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ZAP - SEPTEMBER 28, 2016

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Sept. 28, 2016

Hi All,


Well, once again Mary is out of luck tomorrow with no oxygen or shelter, so she needs a hand as well as a few others in similar (but not life threatening) issues. This last delay is crunching us, but at least the Fed has told us the release is done and to expect the funds. This has been one very long roller coaster ride, but there is light and it is looking pretty good after being in the tunnel so long. Great thanks for this help. She is very grateful for your help, and when I get the message back from her sister, she too is crying as without this bit that comes to them, Mary would die in the car and there would be nothing that her sister could do. That is the last thing I want to happen. We are making arrangements to get her to San Antonio (medical transport) in preparation for the operation, and that will cost a bit but we will have the funds by then. Timing is tight on this one. Much Love.


Love and Light

In Our service