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Esu Immanuel Sananda

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June 28, 2014

Esu Immanuel Sananda

6/10/90   SANANDA

I am here, Thomas.  Let us begin.  I Am Sananda and yes, I come in Light.  I come in the golden Radiance.

Conflict is man.  Conflict is the cause of man's actions...mostly incorrect actions.  If there were not conflict, or perceived conflict, then all would be most dull indeed.  Conflict serves as a catalyst for man to bring about change.  The conflict that man is experiencing at present is nothing short of the conflict of God vs Satan.  You cannot serve two masters.  I said so almost two thousand years ago and I say it again today.  You cannot serve two masters.  The time of deciding is upon you.  Most, unfortunately, will choose the way of the physical...fleshly comforts or pleasures or material possessions.  'Tis sad, but the way it is.

There must, however, be a movement by man away from conflict and into balance and harmony.  I am speaking here of real balance and real harmony, not some preconceived dream of same.  The balance may only come with your alignment to God.  Only through the return to life as given by the Laws may man be restored to fullness and joy.  Do you think that the Laws were given man to be mean?  Do you think that the Laws were given man to be ignored?  Yes, mostly you think they are to be ignored, or rewritten, or maybe I'll just follow the ones I like.  Ok, 'tis always your choice, remember.  Of course, so are the consequences of your decisions.  I am ever amazed that man gives so little thought to these things.  The density of your plane of experience is such that the moment's pleasure or the moment's fullness holds such a spell that consequences are rarely considered.  What the Laws guide us toward is responsibility.

The values of modern man have become distorted to such an extent that most do not know what they want, or what they believe. It is a time, dear ones, to return to family values.  It is a time, dear ones, to return to integrity in all human dealings.  It is a time of responsibility for actions of self.  It is a time of communion with your godness and your God creator.  The return, however, is filled with conflict.  For as the separation of the wheat and the chaff continues, there will be many who will try to block your path back into balance.  Do not allow it to be.  You will simply need to be strong and simply hold your ground as you move forward through it.  Great is the man who recognizes that he is not enough without his connection to Source.  Return unto your Source.  The Father awaits thy call.  I stand and await thy petition.  Do not wait until you are deathly ill to find that what I speak to you is truth.  Come.  What is stopping you from reaching out your hand unto me?  I come with a host that is ready to serve all who are willing to work toward Radiance.  Must it be that great tribulation befall the land and the peoples before the call will be heard?  Why is this so?

The soul cries out to be nourished.  The masses of man cry out to be heard, yet the call is answered and they know it not.  The sleep is heavy on the land.  The slumber has been deep and to awaken man is why I have come.  Awaken!  Throw off this veil of ignorance and vileness and return unto the glory of love.  The very word love has been spoiled beyond recognition, it breaks my heart.  For you have no other word that expresses the meaning...agape love.  Blessed ones of Earth, how I love thee.  Won't you return to the kindness long forgotten?  Won't you return to the sharing, one with another?  I do not speak of the sharing for one gaining from the, I speak here of the sharing from the heart place.  This opening must occur within man that the journey may be made together.  For no man is strong enough to journey alone on the path before you.  Call for help and it is given.  Ask and ye shall receive!  Remember?  Did you ever know?  Why not?  Well you know now...ask, ask, ask.  Mostly ones ask for self, which is allowed.  Asking for self is always the lesser.  Asking for another is joy.  Come into your peace blessed ones.  Return unto the balance within the quietness of your own inner voice that cries unto thee to listen.  Hear the voice that calls for the opening.  Open thy hearts and allow me entry.  I Am here.  Where are you?  Won't you come unto me and let me heal thy suffering and thy pain?  Oh, little ones, walk in the Light of the Heavenly Father...walk in the Light which I Am...for I know well the path afore thee.

(Sananda, I have been asked to petition on behalf of Dharma regarding this week and the computer incident.  Would you have any words that I may share with her, excluding this portion from the book portions, of course?)

Thank you, yes.  Dharma must come into her balance too, for the jolt was more than unsettling, it was major.  We received heated discussion on this side from her and frustrations are indeed mounting for each of you.  You must each and all pray for protection for one another!  Hear me...shield yourselves and pray for one another.  Each of you are being put through the paces.  You must each come into your own level of stability within this difficult time.  Do not be unkind to one another, for you each must work most closely with one another for a long time to come.  If you have differences, discuss them, bring them out, do not bury them for therein is difficulty.  None of you are exempt from the impact of the dark brotherhood, and the very one that thinks he or she is, is the very one to be hit.  Always know that you will be impacted greatly.  Ever keep my shield around you.  Do not get cocky, or lax, or forgetful...don't do keep that shield of light around you every moment of every day.  Nothing is more important for your protection!  I stand ever with each of mine.  I may not interfere unless asked to do so.  If you are not standing in light and choose not to call me in, then the consequences of experience when the impact hits thee is entirely yours to experience.  Perhaps you will be more careful the next time.  I do not mean to sound harsh to any of mine workers.  I am deeply grateful to each and every one of you.  The lessons of dark impact are never to be taken lightly.  Nor are the lessons of physical attacks against Dharma.  You ones must allow peace to enter that house by staying away during various times of the week.  Dharma and Oberli need by quiet to work and rest.  Please, please understand this and allow it.

Blessings unto you of mine.  You are all growing.  I hold you close unto me.

I Am Sananda

One with Father

In Service to Hatonn

we are all brothers in light.

* * * * * * *


6-15-90   SANANDA

Let us begin.  I Am Sananda, Thomas.  I come in Radiance.  I Am One with All Light.

Man must move away from the welfare state.  There must be a movement toward charity, from the heart place.  If thy brother needs help, help.  If you are asked, assist.  Help and assist out of the kindness of your heart.  God does not tell all his peoples to put up stores for the coming difficulties and then turn around and tell you go give it all away.  Again, use thy reasoning minds.  What God does say is that if a brother comes to you needing food, or shelter, or clothing...perhaps only for one piece of bread, one night's sleep, or a shower...offer it.  Offer this to your brother not because I, Sananda, tell you to, or because you feel you will be in violation of something if you do not...but because it is the kind act of love, one brother to another, that shall see you through. Obviously each man and each family must tend to that which is theirs.  Private property...both land and household contents...will be important as we move along.  So yes, hold on to what you have...if you are in the proper placement...and put up thy food stuffs for a long period.  But if a cold, hungry brother comes to your door asking for a meal or shelter and you say there is no room at the inn...the days before you will be long indeed.  Return unto sharing with your fellow man.  Return unto charity of the heart.  Not because I tell you, but because it is of God.  Your welfare state is producing a generation of crippled ones...emotionally.  Move away from the welfare state and return unto charity.

Man has been so troubled within his own being that he has failed to give thanks for that which is before him.  So much is taken for granted.  Well, with what is coming in America there will be thousands and thousands who will realize how good it was and all that had been provided.  But when you lose your precious freedoms, beloved, you have lost it all.  There is yet time to turn the political tide what will drown you, if you take action.  Specifically, the Phoenix Journals THE CRY OF THE PHOENIX and RAPE OF THE CONSTITUTION; DEATH OF FREEDOM give the details of what has been perpetrated upon you and agencies to contact. Become informed, for knowledge is your greatest weapon.

These are indeed troubled times and man must tap within himself that God-light that shall see him through.  Please, do not take offense; always remember I refer to man as meaning hu-man, higher universal and women equally, always.

Man must be very discerning about the direction he wishes to move.  Where would you like to see your country go?  Are you interested in having a One World Government?  Are you interested in a socialist system here in the United States?  There will come a time when watching soap-operas and sports events on television will take a back seat to that which is happening all around you...only then it will be too late.  The time to become informed is now.  The time to act is now.  Do you think I have come to share these things for no reason?  Use your are in grave, grave circumstances.  What you are, or are not, willing to do will indeed determine the entire future of this country...nothing less.  That very sentence should give you cold chills.

It is time for you to get your money out of the banks.  It has been said time and time again in the other Journals... but if you have not read them, get your money out of the banks and put it in a safe place, small bills.  Invest in gold and silver...coins are best.  Do not declare these, no paper work.  Do not put your valuables in safe-deposit boxes.  When gold and silver have reached high levels, sell--keeping some.  You are in for some hard times, beloved must be most cautious of the treacherous road before you.  The financial aspects are all carefully outlined for you in SPIRAL TO ECONOMIC DISASTER and PRIVACY IN A FISHBOWL...SPIRAL II.  Become informed.

"But tell us something new...something we haven't heard before"...the cry goes up from many.  Well I, your Lord God, Sananda, am telling you that all of the Phoenix Journals are outlining your very situation in explicit detail.  You will not know what is [unless you] become informed, for first you must understand the problems before you may even consider solutions.  It is bad, beloved ones, it is bad. Yes, God and the host are here.  Yes, there is hope of hopes.  Will God do it for you?  NO!  Man will right what man has wronged.  Man will clean what man has soiled.  There will be no washing of the hands of responsibility in this situation.  It is going to take some very, very hard work to turn this around...and unless each of you, the lighted beings of God, take responsibility and begin to act constructively for are doomed.

If you will learn to come into community with your brother the building will not only be a challenge, but a joy.  It is possible, if man will but do it.  It is time to put aside petty differences and work for the greater good, for the good of the whole.  Individual fragments accomplish little compared to a unified team effort...observe the ant.

Come back into the unity and oneness with God.  Sit quietly and allow yourself to listen to that inner voice that shall guide you through.  God is within, beloved.  I have returned.  I went to prepare a place and I have done so, as promised.  I have returned with the host.  We are come in space-craft of which there is nothing to fear.  We are the Lighted Ones of Heaven.  Return to God, beloved, return to God.  Pray...pray...pray.  Blessings on your troubled land.  We are ever at the ready to answer thy petitions.

I take my leave.  I Am Sananda.



Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, June 1990, Volume 2, Number 8, Pages 4-7.