNGE THE LIE AND IT SHALL BE UGLY INDEED.  SO BE IT.

How did you expect me to make an entrance and how were you to be prepared?  Did you think I would come via Jimmy Bakker or Jimmy Swaggart?  How about Ramtha?  Mafu? Lazarus?  No, I would come again, first within the hearts of man.  Further, there would be a great revival of man turning into truth as the Word goes forth--I AM THE WORD!  Not this little scribe who would resign her post--"I" AM THE WORD.  You dear ones who make effort at sending forth the word, do not waste of thy time in the remorse of those who will not hear.  As it spreads and grows--they will hear, or, they simply will continue to discredit.  If you listen--really listen--to their tales, you can know of their ignorance and untruth and they have simply become ensnared within the tentacles of the liar.

It comes from the egos which assume themselves to be "too big" to be attacked and either do not know how to remove the evil fragments or find it "beneath" their need to do so.  They are easiest to entrap.  These ones "know it all" already and have great "visions" and it usually has more to do with human "following"--"fan clubs" and/or riches gaining.  Some are simply duped.

If an "energy" tells you everything you "want" to hear, be highly suspect of that mouth!  Almost everything coming forth in truth is that which NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR!  HOWEVER, WITH IT COMES THE SOLUTIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS--AND ALWAYS THE GRACE OF CREATOR AND THE UNLIMITED FORGIVENESS, LOVE AND PLACEMENT.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, October 24, 1995, Volume 10, Number 13, Page 27.