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Ten Powerful Requests Today

Indian in the Machine

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10 powerful requests today - by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine) 1. I request to live in pure clean air, and to have pure clean water and soil to grow pure clean food. Pure clean air, food, water and soil are a birthright to all.

2. I desire to purify myself in a joyful and powerful manner.

3. I request the end of the bush cabal and/or any dark cabal, and the transmutation of all darkness I experience, into Light.

4. I request the Angels of the Universe, to come even closer to planet Earth.

5. I request that humans reaffirm their need for outside assistance at this time, from our loving star family.

6. I desire to live on planet Earth, to experience permanent peace on planet Earth.

7. I comprehend that all are equal in the universe, therefore may all manmade laws reflect this immediately and Now!

8. I desire to live in a world where spiritual awareness is a priority in governance.

9. I call for the end of all planetary slavery!

10. I call forth financial abundance to spread far and wide across the planet like never before!

Please feel free to print this list out and put in a place where others can see it and forward this email for both of these acts will make these requests even stronger.

Love, Dieter