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Metatron: Santari Message

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gy - both are guided by love as the highest expression of motivation.

Many of you are now receiving information about new meditation techniques, merkabas, and even the new chakra - the Thymus chakra. The Thymus chakra has been closed for hundreds of years and now it is appropriate to begin opening it once again. This chakra is situated between the fourth and the fifth chakras and it is a crystalline sky-blue in color - it is a direct connection to my energy stream and I encourage everyone to begin to recognize and utilize this very exciting new aspect of humanity's evolution.

This century has been typified by a battle between the heart and the mind - neither one wanting to give into the other and often seeing the other's viewpoint as contrary to their own. The mind is largely in control of daily life for most people as it is the most readily available tool to survive in modern society - it is the Beta reality and the reality that is re-enforced on a minute to minute basis as the justification for all actions. Even failures are tolerated if the 'reason' seemed appropriate to the mind at the time. The heart is aware of the soul's purpose and the personal higher good, but the mind only validates the material world and comfort. Of course, you cannot operate without your mind, but it has become a tyrant and rules over actions without regard for the input of the heart.

The mind operates in a linear fashion and expects to achieve an outcome based on actions that will produce the desired result. For instance, if the mind desires a vehicle, it manifests this belief as an automobile. It reasons that in order to get an automobile it must work to create the money that will be used to purchase the automobile. It reasons that the outcome is so necessary that it is willing to compromise itself in order to achieve its goals. The mind is capable of reasoning that cheating and dishonesty may be necessary in order to achieve the stated goal. When the heart protests, the mind cites logic and reason as the only permissible approaches to a situation. The mind belligerently tells the heart, "Do you want to live on the street? Do you want your family to go hungry?" Is it any wonder that cardiovascular disease is the most common form of non-accidental death?

By opening the Thymus chakra, a dialogue is established between the heart and mind so that decisions can be made based on mutual agreement. The mind may even decide to follow its path of reason, but the mere fact that the heart was listened to and was part of the decision will substantially aide in maintaining a healthy heart. It is not so much that diet and exercise are good for the heart, but rather that the heart requires these activities in order to maintain its balance.

As the Thymus chakra is opened more and more, the arguments will eventually settle into discussions and finally a true team effort - each will respect and understand the other. Heart dis-ease will be a thing of the past once the heart is part of daily decision making. Those who suffer from heart disease have been ignoring their heart's wisdom for too long - perhaps even generationally (this is the genetic component of the disease). As a society, your hearts are calling out to be recognized as more than just a mass of muscles and medicine is beginning to understand that the heart is a neural network much like the brain.

The mind requires results and proof of action - one's first instinct may be to show others how to better live their lives through the heart's wisdom, but the heart only responds to the examples of others. In this way, you can lead by your actions, not your words - you need not draw attention to yourself and your way of thinking. As you become more successful, happy and free, others will naturally gravitate towards you and follow your example.

It is possible to reverse even a severe case of heart dis-ease by opening the Thymus chakra and allowing a free-flow of energetic exchange between the heart and mind. This is a crucial aspect of the ascension into Enlightened Society. Each of your hearts is being damaged by the fact that your countries are at war - there is a part of each of you that is connected to the battlefields, so it is important to pray for peace and to send healing energy to the war zones. This will help heal your own heart, and also the hearts of those who are actively engaged in the conflicts. Your leaders who are perpetuating the wars of the world need heart healing the most, for they are in the most pain. It may seem like a contradiction to pray for someone whom you may consider evil or diabolical, but this is your mind's point of view.

If you are familiar with a merkaba technique, you may surround the conflicting regions of the world with a multi-dimensional healing and ascension vehicle. Prayer and intention are far more powerful tools than protest and anger. Imagine if instead of rallying in the streets to send a message of negativity to your leaders, millions of people gathered in public places to silently pray for peace. This is an excellent example of the wisdom of the heart - the mind expects results only through action and opposition. Positive intentions are thousands of times more powerful than negative ones, no matter how 'good' the intent may be. For example, a pro-peace rally will have a far more powerful impact than an anti-war rally. This was graphically demonstrated by the latest Anglo war as it became clear to the world that protests only served to re-enforce the beliefs of those who felt that violence was an acceptable solution to achieve 'results'.

My energy is available to everyone; likewise, ascension is available to all. There is no hierarchy or secret codes that need to be employed - simply begin to feel the power of opening your Thymus chakra and I will be with you to assist your growth.

I AM Metatron and I AM with each of you always.

Many blessings on your exciting and pioneering journey!