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10/30/95   ESU "JESUS" SANANDA

Esu present in the Light of Holy God.  Those in distant lands who gaze upon my words, and those locally who read with an unquenchable thirst, must come to realize the necessity of "Sequence of Events".

In this ending/beginning cycle, the "dark forces", if you will, are making their final attempt at ultimate control of the world’s population.  And you can see from the many years of advanced knowledge acquired about the human psyche that they may program any one for any purpose at any time.

The Soul, however, remains the wild card in the deck, for as you have so beautifully witnessed with Cathy O’Brien, if a person be souled, of God, that Lighted Fragment which burns within the breast of man will be the watchtower that sends the beacon leading you ever to safe harbor.

The attacks against Hatonn and Dharma are the adversary’s way of lashing out in his tantrum because the dark forces are WELL AWARE that God wins—and that, by definition, means that God’s people win.  Do not get too distracted on dwelling on the attacks, but always counter, action for action, IN TRUTH, and you shall all be fine.

It is long past time that the general populace use the judicial system the way it is intended, for the prosecution of criminals—but it is as you have stated, Rick: this legal system and the grand jury system remain a mystery to the average citizen.  Ah!  But contained within that mystery lie wondrous Solutions.  [Editor’s note: See Rick’s excellent articles on juries, especially the remarkable powers of grand juries, both in last week’s and also elsewhere in this week’s CONTACT.]

Let us take, as an example which all of our readers will readily understand, the persecution of the Ekkers and the political, behind-the-scenes arrangements concerning the theft of their home by Santa Barbara Savings & Loan, and ultimately, the RTC. Do you not think that, with the non-sale by a Savings & Loan, the involvement of a municipal court judge in furthering the cover-up of actual events, and the wide range of illegal activities concerning the Ekkers’ persecution, that the grand jury in Kern County would not have something upon which to act?

Let us take another example.  What of the theft of Institute gold by George Green?  Interstate flight?!  Do you not think the grand theft within Kern County, which the local sheriff did NOT respond to, is cause for a grand jury investigation?

And, so, beloved readers, do you not see that, even within your own local community, there are likely to be legal issues which, if unresolved, can and should be brought to justice via the grand jury system.

And what of the state and federal grand jury systems?

Ah, beloved, the answers to so many things are right in front of you if you will but look.  Seek the answers and they shall reveal themselves unto you!

Ah! You say, "fraud, phoney!"  Sananda would not speak of such earthly matters and particularly not such "local" matters.  "Sananda has the world on his mind," you say.  Ah so, and so I do!  So I do!  But I also respond when called upon and you ones continually ask for solutions and you are being given solutions if you will but attend them!

We are bound by cosmic law not to interfere in your affairs, but I may offer direct input when asked and I may tell you ones that the judicial system may be turned around via the jury and the grand jury systems if you will but take an informed and active role!  So be it!

Thomas, you know the old saying, and it is so: "You can lead a camel to water but you can’t make him drink."

Ah, but the true adventure of this journey is just beginning for you of the Lighted Hosts.  Our ground crew mostly grow restless and uncertain as if waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Long has it been said that the radiation belt may be ignited.  Long has it been said that the economy will fold, bringing America to its knees.  And yet to those "out there" it seems that nothing ever happens!

Ah, beloved, things are happening every day and if you need a miracle to hang your hat upon, remember the recent two-million-man march in Washington, District of Criminals, that was peaceful and magnificent!

Hold firmly to the Light, chelas; hold firmly.

Remember to keep your spaces CLEAR.  This is probably the biggest difficulty facing our ground crew—KEEPING THOSE SHIELDS INTACT AND STAYING "CLEAR".

I know it is difficult for you ones.  I know that place is hard.  Ah, but the glory shall be without measure.  Won’t you just hold your faith a while longer? God’s delays are NOT God’s denials.

And I know my people.  You are not forsaken!  I say it again: my people are not forsaken!

Hold the Light and trust in me.  I will not lead you astray.

If you need help, you must ask.  The call Compels the answer!  Hold It In Your Hearts.

I Am Sananda. Salu.



Source: Phoenix Journal #156, Chapter 17.