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VIDEO of the day: Commie protester tries to climb Chase Bank, slips and falls like a ROCK

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A bunch of anti-oil pipeline morons, complete with paint and a drum circle, staged a “protest” in NYC on Friday because they are idiots. They tried to climb up the front facade of the Chase bank building, because they are EXTRA idiot.

The one who got the highest slipped, tried to hold on, and fell, dropping to the pavement like a lump of idiot.

Rocks in his head probably saved his life.

Relax, that’s not blood, that’s the black paint they were using. I guess to represent oil? There’s more in the full video below.

What’s REALLY funny? The group’s name is “Extinction Rebellion”. If they mean they’re rebelling by making themselves extinct then this guy was definitely on the right track.

Check out the whole clip.

The very dramatic protester milked it long enough to have a firetruck show up, and an ambulance, and was whisked away in a neck brace.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.