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6/7/91 #1    ESU "JESUS" SANANDA

Mitakuye oyasin.  For all my relations, I speak.  I speak for all that came before and who will come after for all I have in NOW.  If we come not into brotherhood NOW, we have nothing.  I am the one you call Jesus, but that is not my label--our Father calls me Sananda and it is the time of bearing His presence again upon the spaces of His magnificent Creation.  What means the label? One WITH God, One OF God; ONE WITH ALL; THE WORD THE TRUTH AND THE LIGHT.

Therefore, I am, too, the "Son of Man", the Wayshower, the Truthbringer--I AM!

Gabriel gave unto you an image of me to which you could relate in your own imaginings but it is only ONE image from 2000 years ago and that image bears little recognition if you walk among my other Creations: my other relations.  God would not and does not come among His people except in images that are understood and recognized as selves.  Would a father terrify his child?  Today, I weep, for man (father) of Earth place most surely would do so and does so.  Our Father who gave us LIFE would not.  He comes as the breeze across our brow--the seas upon the shore, the voice of the songbird, the limp of a crippled sparrow--ah yes, how many times have you turned from God?  How many of you will miss our journey among you now?  God has kept every promise unto you, the greatest of His Creations, and He sends His Hosts again, to bring you home and they come before that you might have Truth and find the way back within the safe fold.

Ye have raped of thine Mother, and incested thine own creations and you have fallen into the dark places set forth by the adversary.  Just today the churches who call themselves of God--do "vote-in" the very lies of the adversary within their doctrines to further destroy you as a people.  You break all the laws and calls it "good".


You are told that you already bear the markings of the Beast and it is understood not.  Let us suppose that a man steals your cow and puts his mark upon that cow--does it make the cow less the property of the original owner?  Nay, and the original owner shall find out which cows have been shackled and stolen and he will go forth and reclaim of them.  So be it, for a shepherd knows his sheep. I have come again to sort our Father's lambs and I recognize no brand of the adversary.  And when I call our Father's sheep, they shall know and hear and all else will pass away as the chaff in the fields of ripe grain.  In which pasture will I find YOU?  The blessings shall flow as the river of LIFE upon my lambs--every moment of thine service shall be repaid in abundance a hundredfold and ye are blessed among Man.  If you have heard your call, ye are indeed blest--and for some, the call is all that needs be heard for none are knowing of their full commitment and task contract.  Allow it to unfold and as you stay within the Light, so will your purpose come into your KNOWING.  All things and beings of God shall be raised into the presence of that which is higher and radiant and you shall not longer desire nor have need of that which is manifested in the physical limitations.  It may well be, and ye know not, that the play is finished and you are already within the transition!

You have no way in which to know whether or not it is the will of God what the adversary and his gleanings will be in this final separation onto and within the very nest in which he has wrought his evil games.  Perhaps you continue to limit your perceptions of that which IS and you need only reminding of the presence and KNOWING.  You see, Man can gain, through his human desires, things which he thinks will bring him wholeness, power, wealth, etc., but what he really wants is the knowing of his own power above all else and that only comes in the fulfillment of one with God.  So Man human has a very long way to journey from out of the pits.  You must have your roadmap back to the stars from whence you came.  And you need your wings with which to find the path passable--i.e., you need US, brothers.  Moreover, WE need YOU in order to fulfill our own mission for we have come for you and we will not return unto our Father without His flock.  So be it.



There is no such thing as "long ago" nor "far away" and that which was the message 2000 years ago is that which is brought today.  Then as now, I told you to believe in the "good" tidings and have faith (pistis).  Faith is indispensable for admission to the Kingdom of Heaven.  It is the prerequisite of salvation and is itself salvation--for a man will become that which he visions and believes and in which his faith resides.

Only to faith is the coming of the Kingdom manifested.  By the clouds men know that rain is coming, by the leaves of the tree they know that summer is nigh at hand; but they see not the signs of the coming Kingdom for it has been deliberately obscured by your adversary who would test you and pull you away into his dark passages that you might experience all.  But it is the time for returning from those dark choices and again bring your travels to the path of Light that you do not simply become one with the evil itself.

When I say that you see not the signs of the coming Kingdom, that is to say: they do not "believe".  The true sign is myself, my teachings and my Word.  Only faith can see me.  Therefore: Blessed is he who never shall be offended by me.

Faith is the life of those who have already glimpsed the Kingdom of Heaven.  On this faith the most unbelievable gifts are bestowed and all things are possible to him that believes.  Whosoever shall say unto a mountain to be removed and cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he says shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he says.  The method by which the mountain is moved is the only object in point.  If you believe strongly enough in the desire to move the mountain--you will move it--by bucket, by trucks or by any method necessary.  It will, however, be neither mystical nor coy--it will be within the laws of Nature/Creation that it will be moved.  What will SEEM to be makes no difference whatsoever.

I healed the sick as I walked about the places of those ancient lands?  Did I?  No--through the faith of the bearer of spirit and faith--did the God within heal of self.  I only knew the strength and unlimited ability of God within myself and within those believing ones.  I said then and I say now, your faith makes you whole.  I only gave the suggestion in the name of our Father/Creator that has again and again been used all over the world to banish or induce what appears to be "abnormal" phenomena.  Only one who "believes" can experience such effects, which are now familiar to your medical and psychological experience.  But I did more than perform miracles by suggestion, dear ones.  I forgave sins. I allowed the person in punishment of self to relieve his heart of the burden of punishment placed upon self and expressed in the deviation from perfection.

When it is stated that "your sins are forgiven you", it is then the "faith" of the forgiven who releases the burden through faith.  The cure is present in order that men, seeing this power, may be convinced of God's power to forgive errors and thus, so can Man forgive self.  This is why you must ask in truth and desire and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall be led into the finding; knock, and the way will be opened unto you.

But man should accept all this as a gift, knowing that he has not somehow "deserved" it for when you shall have done all those things which are commanded you, you must recognize that you have only done that which was your duty.

Man cannot keep accounts with God.  God makes the Sun to shine on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.  Human thought cannot undermine faith by figuring out what "ought" to happen.  With God all things are possible. Whatever happens, God knows "why", and the believer finds no grievance against God in an unexpected catastrophe or in events that he simply cannot understand at the moment.

This faith is expressed in the words "Our Father".  Three phrases are crucial: "Thy Kingdom come--in the Kingdom you shall be one with God's will, the world will be ended and with it all affiliation.  "Give us this day our daily bread"--freedom from worldly cares is possible only through the faith that builds on God.  This does not say "drop-out and you will receive what you want".  This indicates that you will work diligently and through your works shall you have that which is required unto you.  "Forgive us our trespasses; and lead us not into temptation"--freedom from errors in the way to the Kingdom of Heaven, and freedom from error can be given only by God.  It is a voicing of the total desire to not make wrong choices during your journey unto home and Source.

For the believer, God is all in all.  The finite and transient world is only a sign.  But God makes the lilies grow for it is the natural way of Creation that it be so, no sparrow falls to the ground except by His knowing, the hairs of a man's head are numbered for the Creator is present within and pays quite a bit more attention to the housing of Man than does the housed.  Though sign and reality are interwoven, the metaphoric character of all worldly existence implies a radical separation between the world and the Kingdom of Heaven.  The world passes away; the Kingdom abides forever.

Faith is a word for the Biblical relation to God.  It means absolute trust in the will of God--that does NOT mean in a church house wherein Man goes to be told a thing or another.  It means "absolute" trust in the will of God.  "Thy will be done" is an expression of this trust.  Faith is certainly concerning God, concerning Man's bond with Him, concerning God's love which is the foundation of prayer.  Faith is the salt that seasons a man's whole being.  But it cannot be taken for granted, induced by design.  It does not understand itself.  It is weak and fragile.  Effort can only denature it. It is a gift, not a possession.  "Lord, I believe; help me in my unbelief"--you must ask for the continuing connection.

I taught faith--not knowledge as such.  For it is only through the belief and desire that KNOWLEDGE is attained.  The meaning remains veiled for the unbeliever; to the believer only, it is revealed, yet even then not in clear statements--but rather, it comes in parables and paradoxes so that the being can be given into "seeing" and recognize the "knowingness".  You question still, regarding parables and I can only say that unto you it is given to know the mystery of the Kingdom of God; but unto them that are without, all things are done in parables--for it is only the way it IS.

I have no concern for "logical" consistency for it is for Man to REASON AND PONDER THAT WHICH IS GIVEN.  He must come into the understanding for that is the purpose of the journey through the experience of manifested places of "choice" and "free will".  You that are not with me are against me for the middle of the road is not a place; it is but a perception.  At what exact point does the path become the right side vs. the left side?  But as long as you remain on the left side and do not cross the mid-point--you are on the left side!  Therefore, you that are not against me are on our part.  Further, I tell you to "Resist not evil" and then again on the other: I bring not peace but a sword.  Where everything is a "sign", there are no contradictions.  I do not represent a system of thought--but rather, a message in "signs".  This is so that the least among you and all your relations which are of Nature and Creation can KNOW by the signs--even the fig tree has signs to cause it to leaf.  No chantings nor ravings shall induce it to leaf before the signs are proper.


I grew up, in that experience, in Nazareth in Galilee with my mother whom you label Mary, for brothers, and several sisters.  I learned a trade for that I could sustain myself.  I was taught according to the instructions as accepted as doctrine of the day.  As I grew to manhood, I learned of John the Baptist, the anchorite of the Jordan country, who proclaimed the coming of the Kingdom and God's last judgment, and preached repentance, baptism, and the remission of sins.  I have spent time with my brothers in the higher reaches of the Cosmos so that I would know of that which I was to serve in purpose.  I came into knowledge of my commission unto my Earth brothers for I, too, came forth within the veil that no thing would be "special" for my experience.  It would be the time of my own testing within the journey of Christed guidance and fulfillment.  I came with no "special anything" so that I could experience and grow as all Man grows and experiences that is ultimate choices shall be in goodness, that he might return unto the Creator in Truth and oneness.  I was given into the human emotions for that was my experience--human.  I was not finished with my lessons which would return me into the perfection of Sananda--ONE AS GOD.  I claimed not that title; Man thrust upon me the erroneous label for I was tested as are all men before their journey is ended.

I asked baptism by John that I might openly show my faith and accept my mission.  I spent time in the desert for I had faith and needed to prove my faith that God would care for me and tend of my needs.  I went alone and asked no man a thing.  You see it is not meant that Man should simply go forth and require that "another" tend of him--that is not what is meant when it is said that God will tend of you.  I simply gave responsibility unto God and He provided that which I needed to sustain--not some hermit, nor beast, nor insect--just me and God self.  I simply came into the KNOWING that I was all and that my power was within myself and in that KNOWING I could endure and survive beyond all things thrust upon me.

As I grew in the location of my birthing into the physical, I traveled and spoke of the things of God and balance of Nature.  They, no I, referred to me as a rabbi which only meant teacher of the Word.  It is a "status" now but then it meant only "teacher/speaker".  I spoke in the synagogues for that is where the ones who would teach the doctrines were stationed and, frankly, I was little accepted for mostly I told them what was amiss in their own teachings.  This does not endear a young person to his elders who appears to come in contradiction.

I wandered from place to place in Galilee, gathered friends who could accept the Word and told the people of the coming of the Kingdom.  Not much different from this day--only the manner is different for it would be that in the return, the physical would not be manifest until all signs were proper.  Therefore, I now give the WORD in the same manner in which I received it in those experiences--from higher Source but presented by human methods.  Dharma, for instance, claims not to BE me, or Aton, or Hatonn, or Germain--she claims to be that which she is--a human who translates and scribes signals onto paper or by audial output.  She is one of many for the WORD must now be given unto the four corners and farthest reaches of the globe for it is time of the concluding portion of the cycle--the connection spiral ever into infinity. Dharma identifies "with" me--not "AS" me.

I efforted then, as now, that you must live in the world as you perceive it to be, but you must remain "indifferent" to those "things" of your perception.  I shared the ethos of love and devotion to God's will.  Unfortunately I became known as a performer of miracles--mostly called a magician and mystic, who healed the sick, drove out devils, and awakened the dead.  How sad that man would pick the mystical nonsense and miss the very point of my journey.

I can assure you that my career as a preacher lasted only a few months.  Strange that only the last few days, comprising what you refer to as the "Passion", are described by the historians and then they even botched the truth of that experience.  They handled the story of the main episodes as being the journey to Jerusalem, the cleaning of the Temple (which only got me crucified--just as any rebellion against the politicians gets you today), the Last Supper of Gathering of my friends, the agony in a garden, the betrayal and arrest (which was one of the most enduring lies of all), the hearings, the judgment of the Sanhedrin, the decision of Pontius Pilate, the crucifixion and burial which is not given in any manner of truth unto this day.

The question must arise: Why did I go to Jerusalem?  Well, quite a group, or following, had attached themselves to me--for it was not as easy to go about as in your day.  Further, ones always believe, somehow, that TRUTH simply flows by contact and/or osmosis. I was considered no more than a "hippy: in your day.  But TRUTH will "out" and that which I brought was TRUTH and Man hungered and thirsted after TRUTH and reason, and wisdom touched Man for the lies were obvious which flowed forth from the mouths of the self-proclaimed teachers of doctrine.  Any time I showed up anywhere it was a mass of confusion for ones longed to hear Truth and wanted to follow that which represented the projection of Truth.  It was my message--not my presence. It was, however, also that same message which the elite would make all effort to stop.  You see, chelas, you want to hold to dreams and fantasy--but it is no different. TODAY!

Why do we basically keep Dharma an unknown entity?  Because it MUST BE ON THE WORD AND TRUTH OF LIFE, GOD AND CREATION THAT YOU BASE YOUR EXISTENCE--NOT ON A LITTLE GRANDMOTHER WHO WRITES.  IT MUST BE ON THE WORD OF TRUTH!  You must be given not into the following nor the worshipping of any man.  You are not to be given into the "worshipping" of any spiritual being beyond Man, including God--HE DEMANDS NOT WORSHIP--HE DEMANDS RESPECT AND ABIDING LAW FROM MAN--REVERENCE!

One must deal with that which IS and accept that which will come and hindsight is often perception but you cannot ever change an iota of that which WAS.  Therefore, I went into Jerusalem and it matters not as to why--at this telling.  The authorities, however, were reminded of the disorders that had been created by other agitators and quelled by force.  I gave no sign of any desire for political power--but I could not control those antagonists and betrayers who would cling to the group--just as you can't today.  My enemies were far more in number than were my friends.  It turned out that even those I felt to be my closest friends would turn away when the going would get rough.  When the going got rough--the rough got going--as fast as they could paddle in the other direction.  Stop the nonsense given forth about the experience--for I was human and I was in torment and I was terrified--yes, terrified.  It was the hardest testing of my own belief (faith) in my own being and that of my Creator/Father.

It has been presented that I went forth into Jerusalem to provoke a decision of some sort.  Well, I suppose that could be construed as such for my purpose was to provoke Man to think in terms of gaining Knowledge about his connections.

Moreover, just as with you eager speakers who now know that which is Truth--you feel a shortage of "time" to tell Man that which is correct vs. that which is totally erroneous.  Remember, it was the time of the great feast of the Passover in Jerusalem (Easter holiday), the center of Judean life, and it would be appropriate to reach as many souls as possible.  I had no television or radio--even controlled media--as you have this day.  Further, I knew that imminent was the ending of the cycle--but like you--I was not given in total understanding that "imminent" means one thing on a place with perceived "time" and "space" limitations and quite another to the "timeless" and "spaceless" experience.  Like you, I thought our time was up, over, capoot!  I was disappointed that the world was taking so long to end, quite frankly.  Just as some of you do, this day--"Oh my, well the Earth is still here this morning--what a disappointment!"

But worse, chelas, I was misinformed about the TRUTH for I was also taught by the indoctrinated according to their own ego needs for power.  I identified myself with the servant of God in Deutero-Isaiah and had come to absolutely believe that God demanded my martyrdom at the hand of the worldly powers and that with this event I would usher in the Kingdom of Heaven. Don't ever be smug in your assumptions of self power, chelas, for you will err greatly.  God will allow you to martyr yourself EVERY time.  It is NOT His desire; but your own.

I fully expected that the Kingdom would dawn at the last moment and, frankly, I was disillusioned and I did cry out in despair and asked God why He had forsaken me.  How many of you martyr yourselves in your self-righteous assumption that you speak for, and/or are THE God.  Would I do it differently this day?  Absolutely--and here I am doing it very differently THIS DAY.  I too, had to learn and finish my own lessons that I might be worthy in perfection of wisdom to be ONE with Creator.

Man can "suppose" this or that all he wishes--the point is that until you come into the wisdom of KNOWING, you will make decisions and choices which are based on assumption as presented unto you--and not on actual fact of KNOWING.

Why would Father allow this?  Because God will always "allow" and it would be my testing as to whether or not I would experience in fullness or take the easy way out of my plight--which, by the way, I had gotten into quite nicely by my own actions.  I was no lesser nor any greater than is any one of you.  I was Man in flesh and I was given into despair and terror, pain and futility and yet, the experience is blessed beyond all things for I was given into the growing and learning which could bring me into the absolute and totality of KNOWING.  Now we walk a seemingly different journey, but it is the same.  I have grown and can see in ALLNESS and become one with that which Creates and still, I work only within the very laws of Creation which serve you.  The balance within Creation is beyond the tampering of various little experiences and experiencing fragments of the whole.

I was not thoughtless about that which I did nor about that which came upon me--I knew what I was doing even if it was a nasty bit of unwise conjecture for the being at hand.  I did not go blindly to some doom, beloved ones.  I knew exactly that which I would do and moreover, I was being given to see beyond and into the consequences as would project from my actions.  It was a FREE WILL CHOICE WHICH I MADE.

I spoke directly to my friends (disciples) and I find the words of wisdom as good today as in that moment: "I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."  It stood them well then and it will stand you well NOW.

I went further and I repeat it to you now for the wisdom is no less: Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.  Beware, brothers, of the pigs in the pen and especially those who get into thine own pen.  In other words, know when to keep your mouth shut and when you can be heard--for God requires no martyrs--then or now, so if you become a martyr--know that you do it for self and not for God.

In my wanderings in Galilee, I kept as hidden as possible when it was likely that my greatest enemy would seek and destroy me--for now, as then, the prophets of God are targeted for destruction.  Herod was no different from that which you call President, Adviser to the President and/or King.  You must act always in wisdom for foolishness costs not jest self but your brother as well. The point is to bring forth the WORD, not make a holy martyr of self in your ego-trip to be the important cog in the overall wheel. You see, I had a lot to learn in these interim two thousand years in your counting of days.  You must be as wise as the serpent and as harmless as the dove.

This is sufficient unto our needs for this writing.  May you be given into understanding and sharing of TRUTH for that is the mission we have accepted.



To be continued...


Source: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, March 26, 1996, Volume 12, Number 9.