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Cara Castronuova

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There will be a medical freedom rally this Sunday, December 5th in Times Square  at 1 pm. This event will feature compelling speakers such as ‘America’s Frontline Doctors’ Top Attorney Thomas Renz Esq.
Also featured is Dr. Brian Ardis, one of the most fearless and outspoken medical doctors in the fight for medical freedom. See full list of speakers on flyer below.
“After the rally there will be a march to the Australian Embassy to show support for our brothers and sisters who are under the grip of jack booted Nazis who have made life in Australia hell on earth,” said Rally Organizer Jon Kopel.
According to Kopel, “New York City is one of the epicenters of the tyranny spreading throughout the United States and we really need freedom fighters to stem this stench of tyranny. New York City has one of the most stringent vaccine (aka Nazi) passport systems in the United States. Consequently we are in need of people to push back against this evil system. Our motto is “We the people will not comply- If you don’t defend your freedom- who will?”
According to event speaker and NY Conservative Gubernatorial Candidate Derrick Gibson, it is important that New Yorkers keep coming to these events to keep the morale alive and the community strong. “We will never give up,” said Gibson. “Rain, snow or shine- we will be there holding down the fort.”
“In New York City you cannot eat indoors in a restaurant if you have not taken the bioweapon injection,” said Kopel. “Since it is winter now, it is completely impractical to eat outside. And the faucism propaganda filling the airwaves and other media outlets pushing the jab on all the children is nothing short of evil. Consequently people are needed to come and show their support for freedom.”

According to the website:

“We can’t do this without you. Be Free NYC is a grass roots collaboration that is creating change for freedom and liberty. Our website contains various resources from jab free jobs, jab free restaurants and religious exemption letters.

Come and support freedom in New York City this Sunday!

See flyer below for the meetup details: