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Jim Stone

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The French riots worked because they were VIOLENT and scared the elite. Now, policy changes that actually dig into the "New World Order" will happen, and Macron might even step down. We learned from France that violence is the answer. That's why the elite do every last thing they can to guilt trip people into believing they are nuts if they consider violence an option - fear of having their *sses bleed is a sure way to get them to not smash the people. Violence is the only thing that will push them to not turn the world into a slave state.

Trump is our last chance to not get violent. It sucks you know. You have to miss work, you might not make the bills, you might even end up dead, it is hard to do, your car or truck will probably be wrecked, but I can fairly state that if they take Trump down and/or steal the next election, violence will not just be an answer, it will be the ONLY ANSWER.

We needed a reminder.


Jim Stone

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