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's Not the War! It's the LIE!!

Anyone that is against Cindy Sheehan does not understand what she is protesting. Hear me loud and clear, "It's Not the War! It's the LIE!!" Cindy knows fully well that her son Casey died in vein. Cindy stands up for all who has and will continue to dye in vein in Iraq. It is not her intent to dishonor any soldier. For one woman to take on the president in opposition of his lie that was the catalyst for declaring war on another nation stands taller than anyone does. It's Not the War! It's the LIE!!

I was talking to a friend that said, "If the troops were to pull out of Iraq now, all those that died in Iraq will have died in vein." I asked her, "If it were your son, which one would be worse, for your son to have died in vein or died because of a lie? She said that she was taught to stand behind the president. I asked her, "Even if he was wrong?" She had no reply.

I had a few friends tell me that they would not believe Bush was guilty of orchestrating 9/11 and many other atrocities if by his very own mouth admitted to the crimes. What a sick love affair!!

Cindy Sheehan is one that should be an inspiration because she is of character that we only wished we could be. She doesn't except the tongue waggling of one person as truth. She is not an ignorant ewe lead by the ram of lies and deceit to her own slaughter. Cindy stands on her own and has the ability to think for herself, nor is she to lazy to ask questions and seek truth. Cindy stands for truth and what Bush has told everyone is a fabricated sack of SHIT and a power play for one world/religious order and domination and a genocide of a people of his choosing!!

When Clinton lied about his extra marital affairs everyone wanted to impeach him. Bush has lied about the reasons for being in Iraq and killing your children, and you praise him!! No questions asked!!

To that I say, "If you are given information by the president and you except that as truth then that is OK. However, when you are given the opportunity to view information and facts rebutting his information from several sources (mainly friends and relatives and under no conditions the mainstream lying media whores) and you fail to listen and research that info to make an intelligent decision you are an accessory after the fact with treasonous blood on your hands!!

If you do view the facts and still say, "There is no way he could do that." You are still an accessory after the fact with treasonous blood on your hands!!

Where Is Your Line In The Sand?

WAKE up people before that is an impossibility!!

in Love & Light, The Patriot

"The Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution & The Bill of Rights

is for America & "We the People." Collectively, these Divine Documents are the

Birth Certificate of our Great Nation signed, sealed and delivered by the Divine hand of God."