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6/12/92    SANANDA

Greetings precious dove of mine, Druthea.  I AM Sananda.  I am also called Esu Immanuel, Jesus Christ, etc.  I come in service to and with God of Light, Our One Creator.

We find ourselves within the midst of many changes.  All precious ones are making preparations for some ones of you to fly with God beyond the nest of growth and nurturing of learning to live in balance.  There comes a time when each will be compelled to make the first stumbling attempts at flying. There is always risk and yet, God never, never leaves you as you venture out to fulfill your potential in His service.  Just because you leave a specific nest or location does not mean you are alone.  You are simply ready to expand and grow and part of that flight involves trusting YOUR inner directions and guidance as given of God.

Always that first "jump" is the most difficult in one's mind.  Simply remember to put all within God's care and guidance and you will be given into a much smoother first flight than you anticipate.

Like mother hens, We of the Hosts, are very protective of you of our ground crew.  Since we can see a bigger picture beyond your comprehension and vision, we will offer suggestions and recommend ideas to you which will allow for your growth, testing and ultimately flight into spiritual fulfillment.  I know you are extremely frustrated, Dru, because you simply cannot see all and are most impatient.  Many of you respond in exactly the same way as she when you face tremendous changes and shifting.  We will take it moment by moment, precious, and let everyone and everything fall into place comfortably.  We will make sure you can "afford" the transition and that your responsibilities do not suffer delays.

Sit quietly with me, Dru, and listen to the whispers of Creation.  It is a creation of your imagining and let us imagine it in its perfection.  You will decide how it will be fulfilled.  You will allow Father within to gently guide you through these rapids, for they only appear to be unnavigable.  They are not.  You have God within to protect you from the rocks and to keep you securely on your liferaft.  I am with you, precious.  Together we can navigate these waters of turbulence and confusion for the radiant pond of tranquility and balance is just ahead.  Rest your mind within God's mind and KNOW that HE will never leave you!  Remember "Foot-prints"--when there were times when only one pair of footprints were visible, it was when God carried you!

You ones have been in training, well before you became "aware" of Commander Hatonn and Sananda.  It is time for many of you ones to try out those wings as fledgling co-creators.  Scary?  Well yes, in human perception.  You simply want to do the "right" thing and not make mistakes.  Know that you are learning how best to jump, glide, navigate and even land.  It will take time and practice, and mostly desire, devotion and dedication, and soon you will fly right along with the most experienced of the "bird tribes".  If it seems we poke and prod, so be it.  Sometimes it is required to get you out on that first flight out of the nest.  You must do it and yet you will never fly alone!

Since I have a scribe who is about to attempt her first flight from the nest, we need to talk about these things for she feels most alone and overwhelmed and yet she will admit to being excited!  Every one of you will experience similar emotions and so we share that you each may have a light on your path which ones have taken before you.  You are pioneers, precious, and yet others have come before you to bring the lamp so that your path is not shrouded in complete darkness.  You and I have walked many a path together in service to Our Creator and you must not think for one moment I will leave you now or ever!  You are a part of me and I love you beyond your comprehension of human words.  You need only ask for God's guidance and I am the first one He sends to you to assist you, Dru.  And I am not the only one with you, although you see us not, you will very soon, chela.  It matters not what you see with human eyes, only what you KNOW within your heartplace.  This is not a time of sorrow.  It is a time to rejoice and better fulfill our mission in service to God.

The details are being attended in ways which are best for each one, for each must determine for self where best his/her service will be accomplished. The where and how may change, yet the WHY will be in your heart with God.  None of you must judge a decision made by another, regardless of what you perceive.  Perhaps it is a test for them or perhaps they offer testing for you.  You are not given to know these things until that testing is complete and even then you may not fully comprehend the nature of the test, or even that you are being tested.  And often you ones are much harder on selves as to "How well you passed the test."  Often it is much deeper than it appears to you.  And in these times you ones are doing much better than you ever give yourselves credit for.  Easy?  NO ONE said it would be easy.  You ones are becoming better at navigating and discerning choices, which will make it somewhat easier on you as sequences of events materialize.

We are getting there, precious chelas.  There is yet much to do and more to reach with the WORD, so you mustn't ever think you job is done.  You and your world are in transition.  We of the Hosts are close by, not upon your place yet.  We monitor, we protect, we give instruction and we observe. It is a great cycle and God sends only the very best (in spiritual knowledge and awareness) to assist you within a graduation time sequence.  Many more of you are awakening and remembering your commitment to Creator and this transition.  We are most humbly grateful for the service of you ones who have awakened and forge the path and bring light for others to follow in light and service unto God.  You are truly blessed and worthy of the radiance which is to come.  So be it.

Let us close this document.  My scribe is needed elsewhere and I now see that she has calmed herself and found her balance within the seeming confusion.  Be at peace, precious, for a great door unto glory has opened and you need only walk through.  Just take my hand and we will walk together.  Thank you for sitting with me and thank you, each of my brethren, for your attention.  You are loved...KNOW this.  I AM Sananda, One with God in His Service.  Salu.



Source: PHOENIX LIBERATOR, June 23, 1992, Volume 19, Number 10.

THANK YOU, Rocky Montana