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I Went To Crawford On Sunday - It Was Powerful!


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or the party makes it mostly serious, especially all of the crosses with soldiers names. That's what everyone need to see! Crawford Peace House is great. Lots of shuttles to take people to the camps.

There were about 6 Pro-War demonstrators across the road from Camp Casey 1, and of course the media was focused on them and spent little time with the hundreds of anti war demonstrators. I was mostly at Camp Casey 2, and there were barefoot and sandled catholic priests there giving an interfaith church service, it was beautiful to see people praying together. The priests were lovely and lovelingly joked thru the service mixed in with lovely prayers for peace. I'm not catholic church kinda person ( and for good reason as we know) but I was deeply touched by the love being generated at the service and everywhere at Camp Casey. There were some people with political agendas and tables set up with info about their causes, which is fine in my book, as long we're all on the same page.

Sadly, Crawford in general seems to support the war. I believe they are good hearted people with the best intentions but have a lack of information about the truth of the war. The mainstream media does nothing to promote the truth and many people in rural America, especially in "Bush" country, probably are not compelled to find news sources that are outside of the box. It goes against years of their indoctrination about the land of the home and the brave and how they've been told it works.

I would think that by now, signs like "stop the illegal war" "no blood for oil" "no more lies, No more Lives." etc etc might get them questioning, but who wants to think that their (elected?) president and company are so diabolical? Also, most of the people in the area that have signs on their lawns like "we support our president and our troops" aren't actually visiting the demonstration and are not reading the signs. They drive by with tunnel vision.They can't leave that "thought zone of comfort". They have got a whopping case of cognitive dissonance I guess! It's very sad and frustrating.

If you can make it to Crawford I highly recommend it. When you are there, you may feel more inspired and uplifted in seeing the numbers of people that all feel the same. I laughed, I cried and I felt surrounded by the best of humanity. Even the pro war people, bless them, think that we are fighting a war on terrorism. I honor them and pray that they see the light soon.

Thank you Cindy for getting this great big ball rolling! Much love to all, Brenda