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Anne Bellringer

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ARCH ANGEL GABRIEL:  Greetings to all Lightworkers ad souled ones.  It has not been often that I request to give you all a message but now I shall do so with the help of Anne.

Ones, who say they channel me, are in reaility channelling some 4h Diensional being and put my name to it.  That is true for manh of the messages from ones. who call themselves gurus.

I assure you this is not the case,for I have asked my granddaughter Anne, to listen to my words and write this message to you ones exactly as I tell her. 

I am aboard my ship, The Star of Bethlehem.  Oh, the great Bible of disinformation has told you that The Star of Bethlehem was the star which the wisemen followed for many miles to find the birth of the Messiah.  How do you follow a star?  Do stars move across the sky?  What a big lie, but most Christians are "died in the wool belivers", even to the point of being ridiculous.

Let me remind you that we go by strict scientific laws, and not some fantastic feat that is impossible.  Stars do not move.  The stars that you see are placed in orbit around the billions and billions of solar system.  If stars moved like the "War Book of Satan", the entire Cosmos would be in uproar.  That is not the case, for Creation has created a most organized and perfect Cosmos.

This was a grand trick, for at the time the elders of Zion got together in 325 A.D., they knew the Truth of the matter, that the "star" was a Starship.  They thought the people would not understand such so they erased the word "ship.

What is so blatanly false is that this belief in a star and not a starship has been a huge lie, a huge falsehood that has been taught for the last 2000 years.  Now is the time of TRUTH.

My ship is stationed above the coordinates of the area overseen by Patrick, ready for the evacuation of your planet.  We have been stationed here for a while, as we have to be prepared at a moment's notice of Mother Earth turning on her axis.

I know that the Lightworkers are all hanging by a thread to keep strong on the Red Road of Truth, but they have been faithful and doing well with the help of Sananda.  I know so many of these ones are waiting anxiously for evacuation, as they have been told Mother Earth could turn over at any minute.

We expected her to turn over, as she is at the very edge.  However, she is holding on a bit longer, waiting for more sleeping Masters to awaken.  That, in itself is a great miracle!  Not only that but in motion as I speak, is the take-down of the DarkSide.

This long-awaited event started when Trump took office in 2018 at least. You probably have read the ones that were arrested to face treason charges in 2020. 

How deep is the rabbit hole?  Very deep, for this take-down is world wide.   It  permeates every little town across the U.S.,  with the Masonic organization and every bank.  It includes every person operating these satanic banks that take, take and take from the little people to pad their pockets with untold wealth while the little people suffer.

Many times in the Phoenix Journals Hatonn states all the problems across the world.  People cry back to the Lighted Realms to fix it. Fix the world. 

No, Hatonn says.  We will NOT do it for you.  It is YOUR mess that you have created and YOU shall clean up the mess.  We will help if asked but we cannot do it for you.

It reminds me of what Patrick went through when he taught school and supervised the lunch room.  Before he supervised the lunch room the teachers in charge had a horrible time.  The students threw food on the floor and the teacher/supervisor would pick it up.  The students laughed and threw more food on the floor just to see this teacher grovel on his hands and knees and pick up the trash.

Boy, when Patrick became the supervisor that did NOT happen.  He would see a student throw his food on the floor and wait for Patrick to pick it up.

Patrick solved the problem.  He would walk over to the table where the student had thrown the food on the floor and said," Look, YOU  threw the food. I saw you.  YOU pick it up!  If you do not do so you have detention.  You will report early to school and put all the chairs. all 200 of them in place around the tables.  Do you understand?"

The student picked up the food he had thrown on the floor. The word got around pretty fast.  The lunchroom was clean.  When  the Assistant Principal came to help he started picking up any food thrown.  Patrick let the superintendent know that he, Patrick, did NOT want this Asst. Principal help any more.  Period.  It was done.


SO, I tell you it is the people on Planet Earths that have made the mess, treating Mother Earth like a big garbage can.  Clean up has started with the take-down of the DarkSide.

There is much to do to clean up the oceans and the spraying of the skies must stop quickly.

I will tell you something about the Chemtrails.  Many ones on your planet are Reptilians. who have difficulty breathing the air. so they put chemicals in the air, not only to block sun and make the humans all sick and die, but so they can continue breathing and keep on with their evil agenda.

We of the Lighted Realms are happy ;that good things are happening, as Mother Earth has given more time for you Masters still sleeping to awaken, and to bring balance once again to her body.

May all of you enlightened ones be strong with continual reading and meditation.  You know that we are here to help in any way we can if but asked.

To the awakened ones, heed well my words, for the future is dim for you if you do not awaken.  Read the Sananda message for 2-18-21 as he tells it like it is. That link is:   Also, Hatonn's new message is a great one on this subject of awakening,

My blessing to all.