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'Give Thanks For Each Day'

2/19/91  SANANDA

I am here, Thomas.  Sananda in radiance and service unto God.  Your heart grows heavy as you understand the extent of the grow weary of your journey upon that placement.  We have far to go, and I shall give you the strength you need to carry on.  For with our work all things are possible under the direction of the Father, who holds His own in the shelter of His broad wings.  Be not troubled, Thomas.  We shall take it a day at a time and thusly shall see results.  The total of the picture is too much to bear, so focus thine attention on that which is immediately afore thee.  Never lose sight of thine goal, else the journey be led in the wrong direction.  Ask ever for my guidance and protection, ask ever for the Father's guidance and protection.  Yea, they are one and the same.

How much longer will The Word be allowed to go forth?  How much longer will America wait before all-out madness begins in Iraq?  Has all-out madness not already begun in Iraq?  For what reason do the Russians delay and stall further action in the Gulf...what have they up their sleeve?  Will your Puppet Pres. continue to dance on his jogging strings, yelling to the press frantically trying to keep up..."no comment, no comment...strictly r & r"?  What has happened to your nations?  So far you have far.

Concentrate Thomas, I have all but lost you to the images upon awakening.  Yes, there shall be the homeless and violent ones wandering the streets taking what they want from whomever they shall be chaos.  Has it not been said and often so? You have naught to fear...for you are in the shelter of God's wings and they are sufficient unto thee.  It is not so much that you fear for self as the clear realization of how it shall be that is so startling to the conscious mind.  Yes, it shall be terrible, particularly in the cities.  Has it not been said that it is only through the protection with the small communities banded together as brothers and friends in caring concern that ones shall make it through?  Has it not often been said?  It is when the visual image takes hold that the realization becomes all too clear to ignore.  Release it, Thomas.

It is a week of great, great tension.  For the Russians are playing a most clever and dangerous game.  Your nation is the pawn and you dare not take action which would result in unleashing Mother Russia's anger upon you...for you would be destroyed.  And Mother Russia does not wish to destroy you, for Mother Russia wishes to use all of your nice real estate and would be contrary to their goals to blow apart everything they'd like to one day use.  And so the game of cat and mouse continues as Russia toys with your country at whim.

All ones want to know how much longer they can shore up the financial long as need be until they are ready to collapse it!  It is barely able to withstand the pressures already existing...and yet they are not fully ready to implement their plans.  Be most grateful for each passing day brings us closer to having that which we shall need to fulfill God's Plan...for in His Plan a remnant shall make it through this transition.  And in God's Plan those making it through shall do so with a measure of comfort and technology intact.  So be it, give thanks for each day for those things which you take for granted that soon shall be a distant memory.  Give thanks for the little things.

Bring this to a close while you come into balance.


I Am Sananda


Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, February 1991, Volume 9, Number 1, Pages 7-8.

Transcribed into HMTL format by R. Montana.