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CASPER UPDATE 10-19-2016 AND 10-24-16

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OCT. 24, 2016

Early last week we prepared an update not knowing the Bellringers at were traveling. By Friday when they returned the update was out of date, Assange was back in business and Yosef had reappeared in a Thursday night conference call. WE asked them to trash that update and they did. Having thought about it over the weekend we decided to go ahead and lead with that out dated update followed by todays update. The purpose is so you may follow the continuity of our thoughts, for whatever they are worth.

Subject: Casper update 10-19-16


OUR last update was July 17th. Brief remarks August 8th and August 24th. The July update dealing with whether or not the good guys have the ABILITY to push things through is included below for your convenience.


There is right now another crescendo of good news coming from several directions. This has happened dozens of times before with no results. On the ‘business front’ as WE call it, there are two observations worth noting we think, after which we will fall back on our previous decision to try not to interfere with the ‘good news’ coming from dinar messengers and guru’s—even though our own intel is quite often in conflict with theirs. As we said before, currency revaluation news is their specialty and hopefully they are vetting their intel for everyone’s benefit.

The first observation regards a post last week in which the ‘poster?’ says he has read every word of the Paris Agreement, including the fine print, and there is no mention of the gold/asset backed currency agreement in it anywhere, a proposition first stated by Yosef  a couple of months ago. As always, guru’s dutifully fell in behind him accepting his word as gospel just like when all of them insisted for months that Basel III requires banks to be asset backed (untrue, regulation not monetary document). Something is stated as a ‘fact’ by a respected leader, all others fall in line with no effort to vet the intel. This is such a Big Red Flag, in our opinion, it justifies special attention. Wouldn’t you think one or more ‘guru’s’, having seen that post would be busy tracking that fellow down to discuss what he said?

OUR second observation regards the disappearance of the good Shepard Yosef when his last grouping of intel proved to be inaccurate. If you are not aware that his intel has not come to pass several times before then you are not paying attention. WE sense, we guess, with a high probability that one of two things has occurred. He was ordered to go quiet or else he got tired of being led down the primrose path with a ring in his nose. The former would be understandable and no big deal. The latter would be a Big Red Flag. WE discount the possibility Yosef might be a bad guy or a member of the Gov’t. disinfo teams of liars who have destroyed so many lives. His contributions to our Spiritual Awakening have been of great value to all of us. That said, there have been many ‘Yosef’s’ before this Yosef just as there have been many ‘Dr. Clarks’ before this Dr. Clark. They stayed a while until their ‘inside’ intel didn’t come true, they realized they were being used and they left never to be heard from again. Notice that simultaneous with Yosef’s disappearance Dr. Clarks frustration bubbles over publically, he resorts to ‘logic’ and now says April, 2017. In my opinion a ‘leader’ does not lead his flock to the door of the promised land first monthly, then weekly then daily then hourly only to disappear without comment, any more than a drum major leads his band down the boulevard only to disappear as they approach the reviewing stands. We are approaching 3 full weeks since Yosef’s magic Oct. 1st weekend during which many things were to become visible. None have. Zero. Unavoidable delays? Perhaps. If that were the problem there would be no reason for the Drum Major to go MIA. ABILITY was the subject of our last update and  ‘all visible signs have NWO written all over them’. D. Bk. Didn’t go down, the Gov’t. was funded till December with a Fiat Continuing Resolution and now Assange has been shut down to stop the Wikki Leaks.  “It’s not that something smells bad, it’s that things stink to high heaven”.  Without Yosef to find the truth and provide it to the others, whatever it might be, it would be normal for them to continue repeating what they are told by sources who have yet to be right for the first time. HAS YOSEF DESERTED SHIP LIKE SO MANY BEFORE HIM BECAUSE HE HAS DISCOVERED THAT HE WAS BEING USED? Now friends, think about this paragraph and the above paragraph simultaneously and understand why we think these two things may be related. And as an afterthought, think about the one full year the dinar community was led to believe Basel 111 meant Gold Standard.

Casper, Wendy and We       10-19-16

p.s. Political update soon. We were to see the Republic by now and avoid theridiculous choice before us. Another no-show.


Casper update  10-24-16

The ‘good news’ continued through the weekend and into today, Monday. Most of it appears to originate with Yosef who is ‘back in the saddle again’. No one wants Yosef’s intel to be true more than WE do. No One. But the fact is that it has not been accurate yet. Yosef reminds us of Greg Giles. For those who don’t know, Giles was/is a wonderful man whose words and updates were every bit the equal of Yosef’s. Also a very spiritual man, he taught his many tens of thousands of followers many wonderful lessons, just like Yosef. The reason we don’t see his updates any more is because he was able to determine, after several years, that he was the subject of a government mind control experiment. He thought he was talking to God and the Ascended Masters, it turned out to be the ABC boys. Is Yosef another Greg Giles?WE don’t know, but every time his fabulous intel proves inaccurate our eyes open a bit wider.

By now we were to get our Republic back. Many including Yosef say it’s still going to happen before election day. WE pray it is so. If not we must get over it, hold our nose and vote for Trump. Oh Lordy, what a flawed candidate. If we vote for Hillary or help elect her by staying home, here is what we get.


·       Babies murdered as they exit the womb.

·       A 550% increase in Mid East Muslim immigration.

·       Open Southern Border. Unlimited Central and South American immigration taking jobs from our youth and minorities. Free everything, especially drivers licenses so they can vote.

·       One point four TRILLION Dollar tax increase (over 10 years).

·       Absurd Climate Change Crapola (new name for Global Warming) the purpose of which is still more taxation by all signature countries.

·       Oval Office representation for Monsanto.

·       Final Kill of Constitution including second amendment as Executive Orders coupled with U.N. Dictates finally, finally, disarm the American people.

·       Anti Religion, anti Catholic, Satan Worshipers take over entire government.

·       Pedophiles (both) and serial rapist handed the White House by Liberal Voters.

·       Liberal control of Supreme Court to rubber stamp Clinton’s insanity.

·       Most corrupt politicians and biggest liars in American Political History take over America with approval of the American People.

·       Continued arming of Muslim Radicals as with Iran, Muslim Brotherhood, Isis, Al Nusrah and half a dozen other terrorist groups.

·       Continued, increased use of pornography to teach KINDEGARDNERS the joys of Lesbian Gay Transsexual life styles.

·       High School boys and girls shower together.

·       Murders continue, seven more since her campaign began, most recently her ‘blood clot’ Doctor. 

·       Lower wages for all as foolish, stupid Trade Treaties continue to be signed.

·       A President who’s e-mails disclose she ‘hates everyday Americans’.

·       Millions of jobs to be lost due to increased taxes. Robots to replace fast food workers due to $15./hr. wage demands.

·       Continued thefts of enormous sums by Clinton Foundation such as the 5 BILLION given to Haiti by the world-only to be stolen by Clinton/Bush.

·       The continuation of USA INC..

·       No funding’s under Clinton any more than under Obama.

·       A woman who stops Bill’s illegitimate son from seeing him.

·       A continuation of the Bush, Clinton, Obama debt slavery system in America.

·       A continuation of the most unbelievable incompetence moved from State to the White House, such as 400 tons of weapons and 300 stinger missiles now in terrorist hands, plus our          

Ambassador gang raped and murdered after she refused-six times-additional security, then told families a video did it.


There is more, so much more. Please feel free to add to the list. Perhaps the worst of it is what the worlds people now think about the American people. The view of the Polish Prime minister expressed a couple of years ago is now the world’s view of the dumbed down American public, paraphrasing: “A great country like America can overcome its mistakes, what it cannot overcome is an electorate that would put such a man (Obama) in the Oval Office. Hillary is Obama on steroids. Trump, besides being a vulgar, foul mouthed pitiful politician, is for America. Hillary is a Globalist, a Bush Partner, a Monsanto/Soros’s puppet and a USA INC. NWO control freak. Don’t do it America. It’s all over with if you do.

Where is Dunford and the Republic? Is the gold agreement actually in the Paris Agreement? Why not a whisper of his supposed presence in China to sign 30treaties? What happened to all that certainty about the October 1st weekend? Does ALL intel originate with Yosef? Why is Yosef’s intel never correct. Will the currentcrescendo of good news be different? Why are all outward appearances at this late hour still saying bad guys win? Fulford says the military’s of 43 nations now involved. What could possibly go wrong?

Casper Wendy and WE


Peace, Passion, Prosperity and Joy and Love,