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SANANDA: ON OVERCOMING FEAR (Updated with audio 3-29-19)


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10/30/96   ESU "JESUS" SANANDA

Peace, Thomas, Esu present in Radiance.  Fear hangs like a shroud above your planet, strangling out freedom of thought, crippling many into non-action.  It is that "negative" force which keeps man down, that keeps the eyes locked in place, the heart racing, and always the doubts run through the mind-- will "they" come for me at the front door; will "they" stop me on the street; will I be gunned down; will I be arrested; the list is endless.  Will I die alone, is a big one.

Always, in a state of fear, God is locked out, barred from entry by the closed mind that has no faith.

Am I saying that those who fear have no faith in God?  Well, essentially, yes.  For once you truly become one with God, in your faith in God's Creation, there is no thing in this world to fear.  Certainly there needn't be fear of even death for, in truth, with God's people there is only eternal life-- each played out on a new stage of Creation.

Man locks out all possibility with fear, he becomes immobilized, stagnant, and worst of all, in a true state of fear, he does, by design, become very alone.  God never leaves his people, but God's people continually lock God out, the doors closed and barred and God is left, waiting for man to awaken to the true state of things, the true awareness within the Creation that truly there is nothing to fear but fear itself!

Fear prevents movement; it prevents change; it prevents possibility.  Fear is an evil thing because it draws the Lighted being away from God, not toward God.

Fear is a tool of the adversary in action.  Be ever watchful of these adversarial devices, i.e., divide and conquer, and fear!  Fear represents lack of faith.  Shore up your faith!  Ask for help and it shall be given unto you.  Ask not and it shall not be given-- it is the law!

It is worthy to think on these things, for if man does not overcome these things, he is ill-equipped to shoulder the responsibilities of leadership in God's kingdom.

The next time you find yourselves in fear, beloved of mine, ask God to enter and clear the area.  Ask for Light and it shall be given.  All things will be opened unto thee in proper sequence if you but ask.

You of God's people are loved beyond measure.  Do not shut God out of your personal equation lest self will be found wanting.  Rather, invite in God's protection which is ever freely offered unto you, and you shall know no fear.

So be it and Selah.

I am Esu Sananda to clear.


Source:  CONTACT: The Phoenix Project, November 5, 1996, Volume 14, Number 13, Page 23.