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Water Car / Water As Fuel

Gary Ray

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From: Gary
To: gfourx
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 11:40 PM
Subject: where are we
Well……..lets see where we are after Patric was so kind to put my message to him about water as fuel on fourwinds10;
After receiving about 180 voicemails and over 100 emails
(wealthandwellness@rocketmail.comd), I have made the time to return each and every email with an invitation to the multipurpose web conference room where everyone gets the opportunity to ask questions using voip, receive files, see reports, see videos, view subject related web pages, and generally get information that one called astonishing. “where do you get all this stuff” one said last night after seeing a sports car that in 30 seconds transforms into a high performance sport plane.
Of the huge amount of voice mails, I have been able to return maybe 30 of, the majority have turned into relationships with some of the most precious people I have ever encountered. This is why there is no doubt that this is a spiritually led project with divine intervention as my reason for all this is 2Timothy 2:2. It has almost been like a reunion as I find those that go almost as far back as I do to the origin of the farms claims project and Roy, Jpe and Scott.
In the last few weeks we have shown why Stanley Meyer deserves credit for converting water to hydroxy gas on demand safely and economically using hydrogen fracturing which unleashes the atomic power of the hydrogen using voltage and frequency to do the work.
How that Panacea university has successfully duplicated the technology and made their findings open source for all to use.
Thanks to Ashtweth at Panacea we can now make available the state of the art water cells for the economic production of Hydrogen from water through their mate in south Africa Wouter.
Wouter is now providing a stainless steel unit (in 3 sizes) that produces up to 2.5 liters of hydrogen with only 20 amps safely.
With 2 of his super deluxe units an 18 wheeler can go from 8 mpg to as high as 12! We are focusing on diesel applications at the present time. A group in California has seen results of a car all the way up to over 70mpg using hydroxy boosters. WARNING; when buying kits and plans online please consider the volatility of hydrogen and what could possibly happen to you or your family if a flashback were to happen.
Those who have attended the last two conferences know how close we are to having a home power unit that focuses the energy from the universe (Tesla) and will provide all the electricity you need plus air conditioning and heating. Another unit Chuck makes goes on a trailer hitch and pushes your car or big truck with 400 HP available using focused universal energy.
Loyal attendees have learned how to communicate using mail with no junk, spam, or possibility of viruses.
They have learned how the great pyramid of Gaza was really built.
How the flood of Noah could not possibly have covered the entire earth and where it had to have happened and why.
Those that did not already know found out how to inexpensively get rid of everything from a cold to AIDS using MMS with a complete overview of how and why it does it.
This week all attending will hear how to safely make 2.% per month with a joint venture project in Panama.
Just like in the movie “everything is a test”.
If you have not done what it takes to get to the conferences and get this critical information that is changing lives………I guess you just don’t want it very bad do you. I do not have the time to send out individual information. I do not have a web site for you to go to because this is not open to the internet public for obvious reasons. I therefore suggest ou do what it takes to get to a conference if you are serious about doing something to change your life and get informed. Hosea 4:6

Gary R. W.

1-773- 455-3807

Skype Garyray7777