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Feb. 22, 2012

Dear Fellow Patriot,



If you're frustrated with the obscene amounts

you're forced to pay to the electric company each



...then you're going to love this.


"Renegade" DIYer Ben Ford just created a FREE

video report that's already creating quite a stir

on the Internet.


It's about a stunningly simple yet little known

way to cut yourself loose from Big Energy and

actually make your own solar electricity - so you

can slash your electric bill by 50%... 80%... even



This is just the kind of information Big Energy

wishes you never had. It's the shortest way from

being a slave to the electric companies... to

gaining your complete energy freedom.


So here's what you'll discover, when you watch

this short video:


*** Why you should run like hell from $10,000 and

$20,000 retail solar panel systems


*** A little known way to slash your electric bill

by 80% or more (or even get off the grid entirely)


*** How a "technologically retarded" guy stumbled

on a way to generate free energy with homemade

solar panels


*** A simple, 5-step process for building your own

low-cost solar panels


*** And how to say "goodbye" to the electric

company... and "hello" to clean, FREE electricity!


Ben isn't making too many friends with this video

(at least, not with the electricity "fat cats")...

so it would be a good idea to watch it now, while

it's still available:


>> Click here right now to see this exclusive FREE video <<


To your electricity breakthrough,


Larry Gilley