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From: Robert Schlichter
To: Patricks Bellringer
Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2011 7:16 PM
Subject: Hello Central Manifest Now
Dear Patrick: 
Thank you again for you and your family's ongoing input of information; also for "A Prayer For America" which I have printed and posted over my desk.
Everything seems to be approaching a critical mass, and I perceive that many of the light workers wonder what they can possibly undertake individually to assist in the process. 
It occurred to me that a short, concise "mantra" of sorts, verbalized at the same time by thousands of those aware, could possibly create the thrust to overcome the impasse we are experiencing.
I submit the following:
 "GOD WILLING,   Be Manifest Now in the appropriate sequence:  Announcements, Disclosures, Exposures, Settlements, Farm and Prosperity Deliveries and  NESARA---MANIFEST NOW!          So Be It! "     (Maybe repeated two or three times or more--on a daily basis.)
I suggest a convenient time across the US would be at 7:00 PM Pacific and/or 7:00 AM Pacific.  (The latter probably less convenient for working people to the east.)
If you have an interest in sharing this, please make any changes or additions you feel appropriate.  It is not written in stone,
but in Hope, Love and Light.    
Should you be willing to participate in this mantra (prayer), I encourage you to do so.  It may be more realistic to make this petition anytime in comes to mind for anyone, anywhere in our world.  You know, "Pray without ceasing!"  ---PHB