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Public Warning: to anyone following Sarah Westall

A Lightworker

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In a recent January 2020 interview, Sarah Westall sat down to speak with Kevin Annett about the Historic Trial to Prosecute Canada's Ongoing Genocide. (See link)

Upon watching the YouTube interview, I immediately became alarmed about Sarah’s appearance, that what I was seeing in the video was not Sarah.

I reminded myself, that my God Spirit speaks to me, speaks to all souled beings, through our thoughts and through IDEA.

I went back the various YouTube interviews that Sarah had done and pulled various photographs of her to compare what Sarah looked like in the past and what Sarah looks like today.

Here is a photo taken from the January 23rd, 2020 interview that Sarah did with Kevin Annett at 1min. 30 sec.

Is this Sarah Westall or a clone?


Here are two other photos that I pulled from Sarah’s website from past interviews.


Compare the two top photos with the bottom two photo’s

My question to the public: Does this look like the same Sarah Westall to you?

I will go out on a limb and state categorically, that the Sarah Westall that conducted the January 2020 interview with Kevin Annett is a clone!

Remember, an artificial human clone can be made today in less than thirty-six hours.

It is also a fact, that a clone has no God connection and thus no conscience. The absence of a conscience, ethics, and morals in a clone means that entity has no ability to discern when he/she violates the Laws of God and the Creation; the artificial human is spiritually dead. In the Phoenix Journals Hatonn has said that 75% of our earth's population are clones.

Why would the artificial human Sarah Westall, who has a HUGE following, and thus gives Kevin Annett and (ITCCS) International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, such great exposure?

Why would Sarah Westall help ITCCS promote the very important upcoming Historic Trial to Prosecute Canada's Ongoing Genocide?

Is ITCCS and Kevin Annett being set up to be smeared or attacked? Time will only tell, but remember this, the adversary is a master at deception and never quits in their attempt to distract or sway any honest seeking human for their search for truth.

I hereby put the adversary on notice-Sarah Westall, cloned Westall, those controlling Sarah Westall, the CIA or whatever name you identify with, ITCCS is on to you. You have now been exposed for the liars and frauds that you are. You are aligned with Satan-your deception has no power over the Light!

A Lightworker