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Saint Germain: A New Perspective On Planet Nibiru

St. Germain Chaneled By Forenna

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ondition for many, many millennia, and it is about the purification of that which is not real, in any dimension, that signifies the real progress of the human species on earth.

Now, there are some beings who have still not learned this principle, but that is because they are not supposed to. And then there are beings who have learned this principle and who are in the process of learning this principle, such as yourselves. And, to remember that who you are is Light in a physical form and that your Light is that which is now expanding and replenishing the physical form so that that is all there is. Then the world of illusion dissolves and does not have an effect on who you are as beings.

I am here to remind you of these principles, and what is important to remember during these times of great transition and transformation is that they have already been predicted. So what is behind a prediction from the wise ones who first were guided to place this particular era, this particular time in their writings and in their calendars is to signify that this transition was to happen even though it had not happened yet, but yet was placed in the future—this is known as a prediction. So, if you think for a moment and ask “Why is it that this particular space in the future was being actually written into the calendars, writings and tablets of the ancient people who have somehow gotten this guidance? What is the answer to why someone would bother to have this particular aspect of life be predicted? Have you a clue?

Emily: It’s a time of a shift in dimensions and change. I think it gives everybody the chance to ask how they want their reality to be. . . .

Lord Saint Germain: . . .And when. You see, during the times of the Ancients, there was a lot more land, water mass and reduced population than there is now. That had something to do with the predictions. Because some of the ancient people already knew the principles of the ascended state, as you have already discussed in your conversations today. To take these conversations a bit further into the Light, then you can recognize that the reason that the people were guided to write about these predictions was because there was a certain level of time, not totally recognized, but a certain level of time when everyone would understand, through a shift in consciousness, that the Light exists in the human soul. And therefore, the physical form is a potential activation of the Light that is brought into the human soul, so that the physical form can transcend and transform itself into a Light Body.

The prediction was a reality for the ancients that was guided through them. In other words, they had not yet experienced the total Light Body on earth. They had to transcend through the awareness that was available to them at the time, and they were asked to put this guidance into the future because that was what was going to happen, if there was a shift in consciousness at the particular time span, which is 2003-2014.

The Presence of Nibiru has many levels to it. First of all, it is an inhabited planet. It is not an empty ball of magnetic mass. It is a planet that is guided, just as much as the peoples of this world and this planet have been guided ever since the world began. Nibiru is coming again, not so much to create disaster, disease, starvation and hunger, but more to catalyze that shift that was predicted by the beings of ancient times, to correlate with the shift in consciousness that is already happening with beings who have reincarnated over and over again to get to this place in themselves where they are now able and willing to come into the experience of their Light Bodies from the soul outward.

The main reason for the presence of Nibiru, not only in this particular era, but also in all succeeding eras, was for humanity to understand that “You are Light.”

When humanity completely understands that “You Are Light,” then Nibiru will spin out of this Solar System and do its work elsewhere, wherever, it is wanted and needed. This is the truth of Nibiru, which has not completely been revealed.

Emily: No. I have not heard that before . . . Have they been monitoring us every time they come around, and our development? They put structures like religion and government in there as part of the development, but it’s actually an assignment?

Lord Saint Germain: They are an advanced race of beings. They do not necessarily leave Nibiru unless they are guided or told to do that. Most of them continue to remain on their planet, but they have already prepared for this, because they are immortal and they do not have to worry about recycling themselves. They already have that knowledge and experience intrinsically in who they are.

Emily: There is a perception that because they set up Babylon and controlled us through time through the mystery schools, and so on, that they are the “bad” guys who come to control us again.

Lord Saint Germain: That comes from the fear that is intrinsically connected with those beings who have not yet discovered their Light Body. You are in a subtler dimension, where you can see the real purpose of the Nibirians. It looks like “control”, when you are operating out of a lower frequency in yourself. It looks like “ascension”, when you are operating at the level of the ascended vibratory frequency. Knowing this is a very important clue for yourselves, each one of you and all of the others who are moving in the direction of ascension, The presence of Nibiru is a time of extreme quickening of the ascended state.

Let me share the real story of Noah’s Ark. Noah, as he was called--even though that was not necessarily his real name at the time—was an extremely sensitive and aware human being who was one of many who lived in that era, that were aware that there were going to be great floods, earthquakes and earth changes occurring. He got the guidance to “build an Ark”, which was, by the way, many times bigger than what is pictured. He was not the only one who built an Ark. There were many other Arks that were built by others. But, because he was the first to build one, he was known as the leader, and therefore was given the attention and the “publicity”, so to speak. His purpose was the same as all of the others. There were many arks that were built to save whatever could be saved. They lived as boats on the water, until the magnetic field of Nibiru was out of the force field of the earth, so that they could witness the waters recede and the lands come back.

Emily: How long was the force field in effect at that time?

lord Saint Germain: Thirty days. The thing to understand is that the purpose of Nibiru and the Nibirians is to accelerate the time of the ascension, where the physical form can receive its Divine Inheritance—the real purpose of being a human. If you recall, many civilizations were birthed and flourished after Noah’s Ark.

Emily: So there was a wiping out of a denser level of being?

Lord Saint Germain: Yes. That is the real purpose of Nibiru.

Emily: So the ones that were guided to build the arks were of a higher vibration already?

Lord Saint Germain: Yes. These points are important to recall at this time because they are metaphors to all of you who are moving into your ascension. Take heed that this is the time and space to move forward into your Light Bodies. Of course, moving into your Light Bodies automatically assures the life that you want to lead as a human being. But, it is not necessarily connected to all of your desires, or even your karmic completions. The Light Body will move in the frequency which is its natural state, which may not give you the same effect that you would want had your inner human desires be fulfilled.

Emily: The Light Body is more like an “ark”. Your own personal “ark.”

Lord Saint Germain: Yes. And it has its own vibrational frequency, which completes the karmic connections that you wish to release in your life. Because you are focused in this one purpose, intention and fulfillment to have your Light Body be present in your life all of the time. That frequency takes care of what you may be working on right now and thinking that it is important to fulfill or complete.

Emily: So that Nibiru would actually be cleansing the planet, and that through time is pretty much what has happened. And when the earth has its upheaval whatever happens to the people is according to their vibration?

Lord Saint Germain: That is exactly correct. And you will be guided, just as I explained the metaphor of standing in front of a Tidal Wave in your Light Body—you will be guided and protected, and you will know what to do and where to go and how to be. It is very important for you to continue to not only spin your Light Body Template, but also to continue the classes in Light Body activation, because it will help you receive up-to-the-minute information and receive vibrational shifts in your own perspectives and physical forms, so that you can stay up-to-date with the process of evolution that is happening at this time.

Let us go back and revisit the ancients. Now we can have a better understanding that they were aware. That they were moving the future forward by receiving the guidance and placing it as a historical document for future generations to discover and to realize what the meaning of these approximate 13 years was for, and why it is that Nibiru would actually reappear during the time of this very important 13 or 14 years. Why did it not appear five years ago, or 20 years after? Why is it happening in the early or mid part of this time-span? There is a reason and purpose for everything. Divine Timing says that if it comes early it is because it is being brought by the beings who are aware of what is going on in this planet, how fast the frequency of Nibiru should move towards the earth. It could be delayed, depending on how fast earth shifts on its own to the state of the ascension that is here for everyone. And I mean, everyone. Or it could be precipitated to come sooner if nothing is shifting enough so that the 13 year period can actually be fulfilled at the time it is supposed to. Because it is still operating in linear time.

Emily: “So, if our consciousness raises to a higher frequency, the energy that is coming from Nibiru could be greater or less according to our frequency?

Lord Saint Germain: Yes.

Emily: And so the earth changes and people being recycled would be affected by our consciousness to a greater or lesser degree. So we’re really the ones that are. . . .

Lord Saint Germain: . . . In charge. Yes. And, of course, depending on how well you recognize that you are in charge, and how you take on this ability to be in charge is what is going on right now. All of these shifts and changes are giving people an indication that they have an opportunity to be in charge in a spiritual way, not in a physical way.

Emily: A well known lady channel said that the energy from Nibiru would be the crashing of the government, church and all of the institutions and that Nibiru had actually set those up in the beginning. I guess they’re not the bad guys if this time they’re going to take apart those structures.

Lord Saint Germain: They are not going to take apart those structures per se. What the frequency of Nibiru will do is to activate any lower frequencies, so that the frequencies themselves will dissolve and self-destruct.

Emily: Like what’s happening in the Catholic Church today.

Lord Saint Germain: Because Nibiru is already approaching these energy fields that are not entirely focused on the ascended state, these energy fields will show up and self-destruct, rather than someone else “doing it to them.” Because that is not the truth anyway.

Emily: Because we created all of these lower energy fields in our institutions in the first place.

Lord Saint Germain: Human beings created lower frequencies anyway. And anything that is corrupt or out of integrity of the frequency of the Light is going to dissolve one way or the other. And yes, there will be chaos, and the Children of the Light will be free and freed, just like in the times when Jesus, the Christ walked the path of Light in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. If you recall, during your own life with Jesus, remember how protected you were, even though you had to use your intelligence about the shadow that lurked around you. And that Jesus was actually allowed to continue his journey to a certain timing where his journey was no longer going to be necessary. You see, these things are already Divinely Ordained, and the prediction of the 13-year planetary shift and “death” of that which is no longer working is also part of the Divine Ordainment.

When you look at it that way, then there is no fear, there is no apprehension, there is no doubt, and there is no hesitation to continue on your journeys into the Light. Now, more than ever, the vibration will continue to increase, not only from the outside form of Nibiru, who is merely following the guidance of the Higher Purpose—as is everything—the Higher Universe is following the guidance of the higher purpose of the ascended state, which is causing this planet to become an ascended planet. As you know, from the messages of the Pleiadeans, the Sirians, the Arcturians, the Venusians, the Martians, and all of the other beings known to you at this time, that they are also going through this process. They are not “outsiders looking in.” They are part of that universal grand scheme. They know how much they are connected to planet earth and they know the history of planet earth and how it began, but they do not know how the future will be because it also depends on their activities, intelligence and behavior towards that which is happening in the entire universe, in the entire galaxy. It is not just one isolated happenstance, where earth becomes the focal point for everything else to happen. No. This is a very self-centered attitude.

Emily: That’s what I was just thinking. We think that we’re “the key.” We’re told that by some people.

Lord Saint Germain: Whatever works. If somehow the telling that you are “the key” will help you to shift into this higher consciousness, then more power to it. But if it is going to place people in an unconscious position where they do not understand how they are affecting each other, their planet and all of the other entities around them, including the planet Nibiru, that is what we want humanity to understand, to comprehend and to act accordingly in their daily lives and in their daily moving forward, and their daily words-- their decrees.

I hope I have given you a real perspective on Nibiru. That there is nothing to fear unless you are identifying with the lower world, as it is called.

Emily: So the things that are being revealed now, and people choose to react in anger and lower frequency to these truths, that’s a great disservice to ourselves and the planet. We have the BIG choice how we get to take that information into our being—either with love and compassion, or with anger and violence.

Lord Saint Germain: Yes, you have a choice to decide that, and to help each other with it. You can either come from connectedness with your expanded family, which will support all people, or come from divisive behavior that comes from fear. To withdraw, hoard, protect, protest and defend are modalities that have existed on the planet, but no longer have to exist.

Emily: If you are in fear, you will attract that vibration.

Lord Saint Germain: How much are you capable as a species to move forward, knowing that the higher vibrational frequencies are the goal for humanity to experience? Individually or in a group context doesn’t really matter. Of course, the group consciousness is where the challenge is right now. To be able to live among each other putting the frequency of the Light as the most important aspect of all your activities and behavior. It continues to evolve, and when these approximate 13 years are done and Nibiru does come around, in retrospect, you will be glad that Nibiru’s presence did give you “a Booster Shot”, so to speak, because it is going to assist in the dissolution of those troublesome areas of the planet that have prevailed and consistently repeated themselves ongoingly. You can think of people, places and conditions that have historically repeated the patterns. And when Nibiru comes along every 3,500 years, it gives an opportunity for those patterns to completely cease. Truly, the only patterns to repeat now are the ones that are based on the higher frequency vibrations of the ascended state. Which is what all of the saints and masters have come here to enlighten humanity with, in whatever areas and locations they happen to appear. This is the mission of all true saints--To enlighten human beings to their divine power as Light Beings. Not to necessarily go and make more money, hoard more land, minerals, oil, trees, or water, or whatever. It is to accept your true inheritance as Divine Beings. That is what all of the great saints and sages have said and have come here and have been guided to give to humanity. Why? Because that is what everyone is ultimately prepared to do and to transcend the temporariness of all of the other lower vibrational frequencies that look so tempting and yet are not ultimately the fulfilling choice to make.

Emily: So all through time there’s been a subliminal knowing of this critical point right now.

Lord Saint Germain: It has been more than subliminal. In certain advanced cultures, it has been an extreme knowing of the future. The Mayans, Egyptians, some Native Americans like the Hopi and Anazsazi, beings in the Middle East, etc., that have known that this your true Divine Inheritance. And what happens in the interim is always quite chaotic.

Emily: I’ve been reading that we’re at the same point Atlantis was when it crashed.

Lord Saint Germain: Well, from the standpoint of a previous inhabitant of Atlantis (as I was), and from the standpoint of inhabiting my present Ascended Master State, which has evolved through the times beyond when I was ascended in the 16th Century, I can say to you that at present the earth is only a reasonable facsimile of the demise of Atlantis.

Atlantis was an experiment that was almost like a Spielberg movie in that, Mr. S. has a certain level of awareness about history and divinity. The reason I compare Atlantis to how Mr. S thinks is because Atlantis was an experiment of many levels coming together at the same time. And it did not work. But it was nobody’s fault.

Emily: By levels, you mean dimensional levels?

Lord Saint Germain: Yes.

Emily: Like Seventh, Sixth, Fifth and Fourth all together?

Lord Saint Germain. . . .All together at one time, Beloved Ones. And this was too fast. Too quick. But it had to be in the matrix of the history of the planet—past, present and future. Because it was an encapsulated multi-dimensional reality to let everyone know what is possible, not what failed.

Emily: Was Nibiru part of the destruction of Atlantis?

Lord Saint Germain: Nibiru did not have anything to do with Atlantis. It wasn’t even in orbit at the time. Atlantis was in a totally different frequency of dimensions and Nibiru did not need or was not drawn to come at that time. What you must know is that a lot of predictions by beings currently on the planet are couched with negativity and fear. Whenever you hear a prediction by a psychic being who has a fear-based message, do not believe it. This might be difficult for you to understand at this time. It may take you time to integrate what I have just said, but it is important to recognize that fear does not exist in the higher frequencies. And that is what you must remember, along with what I have said previously.

Emily: Because all of our fears are based on the fear of death. Death or pain!

Lord Saint Germain: Which is a temporary vibrational frequency at a lower vibrational frequency. It is not of a higher frequency. Ascension is not death. Ascension is transcendence of death.

Emily: So once you’ve got that, there is no fear.

Lord Saint Germain: No. You cannot have fear and transcend. They do not go together. They are different frequencies. This is the frequency of death, (indicates with hands—one higher than the other) and this is the frequency of transcendence, and they are at different levels of the same universal matrix. But they are at different levels.

Emily: So the coming of Nibiru brings us The Big Choice if we’re going to go into Love and knowing that we are eternal, or going into fear and panic.

Lord Saint Germain: Yes. Recognize that you are already eternal, immortal Light Beings, and that is instant immunity from what may happen in the future, such as Nibiru, and what is happening right now in your life. It works, does it not? Does not your life become more magical when you are in this frequency vibration? Do miracles become commonplace? Are you not preserved and protected from that which seems to be happening on the outer realities? Are you not guided to be in the right place at the right time for your own benefit? Are your relatives and friends not also provided for, if you are in their energy fields, giving them energy through thought or love or physical support? These are the aspects that human beings must focus on. These are truths. These are realities that are intrinsic and universal, and are not confined to the third dimensional levels, but are multi-dimensional frequencies that come through, because you are open to having your existence be that of the Light.

Emily: The frequency of Compassion has been talked about that Jesus had this quality.

Lord Saint Germain: One of the frequencies, yes. Jesus was a Christed being. He did not think of separation. He did not have that aspect in his being. His connection with the physical plane was to teach unity and unconditional love. Compassion was one quality of unconditional love. Unconditional love was so prevalent in his being that he was able to reach out and heal a person’s eyesight who was blinded. He was able to touch the leg of a cripple and make them walk again. He was able to walk on water effortlessly. He was able to do all of those things from the higher frequency vibrations, multi-dimensionally oriented in a physical body. He was able to heal people without being present, because many people would come to him and say, “Beloved Jesus, my sister is going through an illness,” and another person would say, “And my mother is dying of a disease.” He had powers of remote healing besides touching someone right here and healing them as well.

Emily: So it’s all a matter of frequency. How is our body adjusting between the emotional body and what our bodies are capable of handling?

Lord Saint Germain: Again, Jesus did not see the emotional frequency as separate from the Light Body. As I have explained earlier, when you are moving in the Light Body frequency it embraces the human part of you and lifts it up to a new dimension that you have never experienced before. Yes, you have experienced re-incarnation and yes, you have experienced many expressions of your human embodiments, put you have not yet experienced the total ascended state until it happens. Once it happens, life is entirely different. Once you experience transcendence instead of death, your life has totally shifted.

Emily: For the majority of the people in the planet who are unaware of the Light Body and are in the soup of higher frequencies coming in from the solar rays--I guess Nibiru’s energy is going to be affecting them. Is it their emotional choices that are going to make them pop into a Light Body? What are the things that are going to move someone who isn’t really aware but is living their life making their choices?

Lord Saint Germain: The best choice is the Heart choice. The choice of the Heart, which is influenced by the emotions but is much deeper than the emotions. It is intrinsically connected with the Christ Light. It is a focal point, the center of the human being.

Emily: So it is being true to yourself?

Lord Saint Germain: Yes, but more importantly, Loving to yourself, and loving to every-thing and every one.

Emily: And that’s what will help create this mass acceleration?

Lord Saint Germain: It is one of the reasons, yes. But your consciousness has to be aligned with your Heart, and then your body aligns with your heart. As I spoke about in the ten-week Light body Training (fall, 2001) that the heart is the first part that had to be healed, expanded and given Light, and brought forth into its rightful place so that it can learn how to love. The other thing that is important for those people that you are describing is to have teachers. Teachers such as yourself who are now going into this guidance and alignment. Wherever you have been, you are now going to become a Teacher. You are going to help others to move into that centeredness of who they are through mind, body, heart, and feeling. Teachers such as Forenna moving forward in her teachings through films, workshops and ideas. People in the world will need teachers and teachings to guide them through these states of being that they are not accustomed to reach.

Emily: So as things get more and more revealed, people will realize that they are going to need something more. There will be a natural desire within them to look for something more.

Lord Saint Germain: To take small steps forward at first, and then the steps get bigger. This is important as far as the media is concerned. When well-known reporters break through publicly, they become “Spiritual Teachers”. They are shifting in their own lives and from the realizations they have gotten in a position of power, they become courageous to break through into the spiritual teachings through the mass media. Many other beings who are in the media are learning and wanting to have this happen. They will be supported by the universe and the Light to move these teachings forward so that the population will not panic and cause unnecessary havoc. These are things that can and will happen when and as people are ready to move forward in this way.

Emily: So courageous reporters can avert a very dark disaster by consciously choosing to speak out. We would have to come to a point where that would happen.

Lord Saint Germain. It is the reason why those things happen. Because they are merely teachings for the awakening of the minds, hearts and souls of humanity. The shadow is merely a teaching to awaken. They are in collaboration for the awakening of humanity. Otherwise, the universe wouldn’t work.

Emily: The shadow plays its part well.

Lord Saint Germain: Yes, and so does the Light. Soon, there will be no shadow. And when humanity begins to allow themselves to experience themselves without shadow. When individuals begin to experience themselves without shadow, it will have a quantum effect on the planet.

Emily: So the ordinary people today are actually going through their own process, while we are clearing and purifying more consciously..

Lord Saint Germain: They are going through the process that is right for them, but it is a process of awakening at the level they are capable of receiving. The chaos, the shadow, the wars have a very important part to play. These wars are teachings now. They are not just limited to gain of physical control, gain of slaves, or territoriality. They have multi-dimensional teachings to them now, because the world is moving into that predicted state that the Mayans and all of the other ancient peoples wrote about and documented for the people of the present to witness and that is coming about.

Emily: So the Middle East has many different levels of learning going on at the same time.

Lord Saint Germain: And being an example to others who are witnessing their travails through the communication media the thought and the condition that is prevalent and being activated and brought into the surface so that the world can understand that these patterns are an example to shift from, and not to continue the same patterns.

Emily: It’s becoming more and more obvious that there is no solution as long as they kill each other.

Lord Saint Germain: And there will be the repetition of taking sides. Everything that goes on is perceived as ridiculous and is now a teaching for the rest of the world, and a teaching by the Divine Universe for humanity to witness and to understand in their own individual lives. That is the true purpose of this cleansing and purification.

Emily: I can see one possibility where the Mothers in Ireland marched and said “No More.” That would be a grand possibility, if it could get to the point where everybody said, “We can’t do this anymore.”

Lord Saint Germain: It can happen that way. This 13-year concentrated period will certainly catalyze those decisions. Hopefully, it will not take that long. The Light is showering very strongly on earth now. And also, we must mentioned the space beings from universal cultures who are also here to witness and to help wherever possible, and have already placed higher vibrational frequencies on the earth, as the crop circles. They have been allowed to be placed here by the collective consciousness of the planet, or else they would have not been able to do this. They only come when people are ready. They have enough awareness and intelligence to measure Divine Timing, much more than most people in the human plane. But that is all right, because they know that everything works together.

The Ascended Master Lord Saint Germain,

Channeled by Forenna, For the World.