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Prayer Request

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 Prayer Request
 This request was sent to me today by a friend. Some of you live in the area affected, some do not. Those who do not, may not know the severity of the problem. The Weather Channel has said it looks like this severe heat and lack of rain is going to stay in place until the end of September. If that happens, we may well see another Dust Bowl. Right now, when I walk on my grass, it crunches. Trees are losing their leaves, not as they do in the Autumn, the leaves are falling dried to the ground. There is no moisture in them. There is no moisture in the ground. When we have gotten a rain, it doesn't even wet the ground before it ends. It is so dry, the grass, in one instance, caught fire from being baled. Farmers and ranchers are being hit hard, which will hit us in the grocery store. Cattle are being sold because they cannot be fed. There is no hay. One friend of mine, a rancher, is having to send to Nebraska for hay for his cattle. Another told me she didn't know how she would handle this winter. Feeding the few head of cattle they had left was going to be too expensive.

 We need a long, overnight, soaking rain and temps below 100. God tells us in the Bible that He will give us no more than we can handle. He also tells us in Matthew that He cares for the grass, the trees, the birds and us. I know He does. He also tells us, as byou will read further in this letter, when two or more are gathered asking, He will heed. We need you all, those here and those far away to join with us in praying for rain and lower temps so our land can be saved. Ask those you know that will stand with us in this "heat belt" to also pray for God's grace upon us and the land. He will listen. We thank you.

 As evidenced by people living in Oklahoma , Missouri , Kansas , Arkansas , West Texas and South Texas , and ever-increasing areas in other parts of the country, the drought condition is reaching critical status; cattle are being auctioned off; crops have burned up; and drinking water is becoming a concern. Please join us in this prayer circle.

 Lets make this one of the largest prayer circles ever. It will be as though everyone is holding hands around America .

 Father, You said whensoever any two or more come together and agree and ask in Your Son's name, it shall be given. We come to you, humbly, and ask that you bring down the rain to our parched lands. Our farmers and ranchers need it desperately, as well as our firefighters. We ask this all in Jesus' name. Amen.

 You may adopt this prayer and evidence your participation in this  gathering by simply passing this prayer request on to your circle of  friends!


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