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My Prayer For Earth

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Sent: Wednesday, December 23, 2009 10:34 AM
Subject: My Prayer for Earth
My Prayer for Earth
I pray for a day when all religions realize there is ONE CREATOR.
I pray for the day when all realize there are millions of planets with intelligent life in our universe.
That GOD created them all.
I pray for the day when man does not fear the existence and acknowledgement that we are NOT alone, and never have been.
I pray for humans beings to realize that we are in a process of soul progression and are here on earth to learn valuable lessons under the pretense of FREE WILL.
I pray for humans beings to realize that Jesus (Esu Immanuel) came to demonstrate and TEACH us how human beings should live. Also, because he loves us, and he having achieved greater perfection, wants the same for us. His incarnation soley for the purpose of demonstrating what we must do and to teach us the enormity of our own power within.
I pray for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhist, etc. to realize that  although there is TRUTH in all the religions, however, it is NOT the whole truth.
I pray that man has the courage to realize that the Bible, Koran, Torah, etc are imperfect and do not tell the whole TRUTH. That pieces of the holy books were manipulated to suppress our power and truth, and our ability to defeat the evil on our planet.
I pray that the truth be told that “Reincarnation,” “Law of the Universe, “Manifestation of Thought,” toward the goal of PERFECTION have everything to do with eternal life with our CREATOR.
I pray that mankind realize the poison in ALL modes of “communication” (television, radio, news, magazines) and their evil purpose and intent. That by keeping mankind preoccupied and in FEAR under its propaganda of lies, we will not find truth. Also, by these means of communication, ARE MANIFESTING for the evil ones, CREATING evil over good
I pray that mankind wake to the fact that our thoughts are matter. That whatever we think will happen, WILL! That by thinking of good outcomes, will CREATE THEM!
I pray mankind has the courage to step OUT of their comfort zone and open their minds in search of TRUTH. That only by stepping out of that BOX, will they find it?
I pray for the day when all human beings realize we are all in this together, responsible for each other as much as ourselves. And ONLY by that realization will the light conquer the dark and end all wars.
I pray for all the military troops of ALL nations to realize who they shed their blood for, and for the courage to lie down their weapons and walk OFF THE BATTLEFIELD.
I pray for all people to wake up to love, respect, and embrace their fellow man.
I pray for all Truth seekers, Truth bringers and those who represent the LIGHT be heard, seen and vindicated.
I pray for the veil of DECEPTION to be lifted from all of earth.
I pray for our planet to be rid of evil for all time.
I pray that TRUTH be realized by all of mankind.
I pray for the end to all hunger and hate
I pray for healing of our planet.
I pray for world peace and the message that its all about LOVE.
I pray for it NOW.