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Hi Patrick:  I am from BC and am concerned that  the coming Olympics will be the springboard for a new false flag operation and the resultant rape of our sovereignty and freedoms.Could you print the following meditation/ visualization?

 In the past similar visualizations have steered a hurricane to sea and mitigated its force.


 1.   Let us start with a pranic breathing exercise  ( 10 deep breaths while visualizing inhaling

 prana from the sun and exhaling peace to the world)

 2.   Visualize a great dome of pure white incorruptible light over the city of Vancouver and Whistler ski area. Connect them with tunnels of light along the freeways in the area.(These light domes should cover the entire lower mainland)

 The light within these domes should be a pure and bright as sunlight on new snow. Qualify this light with Peace and Divine Love

 3.   Next Visualize an impervious rubber like roof to these domes which are impervious to all negative forces. (any negative energy sent to the area will  be repelled and it must return to the source of origin)

 4.   Ask the holy ones -Ascended Masters, Archangels the Spiritual Hierarchy and our extra-terrestrial brothers and sisters to energize and affirm this thought/visualization

 5.   Hold this image- thought for at least 3 minutes or as long as you can maintain a concentrated thought.


 Another important visualization


 1.   Visualize a hugh dome of impervious spirit substance over the HAARP in Alaska.

 2.   Line this dome with a spiritual mirror which will reflect any and all electromagnetic forces directed out back to its source.

 3.   Repeat this for other HAARP like weapons you may know about.

 4.   Ask the Holy Ones (Ascended Masters,Archangels,The spiritual Hierarchy etc.and our space brothers) to strengthen and energize this force field.

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