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Spiritual & Inspirational Web Sites

Site Name:  The Tree of The Golden Light

Site Description:   Site of Nancy Tate.  Messages of Peace, cooperation in Light and harmony for all mankind.  Nancy channels for Kryon, Sananda, St. Germain, the Galactic Federation, Arch Angel Michael.  "A place and celebration of beauty, tenderness and compatibility with all there is, and an opportunity to communicate between any who choose to partake. Now includes NESARA information and new host of the Jennifer Lee reports.

Category:  Spiritual and Inspirational.

Site Name: Wisdom Traditions Web Site

Site Description: Bringing the wisdom of our past with the science of our future. Books, audio tapes, events, newsletter, thoughts from Gregg, Comments from Gregg, Articles and interviews, lost mode of prayer and courses to take.

Category: Spiritual & Inspirational

Site Name: Slavery's Judgment and the Mark of the Beast

Site Description: The Creator's warning to the rulers of the earth and those who support them. Uses Biblical references, political leader's quotes, research material.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational + Alternative News and Information

Site Name: Star Quest

Site Description: Monthly messages from Archangel Michael. Site has messages from the book, On Wings of LIght". Also questions such as ,What your mission is on Earth, and how you are connected to Angels, etc. are discussed and answered, among other spiritual questions.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: The Prophets Conference

Site Description: Dates and times of Conference in U.S. and other countries. Email newsletter; Travel Programs; Reading Room of inspiring thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc.; Comments and Reflections, Photos, and Information on internationally known faculty members.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: The Center for Conscious Evolution

Site Description: Barbara Marx Hubbard's site. Provides and initial framework and resource hub to foster greater cooperation and coherence within the vast global movement towards positive change now arising on Earth. Invitation to Co-creation, presented as a "blueprint" of what it is envisioned to become through collaborative creation.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Emissary of Light

Site Description: Website for James Twyman. Peace prayers, books,music and art, internet courses, schedule, email letter, chat room.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Self-Mastery Earth Institute

Site Description: ECETI: Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, dedicated to the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth, body mind and spirit.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational + UFO's & ET's

Site Name:  Spirit Voice Newsletter

Site Description:  Spirit Voice is an on-line bi-monthly newsletter edited by Troika Celeste Germain.  Spirit members share their stories, insights and projects.  There is a long list of contributors to this website i.e. Debrah Sky King of Zenith Vibrational Healing, Rev. Maria Lupita Martinez, Andrea Arrowsmith and many others.  All articles are archived.  Gifts, etc.are also available on this site. An international spiritual directory of people, places, products & services dedicated to assisting those on a spiritual path. Select names, categories or locations as one's path to explore all the enlightening web sites within 1 Spirit.

Category: Spiritual and  Inspirational

Site Name:  Abraham-Hicks Publications

Site Description:  Esther Hicks is a motivational speaker who dialogs with a group of spiritual teachers who call themselves Abraham.  Abraham's teaching of deliberate creation can lead you - to finding your soul-mate, healthy relationship, manifesting prosperity, health and well-being, and having everything you want in life.  Workshop recordings, books and videos available on this site.

Category:  Health and Alternative Medicine and Inspirational & Spiritual

Site Name:  Immuners

Site Description:  Immunics is the conscious, immediate, and intentional control of the physiological & psychological aspects of your immune system and the use of your control to do methodical immunological actions that effect cure.  Audio versions, books and films available.

Category:  Health and Alternative Medicine and Inspirational & Spiritual 

Site Name:  The Quickening

Site Description:  Refers to unfolding changes and to predictions about the human psyche, earthquakes, solar flares and weather, as they affect our ascension on Planet Earth.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name:  The Children of Light

Site Description:  This organization is dedicated to informing and educating individuals about the personal and planetary Ascension that we are now experiencing, and  personal healing that will allow us to awaken to the consciousness of our souls.

Category:  Spiritual / Inspirational

Site Name:  Pravda

Site Description:  Russian News site.  Printed in Russian.  Click on "English" if you can't read Russian. News and Analysis On-Line Publication.  Menus include: Former USSR, Top Stories, World Diplomatic, Politics, and many more informative menus.

Category:  Alternative News--Russia

Site Name:  N-2012

Site Description:  An international communications hub for linking of LIght Workers around the world.  Coordinated by Michael Lightweaver. 

Category:  Spiritual/Inspirational

Site Name:  Ascension 2000

Site Description:  David Wilcock's site.  America's most accurate and documented psychic was Edgar Cayce, the "sleeping prophet".  There are numerous indications that David Wilcock is connecting with the same source of information that supplied Cayce with his data and may well be his reincarnation.

Category:  Spiritual: Psychic/Paranormal

Site Name:  The Indigo Children

Site Description:  Information about the Indigo Children now incarnating on our planet.  Books and materials available on this site.

Category:  Spiritual & Inspirational / Indigo Children

Site Name:  Phoenix-Ascended-News-Group

Site Description:  Covers many topics which involve spirituality and the rising consciousness of this planet and the mass consciousness of the human race that resides on Earth.  Participants are encouraged to speak their mind, and share this information with others.

Category:  Spiritual & Inspirational

Site Name:  Bloodline of the Holy Grail, by Sir Laurence Gardner

Site Description:  Extraordinary and controversial lecture.  Detailed genealogical account of the authentic line of succession of the "Blood Royal" from the sons of Jesus.  Also history of the Knights of Templar.

Category:  Spiritual / Inspirational

Site Name:  Welcome to Phoenix Ascended

Site Description:  Networking the knowledge used to guide ones as they ascend like the phoenix to a new reality and spiritual rebirth.

Category:  Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name:  Odyssey of the Soul

Site Description:  A spiritual trilogy for all who desire to enlighten and heal, to help others enlighten and heal, and who desire to heal earth.  A Book of Messages about and from mind, spirit and Light.  Order on-line.

Category:  Spiritual/Inspirational/ Healing.

Site Name:  Spirit Mythos

Site Description:  Channellings by Maia Christianne:  Updates, Templum Mysterium, Tree of Life, Enchantments, Questions Answered, Kingdom of Mer, Mystic Astrology, Earth Genesis, Earth Chronicles, New Earth Chronicles, and much more.

Category:  Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name:  Urantia Foundation

Site Description:  Urantia is also the name for Earth, and the book,Urantia , first published in 1955 is the history of Earth.  The book's message is that all human beings are one family, the sons and daughters of one God, the Universal Father.  It instructs on the genesis,  history and destiny of mankind and our relationship with God.  It also presents a unique and compelling portrayal of the life and teachings of Jesus.

Category:  Spiritual/ Inspirational

Site Name:

Site Description:  Kirael is a Spirit Guide or energy pattern of LIght from the 7th Dimension.   He shares that his medium;, Rev. Fred Sterling, is in service to the Guidance Realm to bring forth the messages of the Great Shift.  This site also has books, tapes and videos to purchase, and offers a live broadcast weekly.  Readings by Kirael are archived.  Other menus i.e. Photon Energy Forecast, Kirael Shift Reports, etc.

Category:  Spiritual / Inspirational

Site Name:  White Feather News

Site Description:  White Feather is a spirit guide channeled by Robert Goodwin.  This site is dedicated to truth revealing things one should know and access to information of which people may not be aware.  Excellent information.

Category:   Spiritual / Inspirational

Site Name:  Spirit Daily

Site Description:  This site hosts spiritual/inspirational articles daily from around the world.  They have hundreds of spiritual articles on archive for readers.

Category:  Spiritual / Inspirational

Site Name:  Red

Site Description:  Red Elk is a Medicine / Wakian man (spiritual teacher.  He belongs to three Native American Societies.  He is frequently interviewed by radio, and has an extensive interview in The Spectrum Magazine or  He gives much information on Earth changes,etc.

Category:  Spiritual / Inspirational

Site Name:   Ishaah

Site Description:  Wisdom of our ancestors.  Inspirational pages, Poems and Verses, For Animal Lovers, Meditative Scenes, Quotes, Holiday Pages

and cards, Inspirational Pages, etc.

Category:  Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Yanco's Homepage

Site Description: Music dedicated to Sananda, Ashtar, Gabriel, Metatron. Mr. Yanco is a composer. His latest songs can be downloaded. His website offers information about himself, his music, and history of the site. You can order CDs and videotapes online as well as subscribe to his newsletter. The site is in English or German

Category: Spiritual & Inspirational

Site Name: The Isle of Light

Site Description: A new site by Chyrene Arnita Pendleton, the national coordinator for PAO Web (Sheldon Nidle). It is a spiritual dimension connecting you to enlightenment and personal empowerment. Discover your power within. Explore the many connections and opportunities in this website. This spiritual site offers a monthly free newsletter, articles, and is hosting a television show based in Denver, CO, also called The Isle of Light. This TV how presents weekly, hour long spiritual/metaphysical presentations. They host prominent lecturers, authors, teachers, psychics and healers from all over the country.

Category: Spiritual / Inspirational

Site Name: Welcome To Our Little Doorways To Heaven

Site Description: This site offers inspirational poems, essays, and books for your enjoyment, plus business opportunities and webmaster tools and services. They host the Young Living Essential Oils, information on cancer research, and information on NESARA

Category: Spiritual / Inspirational

Site Name: Angel Therapy

Site Description: Doreen Virtue's site. Menus include: Articles, Workshops, Frequently Asked questions, Book store, Angel and Rwading Workshops, Message Board, Daily mediation, Gathering Place for Counselors,( Message Board, Worships, Contact Information, Speaking engagement by Ms. Virtue.)

Category: Spiritual & Inspirational

Site Name: The Crimson Circle

Site Description: The Crimson Circle was started in 1999 by a group of Colorado area light workers. The Crimson Circle gatherings are open to all who are on the spiritual journey. We now gather once a month for fellowship, channeling and celebration of our journey. You are warmly invited to join us here on the Internet, and at our monthly group gatherings. The purpose is to join with other Shaumbra to learn more about our divinity and share our experiences. There are no dues to pay or nothing to join. There is nothing you have to "participate" in... just be there and celebrate the journey of life. The meetings are casual, informative and filled with joy. Each meeting includes a channeling from Tobias. Tobias is part of a spiritual group called the Crimson Council. This council has the spiritual purpose of teaching the use of energies on this planet and other places in Creation. Tobias and the Crimson Council bring an energy of wisdom and love, and a perspective from the other side of the veil.

Category: Spiritual & Inspirational

Site Name: Welcome

Site Description: This is a Cosmic Manuscript on how to understand your multidimensional essence. This experience will open your eyes with the simplicity, and elegance in its message. This site offers universal truths and answers. This new dimensional awareness will help transfer you into enlightenment.

Category: Spiritual & Inspirational

Site Name: Cities of LIght

Site Description:Creating the new cities of light for the new millennium will require a shift in our group consciousness. This shift is toward the realization that we are multidimensional beings and that our physical reality is nothing more than a holographic projection of our consciousness. Light becomes the conscious medium of our expression as well as the source of our energy. The fullness of the creative power of the universe is contained within the light. We are all connected from the oneness of this light and from this oneness all things emerge. Ideas impinged upon light, propelled by will: this is how form is manifested. Lady Kadjina Speaks is one of the menus on this website.

Category: Spiritual & Inspirational

Site Name: Saint Germain Press

Site Description: The original authorized publications of the AScended Masters' Instruction & the "I AM Activity. St. Germain Press commenced publication in 1934 the Unveiled Mysteries, the extraordinary initial experiences of Godfre Ray King with the Ascended Master St. Germain. Thirteen volumes followed and much other material. This authentic, complete instruction on the"Might I Am Presence, which is the Law of Life, is offered in books, books on tape, radio broadcasts (on cassettes & in transcripts, contemplation music on audio cassettes & compact discs, and paintings of the Ascended Masters and Their Activities of Light.

Category: Spiritual & Inspirational

Site Name: The New Kingdom

Site Description: Spiritual and Inspirational site located in Australia. Menus include A Call To Awakening, Books, Inner Teachings, Rare Insights, and Servers of The Divine Plan.

Category: Spiritual & Inspirational

Site Name: A Course In Miracles

Site Description: A Course in Miracles is a complete self-study spiritual thought system. As a three-volume curriculum consisting of a Text, Workbook for Students, and Manual for Teachers, it teaches that the way to universal love and peace—or remembering God—is by undoing guilt through forgiving others. The Course thus focuses on the healing of relationships and making them holy. A Course in Miracles also emphasizes that it is but one version of the universal curriculum, of which there are "many thousands." Consequently, even though the language of the Course is that of traditional Christianity, it expresses a non-sectarian, non-denominational spirituality. A Course in Miracles therefore is a universal spiritual teaching, not a religion.

Category: Spiritual & Inspirational

Site Name: SOUL-utions

Site Description: Directors Santari and Soleira Green's site. S.O.U.L. is a company that brings together globally creative people / leaders to create a new world. They seek to accomplish this through event management (conferences & workshops) and through publishing articles, books, etc. Their shareholders are people who are committed to creational & evolutionary leadership in all aspects of life.

Category: Spiritual & Inspirational

Site Name: One LIght

Site Description: The Hollow Earth List is created by for the further sharing of ideas, concepts, probabilities & enlightening information from resources on the Inner Earth and Hollow Earth now available and being made available to "surface dwellers" as well as the announcement of updates & coming events.

Category: Spiritual & Inspirational

Site Name: Mawuvia and The Mawuvian Council of Divine Light

Site Description: A Grand Experiment with the planet Mawuvia, which was created as a "prototype" for Earth. It was a very beautiful planet, much smaller than Earth. Once it was created a call went out to ALL life forms for volunteers to inhabit the planet as 3rd Dimensional Beings, with the purpose of seeing how long it would take them to raise their vibration to the Fifth Dimension (sound familiar?) Log on to get the rest of the history.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Cosmic Manuscript

Site Description: This is a Cosmic Manuscript on how to understand one's multidimensional essence. This experience will open one's eyes with the simplicity; and elegance in its message. Cosmic Manuscript offers universal truths and answers. This new dimensional law will help transfer one into enlightenment.

Category: Spiritual& Inspirational

Site Name: The Crimson Circle

Site Description: The Crimson Circle was started in 1999 by a group of Colorado area light workers. The Crimson Circle gatherings are open to all who are on the spiritual journey. We now gather once a month for fellowship, channeling and celebration of our journey. You are warmly invited to join us here on the Internet, and at our monthly group gatherings. See our calendar of events.The purpose is to join with other Shaumbra to learn more about our divinity and share our experiences. There are no dues to pay or nothing to join. There is nothing you have to "participate" in... just be there and celebrate the journey of life. The meetings are casual, informative and filled with joy. Each meeting includes a channeling from Tobias. Tobias is part of a spiritual group called the Crimson Council. This council has the spiritual purpose of teaching the use of energies on this planet and other places in Creation. Tobias and the Crimson Council bring an energy of wisdom and love, and a perspective from the other side of the veil.

Category: Spiritual & Inspirational

Site Name: Critical Mass

Site Description: This website is a clarion call to all conscious beings to unite and invoke the aid of the Great Ones to assist this world. It is a call to those who desire to be instruments of change for the destiny of this planet. Ones should have focused thought, and intent to coordinate with and within the flow of Divine Order, released with the energies of faith and trust that can transform this earthly experience. Ones are being asked to join this force of good and become a part of the solution.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Soul Journey

Site Description: The messages and teachings of two Beloved Angels, Akasha and Asun (Twin Flames). They are Divine Specialists at helping people achieve their ascensions. They speak through Craig Russel. Many links and much information on this website.

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual

Site Name: The Gnostic Papers

Site Description: John V Panella , is the author the the Gnostic Papers--The undiscovered Mysteries of Christ! Free articles and ebooks, and a newsletter. Operated by donations. The intent of the site is to bring back the positive power of the ancient mysteries where people can use them in their everyday life bringing great changes to them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Mr. Panella offers free Ebooks with the first one teaching how to go out of body.

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual.

Site Name: Sparks of Light Energy

Site Description: The intent of sharing this material with you is first and foremost to show that a clear relationship and dialog with our Higher Self and Beings that abide within Inner Realms is possible. It is as real as the thoughts you think and as the air you breathe. Keys to take you to that place are given—keys that ultimately lead you to your own master key so that you might then do likewise.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Maitreya Education Trust - The World Teacher

Site Description: This web site is devoted to teaching and bringing messages from Spiritual Realms to each of us. These simple messages and teaching are for everyone and have been brought to us through the ages. Now each of us has an opportunity of once more listening to and reading them. is the mirror site and are the services of books, tapes, courses, tutoring and counseling.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Earthcode & Inner Light International Network

Site Description: This site informs one about the Dolphin Children who bring anew energy,a new vision and the ability to implement it. They will eventually replace the current generations that are resistant to the new consciousness & those who are too fearful or hostile to embrace anew world of greater hope and promise. They are called the Angels on Earth. Check out this site.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: The Quantum Awakening

Site Description: Site of Gillian Beth Loutin, Channeler of Light Messages, Author, Lecturer, Teacher and Student. Newsletters, workshops.

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual

Site Name: Light Elixirs

Site Description: This website is the "home" for The ASCEND Foundation, which is a non-profit world service organization guided by The Inner Plane Ascended Masters which lovingly offers world service presently through global meditations, master messages and three Metatron healing programs. They offer this first level of Metatron's program to assist you to understand the changes within you and to assist you to flow with the currents of energy activating and releasing through you, through this period of great Transition. There are three levels of Metatron's healing. This site is based in AU. We offer this first level of Metatron's program to assist you to understand the changes within you and to assist you to flow with the currents of energy activating and releasing through you, through this period of great Transition.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: The Seventh Fire

Site Description: Ojibwe prophecy of end times. Makers of the dreamcatcher, Dream Catcher kits, history, Mothter Earth drums, music, legends, stories, natural halth andnutrition. Also Seroctin, Pycnogenol and Sonic Bloom. They will help people become the masters of the miracle of life on Earth.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Web Of Love

Site Description: Established 03/03/03.The Web of Love is an energetic web which connects the divine essence of all beings on this planet. In that deepest part of human beings, each person is a beautiful, divine essence filled with love. The Web of Love, though invisible to human's eyes, interconnects all people through that deepest essence. It surrounds and envelops this planet and all who live here. People are all interconnected by divine love. It is up to each of one how much he/she chooses to be aware of this connection.

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual

Site Name: Gods of Ancient Egypt

Site Description: Man's first gods were the forces of nature. Terrifying and unpredictable, they were feared rather than revered by our ancestors. Yet while much of the world was in darkness, worshipping cruel incarnations of natural forces, a river valley in Africa held a people who followed a different path. They worshipped gods that were beautiful to behold, luminous beings that walked the earth, guiding the human race to Paradise. They had human forms but were much more powerful; yet like humans, they got angry, despaired, fought with one another, had children, and fell in love. They lived lives that were very much like those of the people who worshipped them, the ancient Egyptians. Information of each god, including Mother Sekhmet. Very informative site.

Category: Spiritual/Inspirational

Site Name: XSIST

Site Description: Xsist was created by Wilhelmina G.I. McKittrick, guided by the light and it's helpers. Wilhelmina was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and now lives in the U.S.A.This website gives us the opportunity to reach out to the ones that need healing, guidance and support in their lives. The focus is on the Self as when the Self is healed and aware of its mission, all the answers on the questions we all may have, will become as clear as the daylight. No costs, no judgments, just sincere help out of love for the universe and it's travelers.

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual

Site Name: Collective Vision

Site Description: Their collective vision is the creation of a world-wide harmonic culture, recognizable through the widespread presence of creativity, inspiration, compassion, nurturing, respect, abundant healthy food, clean clear water, low cost energy, supportive residential communities, and a unified spirituality. To be clear, what they are seeking is an end of a culture that supports war, violence, homelessness, hunger, thirst, toxicity, isolation, sexism and racism.

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual

Site Name: Triangles of Light

Site Description: Triangles of Light is a worldwide service activity for men and women of goodwill who believe in the power of thought to lift and aid humanity. The network of Triangles forms a channel for Light and Love to flow through each member and out to humanity. You are invited to create a Triangle, or to join a Triangle and light it up online. This is a powerful method of using spiritual energies for global healing. It is not necessary to live in the same area or to coordinate the time. Many international triangles exist.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: The Quantum Awakening

Site Description: A global electronic newsletter, created, channeled, published and copyrighted by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan. This website gives a thought, and a way of of life. Gillian is a Visionary, a Seer, born with the gift of knowing. She is a clairvoyant psychic with advanced channeling abilities. She has been a Metaphysical Teacher, Messenger and world known Trance-Channel, for 30 years She works with the Ascended Masters, Councils of Light, Star Masters, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Mother Mary, the Pleiadians and many other energies of the Christ Light. She also teaches using cutting edge information and techniques that she receives from the higher dimensions of Light. Gillian teaches many Advanced Light Acceleration Classes & Transformational Seminars hoping to help others to get ready for the infusions of Higher Light. She writes for several magazines world wide, has hosted her own Psychic talk radio show and is a guest speaker on several national radio and TV shows. Free newsletter, products, services, therapy healing, seminars.

Category: Spiritual/ Inspirational

Site Name: Padre Pio Teaches The World

Site Description: Padre Pio, an Italian monk who bore the stigmata (bleeding hands and feet) for 50 years, passed over in 1968. Since then he has been communicating with loved ones via telepathy. A web page is now up, carrying his messages as he continues to teach and heal.

He has communicated with several persons on earth. He has expressed a desire that a web page be created, so that he can teach the people, as he put it. This web page, created by Helen Engel, is in response to his request.

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual

Site Name: Rainbow Warriors Awake Online!

Site Description: An Invitation to Remember a book byAleia N. O'Reilly with Beloved Sant Germain. A quote from the author: "Welcome toRainbow Warriors Awake! On-Line Hello internet traveler! I wish to extend a personal welcome to this area of the Little Hummingbird site. Back in 1994 when I was in the process of writing Rainbow Warriors Awake! An Invitation to Remember, I had no idea how this work would change my life and lives of many others. Now seven years later, I am still touched by the depth of St. Germain’s wisdom and the profundity of these teachings. The breadth and scope of these ideas are also relative to recent scientific evidence in areas such as quantum physics and human genetics – the evolution of humankind."

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name:

Site Description: Granny D aka Doris Haddock has been a freedom fighter for many years. At the age of 93 she walked across the United States giving her famous speeches on freedom. "We have a duty to look after each other. If we lose control of our government, then we lose our ability to dispense justice and human kindness. Our first priority today, then, is to defeat utterly those forces of greed and corruption that have come between us and our self-governance."--Doris Haddock. The site contains her writings, speeches and her personal history. She is an ispiration to all Americans.

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual

Site Name: The Harmonic Concordance

Site Description: "Welcome to the home pages of The Harmonic Concordance. This site is devoted to a discussion of the astrological metaphors and spiritual meaning implied in the horoscope of a moment in our future, the total lunar eclipse of November 8/9 2003.*

The astrological chart of that moment has a distinctive pattern, or "signature," which is visible even to the untrained eye. The astrological holograph that the moment projects is fundamentally spiritual in nature, and can be understood terms of Quantum Meta-Physics as well as by 'astro-spiritual' metaphor. It speaks of the descent of God-Consciousness upon this plane and offers a moment in time when humankind can make a concerted effort to rise up to meet it. We have called this moment of attunement The Harmonic Concordance. We believe that it opens an energetic "stargate" to the Ascension of Mother Earth, and to each of her inhabitants. Many have called the attainment of this paradigm the Shift of Ages."

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: The New Ground Crew At Mount Shasta

Site Description: Site run by Valerie Donner. The Ground Crew(Valerie Donner communicates with Adama, the High Priest and spiritual leader in the sacred Leumurian city of LIght called Telos beneath Mount Shasta, CA. Adama is Aalso an ambassador and diplomat for Galactic contacts with our Star Brothers and Sisters, on behalf of humanity within and on the surface of the globe. Adama, along with his Lemurian team are also in charge of the creation and maintenance of a very important crystalline grid around this planet. He is working with many members of various galactic and interplanetary beings on this important project.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Voice Yourself --Transforming THe World Together

Site Description: They believe all life on earth is sacred. VoiceYourself promotes and inspires individual action to create global momentum towards simple organic living and to restore balance and harmony to our planet. At VoiceYourself they start from a place of shared interest. VoiceYourself is a communication hub that promotes simple organic living through conscious consumerism, the sharing of ideas and information, as well as encouraging peaceful civil disobedience.

Category: Inspirational

Site Name: A Grace Note

Site Description: Uplifting messages on Love,Freedom, Joy, Peace, LIfe, Home SEcurity Fulfillment, Forgiveness and Grace plus a musical CD. A Grace Note is the monthly companion to Perception Rules From Beca (Lee) Lewis, author of:“Living in Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception” and Delbert Lee Piper.

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual

Site Name: Welcome To The Website of Mary Mageau (White)

Site Description: Ms. Mageau's website is devoted to women who have achieved in the creative fine arts (composers and painters) as well as a large number of pages dedicated to the practice of meditation, spiritual links, prayers and poetry. Ms. Mageau has worked in the US and Australia as a composer, university usic lecturer and chamber music performer on piano and harpsichord. Four sections of this website are: 1) Composers 2) Painters 3) Meditation 4) Poetry.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Life Transformation course

Site Description: Miracle mind dynamics.This course is by Elprehzleinn. The course includes: 1)More Mind Power From Gold; 2) Learn Positive Thinkintg; Change Your Life; Self Hypnosis-Change Your Life in 20 min. The course is dedicated to the glory of love, and the ALL is IS.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: What's Up On PLanet Earth?

Site Description: The latest energy alert about human and planetary evolution.The purpose, desire and passion behind What’s Up On Planet Earth? is in bringing a higher level of planetary and human awareness to souls who are summoning this energy.....through: What’s Up On Planet Earth? Energy Alerts. As we summon more source energy through our desire to evolve as humans and as a planet, and as the planet and its inhabitants continue to elevate in vibrational frequency through a planetary repositioning in the universe, a convergence is created in perfect alignment, and our natural evolution results.

Category: Inspiration and Spiritual

Site Name: Star Wheels

Site Description: The StarWheels are a collection of over 100 of 6' x 6' mandala paintings

created by artist Aya.These "neo-mandalas" have been envisioned

as a sacred hologram of 12 series of 12 templates of Light.

108+ StarWheels have been born so far... and the family keeps expanding. WELCOME and ENJOY !!!

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Healing Hands of Light

Site Description: A site devoted to healing and spirituality. Index includes Angels, Animal Commlunication and Healing-Working with Animals; Astral spinal Attunement, Auras, Meditation The Breath, and others.

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual

Site Name: Planet Puna The Aloha Plane

Site Description: A project of the Sirius Institute. You are invited you join them on an adventure that will change your view of life, of consciousness, and of what is possible. They are establishing full communication with the ancient, intelligent cetacea, and are going on to live in space with free access to our solar system and beyond. They have the knowledge and means to create a loving, abundant and free way of life for ourselves and our children.

The Sirius Institute is a tax-exempt research and development partnership creating the "Dolphinization of the Planet" and the "Humanization of Space".

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Crystal Links

Site Description: Elljie Crystal's Metaphysical and Science website. She is a Psychic, Researcher; Therapist; Reiki Master, Teacher, Autho;r, Broadcaster; Html Programmer; and Lecturer. Many articles on the following: Ancient and Lost civilization; Celestial Bodies and Entities; Conspiracies and Mystery Schools; Creation; Crystas; Extraterrestrials, Healing and Energy, Health and Research; Message From Other Realms; Multimedia; Physical Sciences; Planet Earth; Prophets and Prophecies and much more. Please check out the St. Germain history at

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational / Science.

Site Name: Children of the New Earth

Site Descripton: If you're a new visitor to this site, Children of the New Earth magazine is a truly cutting-edge publication that addresses the changing consciousness of children. Published quarterly, it contains a wealth of articles as well as special reports on a wide variety of subjects from parenting, health and nutrition to education, medicine, and spirituality from our worldwide team of Contributing Editors, Advisory Panel members and writers, many of whom are experts in their fields.

Category: Spiritual / Inspirational

Site Name: Planet

Site Description: The Planet Lightworker is the monthly online spiritual/metaphysical magazine and is the sister site of Such articles as "How to Get Anthing you Want: "The Kids" are the Key. ,"An Awakened LIfe". Conscious Parenting. Subscription only.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Mt. Shasta Light Publishing - THe Lemurian Connection

Site Description: This site connects with the innercity of Telos, the subterranean city of Lemurians, who survived the sinking of Lemuria 12,000 years ago. Mt. Shaska is a special spiritual place on Earth. Menu's include channelings from Adama the High Priest, Lemurian talk, Messages from the Higher Realms, etc. Books available.

Category: Inspirational/Spiritual--Also UFO's Aliens.

Site Name: The Holy Observer

Site Description:The story of The Holy Observer goes all the way back to the summer of 2002 when founder Marcus Crosby was jogging near his Plymouth, Michigan apartment. Stopping to rest under a large oak tree, Crosby saw a vision of a silver laptop appear on the ground beside him. Crosby picked it up and there on the screen was The Holy Observer Web site.Despite the late start, The Holy Observer remains committed to reporting on issues vital to contemporary Christian life, never forgetting the message of Hezekiah 13:7, "Ye that dwelleth in His name, observe the news of the Lord. Check out the menu: : Manna appearing in Sinai and people are being "fed from heaven".

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational.

Site Name: Romancing The Universe

Site Description: This website, and the forthcoming book by Byron Belitsos entitled Romancing the Universe: A Guide to the Mysteries of the Urantia Revelation, are a beginner’s guide for fact-loving, truth-synthesizing romancers. If you wish to journey into the final mysteries of the cosmos using the transport-vehicle of The Urantia Book.

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Site Name: The Personal Website of Drunvalo Melchizedek

Site Description: Drunvalo Melchizedek is the editor in chief of their Spirit of Ma'at online magazine. Their mission:The purpose of the Spirit of Ma'at is to provide a central clearinghouse of undistorted information in the areas of spirituality, human potential, and new science. We feel that this service is important because the Internet is forming a global brain — birthing a new way of planetary communication — and yet there is so much factual distortion and fear-based reporting that it is akin to mental imbalance: not knowing what is real and what is not. The truth will bring clarity. And, most important, truth just might provide the answers to saving ourselves from ourselves. And finding peace.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Cloverleaf Connection

Site Description: "Cloverleaf Connection is an Earth-based contact for the Ashtar Command and hundreds of other celestial entities. Their messages have been distributed to humankind in numerous ways. Included in the myriad of subjects that have been received are Earth changes, coming times, personal and Earth healing, psychic development, cosmic masters, meditation, telepathy training, relationship challenges and preparation for ascension. More recently, we call our work “research through channeling”. Subjects that have been investigated include ascension, the origin of Star People, twin flames, life after death, and the photon belt/null zone theory. Ariana Sheran is an inter-dimensional channel of Light, whose pleasure it is to share the love and helpful insights of Ashtar, Sananda, Archangel Lord Michael, and many other beings of Light through booklets, tapes, and printed channelings, published by Cloverleaf Connection."

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual

Site Name: The Love Center

Site Description: A Course in Love and Healing, founded by Scott and Shannon Peck Bringing humanity into the heart of Love. This website offers Brochures, Workshops, and new books,plus both co-founders do speaking tours. Shannon tells about how Love can heal people with seemingly incurable ailments that have defied medical treatment. Some of the topics include finding the LoveMate of your dreams, Living as a LoveMaster, Heaing Your Life. Check out Shannon Peck's new book, Love Heals.

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual

Site Name: Dimensions

Site Description: Information about lst to 7th dimension; flatland, 7 dimensions, the power of dimensions. Described by drawings and explanations of mathematical designs to help the reader understand.

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual

Site Name: We Are Not Alone

Site Description: Site run by Dianne Robbins. She communicates to the Cetatians and to the Underground people of Telos. Three of her books are: The Call Goes Out; Telos, the Hollow Earth and the Underground Cities; and Messages from the Hollow Earth. Ms. Robbins says: "I tapped into the cosmos and connected to the Cetaceans (Whales and Dolphins), Adama in the Subterranean City of Telos, Mikos in the Hollow Earth, the Ascended Masters, the Ashtar Command of the Confederation of Planets, Nature Spirits and Trees. I no longer felt alone, but suddenly connected to Beings everywhere through the telepathic phone lines that exist throughout the cosmos. My communication with Mikos has reconnected me to who I am, and why I am here, and I discovered that I am connected to all life - everywhere - not just on Earth but all life throughout our Milky Way Galaxy."

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Wingmakers

Site Descrption: Nearly a thousand pages of thought-provoking multimedia content that introduces a new cosmology and a future vision of our universe and our purpose therein. It is certain to expand the mind of any who reads, listens, and views this startling collection of philosophy, art, poetry, science, music, and integrated, multi-level story. The origin of all of this material is a mystery. It is brought to the public anonymously by a source known simply as James. The Ancient Arrow Project is as much a spiritual revelation as it is a mind-expanding adventure into the profound discoveries that await humanity in the fields of metaphysics, cosmology, psychology, and genetics.

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual

Site Name: The Art Of Living Foundation

Site Description: The Art of Living Foundation is an international non-profit educational and humanitarian organization, active in over 140 countries. The Foundation is dedicated to creating peace from the level of the individual and fostering human values within the global community. Our programs eliminate stress, create a sense of belonging, restore human values, and encourage people from all backgrounds, religions, and cultural traditions to come together in celebration and service. This site reveals the greatness of Sri Sir Ravi Shanker.

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual

Site Name: Interview With God

Site Description: Short movie with beautiful pictures and poem, describing an interview with God.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Millennium of LOVE!

Site Description: This site has presented the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing bu the Truth. Articles from, Dove Reports, Jennifer Lee Reports, Archangel Michael, Phoenix Journals, many other articles on NESARA, and photographs of interest.

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual

Site Name: Operation Terra

Site Description: A new revelation on Earth changes, ETs, the end times, and the journey to the New Earth, Terra. "The concept of Operation Terra is one of assisting Planet Earth in her ascension to her next form, the new Earth, Terra, and the colonization of that new planet by a group of pioneers from the present planetary civilization, who will undergo a personal transformation along the way. The "op" is a cooperative venture between those who are on the ground (the "ground troops") and those who are in the regions surrounding the planet on many levels of being. (Since ALL beings are projections of their Oversouls, none of us are really "from here," so all of us could be said to be extraterrestrials.)"

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Source of Light

Site Description: Website of Kara Kincannon. "Our purpose is to assist in bringing in more light from higher dimensional sources of Spirit.Our function is to assist mankind in gently lifting the veils of denial. Source of Light is an aspect of the 'Brotherhood / Sisterhood' of Light. Our purpose is to create functional models to aid in the evolution of mankind's awakening to its Godhood and to co-create a New World, a Heaven here on Earth. We at Source of Light support the Christ Light on this planet to serve in the illumination of the Creator Source that emanates from and is experienced when we perceive and receive the energies of the Divine Source. We are here to assist in the activation of the Great Cosmic Mother (Earth), which is the space that receives creation from the Source and holds the seed visions of all potentialities nurturing and sustaining life as it seeks expression." Check out the SOL project and the help for the Hopi Nation

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Lessons From The Geese

Site Description: This site has a lesson from the geese with a poem, pictures and music. Humans have lessons to learn from the geese.

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual

Site Name: Sunfell

Site Description: Site of Lori A. Johnson. Site includes:The Garden: Musings on life, quirks of American Culture, and other interesting and amusing things. The Temple: Essays on Metaphysics, Magick and Esoteric subjects. The Library: Books, Music, Links to other places, and a little about Ms. Johnson. The Indigo Files: A personal experience of the Indigo phenomenon. Adult Indigos. September Memories: Thoughts, memorials, poems and stories. The Sunfell Forum: Boards for Guestbook and Essay discussions. What’s New? Jump to the latest additions to this site.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Pieces for Peace

Site Description: Fairly new site. "Here is a place where you can spend some time considering what life is about and where it’s taking you. Your new friends, Frankie and Ernie, will try to provide you with motivation to think and inspiration to go a bit deeper than you might usually.

We’re going to challenge a lot of established conventions and rock some boats. That’s not for any particular purpose other than helping you to motivate reasonable thinking and inspire you to see that the only one who is responsible for you, as a person, is you."

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual

Site Name: Romancing The Universe, A Guide to the Mysteries of the Urantia Revelation

Site Description: Byron Belitsos has put together a website with his writings on the Urantia revelation with many key links, plus books he has written or published about it. Mr. Belitsos is the author of the forthcoming book, Romancing the Universe: A Guide to the Mysteries of the Urantia Revelation. Belitsos has coauthored and published two previous books about the Urantia Book, entitled The Center Within: Lessons from the Heart of the Urantia Revelation (1998) and The Secret Revelation: Unveiling the Mystery of the Book of Revelation (2002). Byron has been a student of the Urantia Book for 29 years, and has written and spoken widely on its teachings.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Lumari-Psychic Consultant, Channel and Author

Site Description: Lumari is an internationally known spiritual teacher, psychic/spiritual consultant, and channel. Her new title, Akashic Records, brings direct communication from the Akashic about the chronicles of consciousness" in their care. Uncover your life purpose;

Gain deep understanding of your destiny; Release limiting patterns and beliefs; Heal physical and emotional pain; Accelerate your personal and spiritual growth; and Reach new levels of awakening.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Welcome to Heaven

Site Description: Website created by Lia Eden through Archangel Gabriel. She receives guidance from AA Gabriel (since 1997). During the guidance, AA Gabriel has been purifying and educating Lia Eden. " I am here with the people who're willing to listen to news from heaven and the hereafter. I, Gabriel, the Messenger of God, have come. I am resent on the internet as myself on purpose. Here I am speaking and telling what God has revealed. Give me way to penetrate the virtual world, until you know the wills of God Most Beautiful.Hey, don't you all want to know about God from near you?Well, here is my website, the closest distance to God. Check out

Love greeting from me. Archangel Gabriel".

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: SoulWork - Heal Your Soul

Site Description: Site operated by Clive Shane Hetherington and Cris Camargo Alegre an English husband and Brasilian wife team. They present a new advanced experiential healing approach that works with the soul at soul level. They have support and training programs to help you access and explore directly to resolve the causes of traumas, suppressed feelings, limiting life patterns, energy blocks and so on with the aim to move beyond all boundaries, limits, beliefs and restrictions into a deeper level of freedom and wholeness. This is transformative healing at its most advanced working to the deepest and most fundamental levels way beyond what is considered the front edge in terms of healing, energy work, human & soul evolution.

Category: Spiritual and Inspirational

Site Name: Co-Creations Unlimited

Site Description: Site of Bryce and Lisa Jackson. Quote: " What if our purpose of life on Earth is as simple as experiencing it...regardless of what choices you make. Remembering how to flow down the river on your journey back home instead of trying to change the course of the river!...God's divine plan may be just about experiencing the freedom/limitation polarities embracing them both and co-creating oneness...experience the transformation of duality/polarity into oneness while we are conscious beings! Become a fully realized human being with the Oneness Consciousness while you are in a physical body.

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual

Site Name: Creating the New Earth

Site Description: Site of Mark Stearn. Welcome to Creating the New Earth Website, the purpose of this site is to inform and uplift all as to the ongoing changes we are all experiencing as we move collectively into the fifth dimension and higher...

Category: Inspirational and Spiritual

Site Name: Effortless Prosperity

Site Description: "It is our Mission to assist others in healing their mind, especially at a level that integrates the spritual and physical aspects of life. In sharing principals of Effortless Prosperity and giving up control, Effortless Prosperity teaches how to connect with all of one's powers to effortlessly experience the abundance of joy in life. In sharing loving thoughts of giving up control he teaches how, with the assistance of your guide , to gain conscious control of health, money, and relationships with yourself and create ultimate World Peace."

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